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  1. Talking Super DMZ Log

    Hey guys, I am excited to be starting on Super-DMZ. I need to thank IronMag Labs for hooking me up with product also and getting it to me so quickly. This is my first log so bare with me on the content.
    Here is a list of sups that I will be taking with this cycle.

    - Super-DMZ
    - Anabolic Matrix
    - Erase
    - Cycle assist
    - Liver longer (TUDCA)
    - Syntha-6
    - N2KTS
    - Dymatize recoup

    Also, and of course, I will be taking all my vitamins and drinkings a gallon a day of water.
    Okay, so I have I am on my 5th day of Super DMZ, yesterday I started doing 3 pills a day (30mg) and its for sure the sweet spot !
    I am finally feeling the confidence, strength, and pump that I have felt on other PH’s I’ve done.
    Honestly, I have to say I was skeptical when I first got these because there way only 1 ph in them. I have done tri methyl before and it had three, however I have become much more educated since then (thank you Anabolicminds community for that very much) and determined that doing more than one at once is kinda a waste of time and unnecessary damage on my liver. IronMag Labs has done an AWESOME job of putting this PH together ! I am VERY excited to see the end results of this cycle of Super-DMZ.

    Here are my specs as I currently sit in my chair writing this.
    • Weight:193 (morning weight)
    • Height:5’8
    • Arms:13 in (no flex)
    • Forearms:12 in(no flex)
    • Chest: 41 in
    • Shoulders: 51in

    Once I have 50 posts I’ll post pics up

    This morning work out
    Cable bicept: 70lbs 15x2, 80lbs 2x12, 90lbs 2x10
    Cable Tricept: 100lbs 2x12, 110lbs 2x10, 130lbs 2x8, 190lbs x10 just for fun
    Kettle bells: 95lbs 10x, 85lbs x10, 75lbs x10
    Dumbbell Rows (with straps) 100lbs 10 each arm, 95lbs 7 each arm
    20 push ups
    bench machine (total weight) 90 x30 (rest) 180 x20, 270 x16, 340 x5 (OUCH!)
    Tricept Machine 110 x10, 130 x10
    Cables 60lbs till fail

    I apologize I don’t know all the names of machines and exercises. I’ll be better about figuring out the names of stuff. I have a sweet app that I’ll start using better that should help.

  2. OKay as you can tell by the date its an old pic, I am 183 in this pic, I am 193 right now with a bit more chubs

  3. oooo some DMZ. .. muhahah I'ma in like flynn. . .let me me help ya out a bit. . .starting weight?? Bodyfat?? Macro of nutrition?? hmmm PCT your running?? ahah
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  4. i'm ridin wit you on dis 1 playboy. started a log on this and had to pause due to a feelin i was gettin round my heart area. i'm going to pick up where i left off though real soon.

  5. what's goodie?

  6. hmmm this one must be dead. . . . must have let the DMZ get to his head or something


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