Formestane, Tauro test, Cee Creatine.

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    Formestane, Tauro test, Cee Creatine.

    More of a review than a log.

    Im just finishing up a stack of these 3 supplements. I have to say I was really impressed.

    I have tried all 3 on their own so I know roughly how each of them pan out.

    By the end of this week, it will have been 5 weeks.

    I started with the creatine and formestane for a week, building the formestane up to 3 squirts with 5gm of CEE then I started the Tauros test.
    Tauro Test is the only test booster I've ever used that I can honestly say I feel as if im 'on' somethig. Its boosts libidio definately, but it also makes me feel pumped. after awhile it makes me leaner and more vainy. Anyway I digress.

    Ive found these supplements have helped me gain some 3-4 pounds, at the same time I have lost body fat. People have remarked that I have filled out. I have trained for 10 years. During that time, i have had some time off. The longest ive had off was 4 months one year when I hurt my back. So I know im close to my full potential.

    Now 3 pounds might not sound like alot, but consideringt im around 11% bf it looks alot. Imagine having 3 16oz steaks worth of muscle slapped around your body.

    All my weights went up too.

    Im going to start to use Plasma jet in a couple of weeks. Ive used this before and find I respond well to it. Its good if your quiet lean anyway. Ive measured my BP while using it and it doesn't seem to bother me at all.

    Anyway if I can maintain my 3-4 pounds and gain some more with Plasmajet and creatine then i'll be happy.

    After ive finished this i will be straight back on Formestane, Tauro test and creatine But im going to bump up my calories to build mass next time. Last time I kept my diet pretty much the same. I concerntrate on getting leaner over the next few weeks first.

    Anyway. Good day to all!!

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    Formestane? like Tribulus? or any different.

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