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    Heres my first thoughts/review (more to come)

    Initials Thoughts:
    I was extremely excited upon receiving the bottle of LIT UP sent to me. Its not a huge container and fits almost anywhere. (about a soda can and a half in width and a little more then half a soda can high).

    The serving size (about a teaspoon) shocked me. I expected to see a serving size of about 2 1/2 teaspoons.

    Mixiblity: 4/10
    Now, I tried mixing my first try of LIT UP with super cold water and as we all know, nothing mixes with ice cold anything. I had to mix my drink several times before/during drinking it. My next try will be with room temperature water (best for hydration).

    For being Cherry Citrus the taste is very much more Cherry. I can hardly taste the citrus at all which is fine because I personally believe citrus flavoring can ruin a pre-workout drink. Make sure you mix this with the appropriate amount of water otherwise the flavor can be very overpowering.

    Mood Enhancement:8/10
    I felt positive and amped throughout my workout. I will expand more on this section as I go forward reviewing LIT UP.

    By far one of the best Pre-Workout drinks I've tried. Smooth clean energy; no jolts from high sugar (like BSN's NO2).

    No crash effect after my workout after taking this.

    As a Graphic Designer/Marketing Rep , I definitely appreciated the Directions on the label: ...Keep taking until the tub is empty and then keep buying more. Don't buy any other brand. Ever. (This is the first time I've seen a supp. company place this on any of their products. I thought more would have done that by now)

    I'm definitely intrigued by this Pre-Workout and am looking forward to putting it through more tests.

  2. Saving for Final Thoughts

  3. Will update soon. I just started getting a cold and have been MIA at the gym.

    Hope this helps keep people interested while I'm MIA.

  4. Today was day two of my review.

    I was MIA from the gym all last week due to the relapse of my cold that lasted 3 weeks in December. Theres some weird cold bouncing around from person to person here in Florida. Its something as minor as a head cold to as severe as pneumonia.


    I was glad I had my LIT UP today since today was the first day back to the gym in over a week.

    Focus 9/10: I was extremely focused today. I've been working on a 5x5 routine for sometime now. For me, its hard to stay focused on this 5x5 routine. I have those days were I love the amount of weight I'm pushing up and the other days I wonder how I'll manage anywhere near what the previous week brought. I was steadily focused on each rep in every set. Today seemed a little bit surreal for me.

    I gave this a 9/10 today due to the fact of the hot blonde doing squats in front of me. All I gotta say is...damn!

    Energy 10/10: As everyone knows after being sick your energy level is depleted and you wonder how you'll even manage a decent workout. I was amped today! I thought the energy the first time 'round I received from trying LIT UP was due to the excitement of winning a chance to review LIT UP.
    I'm glad I was wrong about that. I had clean, steady energy all the way through my workout. No drop offs like a caffeine buzz or sugar high will do to you.

    Pump NA/NA: I'm always swollen as **** after every workout. Its just a natural reaction my body has. Therefore, I cannot rate this properly and will eliminate this field in my review.

    Mixibilty 10/10: I mixed this with room temperature water and it mixed incredibly well.

    Sweat Factor 10/10: I haven't sweat like this in a long time. I came home with a drenched shirt and smelled worst then a ****en skunk. This also may be due to the factor of over coming a cold.

    Final thoughts of LIT UP for today:

    I had to urinate so bad after taking todays serving I thought I had swallowed a bottle of milk thistle.

    Tomorrows serving size is 2 scoops. Until then, enjoy the entertainment!

  5. I am now subscribed based on the pics LOL
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    I am now subscribed based on the pics LOL
    Welcome! The photos are always worth the read!

    The updates will be more detailed soon. First day back and finally feeling better so I'm trying to take everything easy today and tomorrow.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cpo View Post
    Welcome! The photos are always worth the read!

    The updates will be more detailed soon. First day back and finally feeling better so I'm trying to take everything easy today and tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the detailed updates!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
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