Boatcop's going BLUE with CL's Blue Giant stack! (sponsored)

  1. Boatcop's going BLUE with CL's Blue Giant stack! (sponsored)



    Thank you to Renegade Rows and Controlled Labs for allowing me to conduct my first log. I have been a long time user of CL products including Blue Gene and can honestly say that the products produced by CL are top notch.

    A little history about me, training and supplementation. I am a 33 year old male who has been weight training since i was about 16 years old. My levels of training intensity has varied throughout the years. I really took my training to the next level around 2005. Until then I was at the usual size for someone who gives an honest moderate effort in the gym 5 days a week. By the next level I mean i realized that i always racked the weights with far too many reps left in me, esentially cheating myself out of growth and settling for "the pump". Once I took a step back and really looked at my training I realized if I want to grow i need to take it more serious.

    Since that day of reckoning my training is very intense usually focusing on one bodypart per day to obtain maximum hypertrophy in the target area. I will mix it up alot and never do the same routine back to back. Because of this i do not keep a log, my log is in my head, when you mix it up as much as me, logging is really not going to do much good. My training can range anwhere between 45min (arm day) to 90-105min (leg or back day). I typically run 4-5 sets per lift, 10-12 rep range unless going heavy with 30-60 sec break between sets (heavy days 2-4min).

    I hit the gym for a couple reasons: 1. It is absolutley essential that i train in some way shape or form daily for thereputic reasons. I'f I'm not moving endorphins I truley get depressed. 2. GROWTH! As we all know; you are never big enough. To alot my friends I'm plenty big enough but they just dont get it.

    History with supps:
    I started messing around with supps at around 21 years old. Protien powders (EAS back then) Ultimate Orange (yesterdays PWO) and of course creatine monohydrate. After a little while I messed around with some prohormones like Andro, Boldinone etc. Over the counter stuff that I had no place consuming because I essentially had no idea what they did other than make me mood swing like crazy and put up a tad bit more weight. At that point my training was pathetic and very casual (another reason i should not have been messing with those). I then just stuck with multi's, protien,and creatine. Then in 2005 i cleaned up my diet and increased my clean calories, cut back my drinking and started training hard, very hard. I then stepped up and tried Diesel Test Hardcore with great results. Because of my bad experiences with testboosters i kept the dosage low and stayed on a 4 week on 2 week off cycle for about a year. I went from 180 lbs to 192 lbs that year and didn't lose a bit after i decided to discontinue the usage of DTHC. I wanted to cleanse my system over a long period and did not use any supps for all of 2007. At the end of 2007 I was 190lbs and shredded at 11% bf. However my strenghth was not what it once was. I then started experimenting with some of the newer supps out there and it has been great. For some reason or another One of the first supps i tried was CL's White Flood and it just snowballed from there. I then tried GM, PW, GG, OT and then last year I ran two 2 month cycles of Blue Gene and absolutley loved it.

    My 2010 PR's are:
    Bench Press: 405
    Deadlift: 565
    Squat: 425

    I do not intend to hit these marks again on this cycle however if the opertunity presents itself I will for sure take a stab at upping one of them (especially my squat!)

    Goals while on Blue Giant stack: Simple really. Increase endurance, strenghth, libido and improve recovery and sleep.

    Right now for some reason my sleep quality is lacking so I am really hoping for help here. My libido is average however i remember being on BG before and it skyrocketed.

    My diet is going to be clean but efficient. I'm actually going with low to moderate carbs, 300 grams protien daily and probably around 2500-3000 cals daily (yes fat will be at moderate levelel throughout, I'm thinking probably 80 grams daily, 30 saturated) I will adjust diet as needed depending on how I'm feeling and what the mirror is telling me. I would like to be at 210-212 lbs by March 1st at no more than 14%bf. Again I will adjust diet acordingly to meet these goals.

    Training split:
    Monday: Shoulders, abbs
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Legs (Quads, Glutes)
    Thursday: arms, calves
    Friday: Chest, abbs
    Saturday: Legs (Hammies, Calves)
    Sunday: OFF

    I run 1-2 miles immediatley after every workout except Wed.

    What you can expect from me?

    I will post my real world unbiased experience with the stack. I may or may not post my lifting stats for that given day just because i mix up my lifts so much it will be tough to compare anything. I will post pics (pre and post) and will give you real world feedback on how i feel (physicaly, emotionaly, mentaly etc). Maybe get creative and get in a vid towards the end.

    Please contact me via pm or on the log with any questions and i will get back to you asap.

    Stack to start Tomorrow. (Originaly was going to wait until January 1st but the timming is right to kick it off because I'm not working until January 2nd.

    Blue Gene: 5 caps 1hr before wo
    Blue Up: 2 caps 30 min pre wo
    Blue Growth 3 caps 1hr before bed to access then 5 caps prior to bed.

    Additional supps:
    CL WF (pre w/ GM)
    CL PW (intra)
    CL GM (pre w/ WF)
    CL OT (am/pm)
    CL Glycegrow (p)re/post)
    HP CM 5mg post
    USP cissus (2am/2pm)
    Omega 3 Fish Oil (2am/2pm)
    ON 100% Whey
    ON Casein
    ON Serious Mass (as needed)

    Here is a picture I posted on October 10th. I have since started a light bulk and have thickend up a bit, i will post a more recent pic asap.
    Quick pic 13% 199Lbs 10/10/10

  2. Here is my most recent picture. Two days ago. Sorry about the pic quality, damn iphone camera. More to follow. This pic is at 202lbs (3lbs heavier than the last picture.

  3. In. Good luck!

  4. Well today it began. I consumed 3 Blue Growth last night prior to bed and had a good night of deep sleep however i feel it's completley coincidental. I will try 3 again tonight and see what happens. I did feel a little groggy this morning after i woke up but i think that is because it was my first good night of sleep in quite a few days.

    As of right now I am at 2,650 calories with another small meal to go.

    Today I took my usual supps and added the 2 BU and 5 BG preworkout. I am comfortable starting off with the 5 BG caps right out of the gate because I have taken them before with no issues.

    Leg day! Was a bit better than normal (placebo) but for the most part intense and effective.

    135X15, 135X15, 185X12, 185X12, 225X10, 225X10, 135 to failure.

    585XFAILURE 6 Sets

    BARBELL LUNGE smith machine
    135X10 each leg 4 sets

    half stack X15, Full stackX10 3 sets

    Tomorrow is Arms/calves, an easy yet fun day!

  5. Ok well last night i took 3 Blue Growth again before bed and slept fantastic. I even woke up around 2am to use the bathroom and had no problem falling back to sleep. Woke up this morning with no residual effect. Tonight I will be upping the Blue Growth to 5 caps before bed. Of course this could all be coincidental so we will see what the 5 caps does.

  6. Dude, your a beast!!!! Let em have it!!!! In for this!!!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Dude, your a beast!!!! Let em have it!!!! In for this!!!!!
    Thanks RR, I apreciate it. This is going to be an awesome run.

    Today was an average arm/calve day. Nothing special to report yet. In my experience, around week 3-4 Blue Gene really revs me up so I am expecting slow improvments over the course of the next few weeks and around week 3 i am expecting a serious boost.

    Bad calorie day for me as well. As of right now I'm at 2,100 but do have over 250 grams of protien down. Time to chilax for a while and grow.

  8. 5 caps of BG last night before bed, slept great and deep. I am thinking this is no longer a coincidence! Woke up with no lag and ready to go!

    Hit the gym mid day for chest and it was on par with what i usually do.

    Flat bench:
    135x15, 225x12, 225x12, 275x10, 315x6, 225x10, 225x8, 135xfailure

    Incline press (smith today)
    4 plates x15, 3 sets

    DB Incline press
    75x15, 100x10, 100x10, 100x10, 75x10

    Pec dec:
    220x15, rack x10, rack x10, rackx10, 165x15

    Decline bench:
    225x12,, 315x8, 315x8, 315x8, 135xfailure

    weighted dips:
    45lb plate x18, 90lbs x10, 135lbs x6, 45lbs x15, weightless to failure.

    Abbs i just hit the machine for 10 min, hanging leg raise, incline crunch. Abbs actually are still sore from deadies the other day, lol.

    I felt a little groggy, foggy mid day and on, not sure why. Started out strong but rapidly dropped throughout the day. Maybe diet. Only hit 2500 cals today and very dirty (for me). I lost count after 250 grams protien but carbs are way up today. Will prob hit the cardio double tomorrow, lol.

    Overall felt strong today but nothing out of the ordinary. I have noticed the past two days my joints have been less sore? Also weighed in at the gym today at 203 but prob like 200 minus clothing. Gotta pick up my diet!!
  9. DAY 5

    Day 5 and nothing really significant to report. I hit hamstrings yesterday along with calves and a little cardio after my wo. Very average workout in my opinion. Still within the first week of anything i dont expect much.

    Sleep however has been great and i have to contribute that to the BG before bed.

    Diet yesterday and today has been pretty heavy. About 3,000 calories each day and I'm not done yet today.

    I felt heavier today so hit the scale and surley i was up. Weighed in at 206.

    I will continue with my current diet until week 3, and week 3 and 4 i will cut my calories and increase cardio daily to drop some of the fat i gain while bulking.

    The last time i took Blue Gene i felt i could eat almost anything and would not put on the extra bf, hopefully this time around is the same, we'll see.

  10. methyl depot any good anyone?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Boatcop1 View Post
    The last time i took Blue Gene i felt i could eat almost anything and would not put on the extra bf, hopefully this time around is the same, we'll see.
    I can't wait to hear about this!
  12. DAY 6

    Monday was shoulders/abbs. Nothing to report strength wise,my workout was average.

    Side lateral raise, front lateral raise, Smith machine military press, db press, Arnolds and upright rows.

    What I did notice though was an slight increase in mood and stamina. Slight but noticeable. I noticed my mood starting yesterday was a bit more positive and I was a little more outgoing than i usually am. At the gym, i wanted to stay after i was done. Even though my shoulders were telling me to stop i still wanted to blast them more. I didn't and just hit the elipticle for 30 min but i thought that was a nice feeling that i welcome.

    Diet was solid yesterday. No reason to get into it really but around 2800 cals, 160g carbs, 300g protien.

  13. Nice intake of protein.

    I notice Blue GENE elevates my mood as well.
  14. day 7

    Yesterday was quads and glutes. I actually had to mix up my daily routine. Yesterday should have been back day but my back has been a little sore between the shoulder blades for some reason, i didn't want to push it so i am going to give my back a rest for a week.

    Because of this i went low weight high intensity for my legs/glutes and finnished with intervals on the treadmill for 45 min. All in all a great workout and a great sweat for sure.

    overall I feel great right now. No negatives to report.

  15. Chest yesterday and did Arms today. Both amazing sessions putting up decent weight.

    Diet is good but enough about that.

    As of right now I can report that I am definetly starting to feel that "alpha" feeling in the gym. Confidence is way up and I am feeling great.. My size is defintely up this week and i can clearly tell the difference by looking in the mirror. Obviously raising my daily calories is a big help.

    I think my body is a little sensitive to tribulus so I lowered the BU dose to 1 cap daily and feel good with that.

    I've noticed in the past that when i take too much trib it will cause me slight anxiety for some reason usually its slight and short in duration but the only thing i could ever contribute it to was the trib? I started to feel it yesterday and lowered my dose today, so far with great results.

    After 1 week I can already feel and see this stack working it's magic.

  16. After a doc visit last week I found out I have a pinched nerve in my back so I have to take some time off. I DO NOT want to agrivate it. I will hold off on the stack/review until I'm back up to speed, hopefully a few weeks.

    RR i sent you a couple PM's, for some reason they are not showing up in my outbox, i hope your getting them?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Boatcop1 View Post
    After a doc visit last week I found out I have a pinched nerve in my back so I have to take some time off. I DO NOT want to agrivate it. I will hold off on the stack/review until I'm back up to speed, hopefully a few weeks.

    RR i sent you a couple PM's, for some reason they are not showing up in my outbox, i hope your getting them?
    Last one I got I responded to.... I don't think I've gotten them!

    Your going to take time off and rest up, right?

  18. I hope there is a bit of interest in this. I pinched a nerve in my back a while back and had to take alot of time off (more than i was expecting). I ended up doing alot of cardio and then hurt my knee at work so was left doing nothing for about 2 months. So after sitting around drinking beer and feeling sorry for myself I decided it was time to get my stuff together and get back at it. I ordered up some random supps (mainly PWO, tried ERASE and Shift to help recomp a bit) to help me get going and keep me motivated before i utilized anything that focused on hormone optimization as the Controlled Labs Blue line of supplements. Around the middle of June I cracked the bottle open again and hit it hard. Dosage was the same on all three supps. And because I played yoyo with my weight over the past few months I stayed clear of any supplemental weight gainers.

    DOSAGE 7/10
    Easy peasy if your ok with swallowing lots of pills, I'm sure most on here have no problem with it.

    NEG SIDES 10/10
    I have been typically sensitive to Tribulus in the past and noticed a slight increase in anxiety while using it at first, however after about 3 days those sides subsided and i had no issues. I did not taper any of the products and although its only been about 10 days post use I have not fealt any drop off or withdrawal.

    I have taken Blue Gene in the past as a stand alone and had a rediculous boost in libido. This time was no different although I will say it really does not kick in until week 3 in my experience. When I take BG as a stand alone I will run it for 8 weeks and the libido boost from week 3-8 is nuts. If your not getting laid on a daily basis or close to it I would suggest "taking care of yourself" before leaving your house otherwise you will literaly feel like a wild animal out there!

    STRENGTH 7/10
    I noticed some good increases in strengh while on the run but to me it's not this stacks main purpose. I wasn't out to set any records and with my last 6 months recovering from pesky injuries i just assumed recomp as much as possible so I trained with more a hypertrophy based routine. I think this would be a great stack for a bulk but it just wasn't in the cards for me at the time of the run.

    I would recommend any one of these products as I would really anything from CL. I know this is a sponsored log but I have been using CL products for a long time including just starting Purple Psyko! The Blue product line is very very clean and has a very gradual rate of effectivness imo. You wont take the pills and go to the gym and set PR's on day 1 but after a few days without even noticing your intensity and focus will start going nutz and you will find yourself not wanting to leave the gym. I noticed I would get a little chippy at times but i actually like that aspect of the stack. Hunger did not increase too much but thirst was up a tad.

    I know this is not the most informative log and I apologize for that but if anyone has any questions on any of the products please feel free to pm me or post up.

  19. This is great... I'm gonna repost this with your permission. I love this final review.... Thanks bro!

  20. Yeah no problem RR. Sorry I wasn't more in depth but with my deployment schedule, it made it very difficult to post often.


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