Anti cortisol products!!!

  1. Anti cortisol products!!!

    Is there any cortisol products out there that truly reduce cortisol. We all know all the claims of almost every supplement....When it comes to labeling things as anti estrogen, anabolic, androgenic, thermogenic, prohormone, it seems to be more of a claim versus the truth, or they work diffferently to mock the results of the true thing.

    A good example is tribulus claims of raising test levels. All I ever seen is it raises free test at best.

    calling a prohormone a prohormone when its really just a steroid with a moved carbon molecule that hasnt been banned yet..

    Anyway back to the subject. The way I workout works, strength size and cuts when I can avoid getting rundown. I get plenty of everything to keep me healthy. I dont leave the gym sweating, drink a shake take a vitamin and hit some carbs, usually a banana before I leave.(midwest winter)

    Ive "overtrained" for years but yet have had the best body changes in size and strength in comparison to others. I can handle what I do to my body and so can my muscles, even in terms of repair recovery and week to week progress.

    recently changed to an every other day routine to get more recovery time due to heavier weights. within 4 days was sick. (having more rest and time to get sick)

    basically your body gets into a state of adrenaline when overtrained, overworked, and just plain too busy. This allows you to not get sick. then when your body gets a break you get rundown and sick for no reason

    ++++++++My only concern here is do the anti cortisol products truly work and if so which ones? ++++++++

    I know there will be some replies as to work out less get more sleep. I understand the basics and how the body and testosterone work so thats not the reply or advice I am looking for.

    I dont use gear my body just works this way. I can work out for 2 hours a day 5 days a week but my stress levels rise and at first shot of over resting it hits me. without fail, everytime. I dont feel stressed its just my body that is apparently stressed.

    Even with no kids or an important stressful, or physically demanding job it has continued to happen for along time. Then I saw a lady call it in on the doctors show that she couldnt figure out why she got sick every time she had a vacation....It then dawned on me every time i get a shut down at work it happens PLease help with facts

  2. I've used several cortisol control products and supplements that have such effects.

    The ones that worked:
    * Lean Xtreme (original version)
    * Lean Xtreme (reformulated version)
    * EndoAmp Max
    * DermaTherm (original)
    * Erase
    * Suppress-C
    * 7-keto DHEA topical (beta version)
    Note that simple vitamins like Vitamin C used at high doses daily can also help!

    Of the ones that I used, as far as results, Lean Xtreme (original), DermaTherm, Erase, and EndoAmp Max are the products that worked for me the best (in that order, even though not all are necessarily specific "cortisol controllers"). FREE TEST also worked effectively, and especially given the circumstances under which I started using it. I'm currently using the 7-keto DHEA topical beta version, and that looks as promising as the original DermaTherm.

    You can review the circumstances under which I used each product (logged all of them - look around) and form your own opinion, but it still won't change the facts on what worked for me. Bear in mind as you do that everyone is different and will have different experiences with any and all products.

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  3. Do a google search on phosphatidylserine. Transdermal creams seem to be the way to go.

    Also, if it is due to your immune system and sleep patterns, wether you realize it or not, that can take a pretty heavy toll. Up your vitamin C intake for a while, as well as B vitamin complex, and maybe even get on a low glicemic diet for a little bit and see how it helps.

    With the transdermal creams...make sure you don't take one that has caffeine if you take it before sleep.

    And also, supplement with some ZMA. (I was going to cite it on here but my post count isn't high enough, but Jim Stoppani had a great article in FLEX magazine about ZMA and cortisol suppression, I'm sure you could find it by typing something like ZMA and cortisol in the search.)

    I have been told to get the same amount of phosphatidylserine in an oral form you would spend un Godly amounts of money.

    Good luck in your cortisol suppression endeavors my friend.

  4. Vitamin C

  5. pretty sure vitamin c has nothing to do with cortisol but thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bakkbakk View Post
    pretty sure vitamin c has nothing to do with cortisol but thanks
    You need to do a bit more personal research then, because Vitamin C helps reduce cortisol - there's plenty of information around here and elsewhere for you to educate yourself with.

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    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  7. For a guy desperately looking for answers concerning your condition you sure seem to already know it all. Guess you didn't need our help after all. Good luck.

  8. guess I was wrong. thanks for the info. was still more interested in the anti cort products and their effectiveness but Maybe Ill take a shot at the 1g 3 times a day ive seen in some articles(since reading this)... In my defense in searching for ways to lower cortisol ive only seen physical factors come more, reduce stress, dont workout too long etc. never vitamin c. I get my 100% by far but the suggestions look to be around 50 times that. Sorry to jump to conclusions and thanks for the help(and saving me some money for now)

    Quick question...How do I offset that much extra vitamin C as an antioxidant?

    what do I mean?-- I was getting extremely health conscious about avoiding cancer and disease and tackled the subject of free radicals.

    It was an article of 'how many antioxidants was enough' . To sum it up, basically said that all antioxidants are continuously balancing each other out(along with free radicals). vitamin c tackles certain free radicals then the extra vitamin c becomes a type of free radical, then a different vitamin/(antiox.) tackles that type, etc. I wish I could find that article again because I have a feeling I am going to be told the extra vitamin c gets excreted.

    The article had all of the different antioxidants in it and was trying to show how they were all needed to work together to fight disease...and thats why a balanced diet and variety was so important, with the vitamins and different vegetables and foods with the different skins and antis' in them.


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