Poops comeback log.... its stinky. (first cut ever)

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  1. Lmao that was hilarious metroba....

    Gotta get me an UPGRADE like that thurrr!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Today's cell phones were not designed for alpha males. The slightest touch of our massive, calloused hands destroys any small objects that come in our path.

    Poop, do yourself a favor and get a phone like this....

    ...now that's a man's phone.
    Well daaaaayyyyyuuuuuummmmm!!!

    Had a great workout tonight. Shoulders and tris starting off with some leg presses first to get the blood flowing..... but holy hell by the end of the night my delts and traps were on FIRE!!! Still are at that, gonna be hell tomorrow trying to pick up my bag of bricks lil man when he wants me to, lol.

    All in all though tonight was very motivating for two reasons....

    1. I wore a tank under my shirt and when I got hot I took off my shirt and was suprised with what I saw in the mirror... my tris are still HUGE (I work tris with shoulders) but look as though the seperation between the bottom of my delts and tops of tris are just slightly obscured by a lil fat... won't take long to have them cut n showin clean.... still have a m,ean horse shoe cut on the bottom of the tris though and honestly most of my arms girths is basically tricep.... biceps will blow up fast though n be just as big soon... arms are my most genetically gifted body part.

    2. I basically ran a similar workout to what I did this last fri and was already considerably stronger on all lifts. Not as shakey and had to put on much more weight and still felt comfortable...... gotta love muscle memory, can't wait to get close to where I was before and good n conditioned so I can run a cycle already, I'm already realing with excitement and what goodies I want to gather to build around my AX phera-plex cycle.... hahahahaha (just as excited for the pct and beyond too with all the great natty supps out now!!!)

    So gonna go down some chicken sandwiches then peruse the boards a lil later if the lil lady is feeling gracious enough to let me.... lol. I hate not havin my phone.

  2. man great progress here Poop!!! you are motivating me my brotha!!!
    Working on living

  3. sup poops. good log bro

  4. alright guys, finally got some solid tracking on my replacement phone n it will be in on thursbut luckily got my lil lady to let me use hers to log on and check in wwith some updates

    A few topics....

    Weight still sittin even at 193lbs, but feel I'm gettin a solid eexchange of fat for muscle right now so the scale isn't that great of a sign for what's goin on and the mirror is my friend. Gonna take some 2week progress shots on thurs with my phone so I can see if you guys agree....

    Point 2 kinda goes to suppport the first and that would be every workout grows easier and easier and the wweights are quickly going up and at a comfortable rate where I can handle I better then I could even the lighter weight I was shaking to get up on the first weeks workouts... lovin it... again though this is another sign that muscle mass is def replacing some fat in order to have the scale tip the same day after day...

    3rd would be regarding my supplementation..... some anxiety is def felt from time to time... I'm sure this could be attributed to many factors... plenty of stims in the mix from synephrine to geranamine to caffiene to clen all that alone could have some ill fated effects along with it'd fat burning benifits.... sadly many folks have expressed feeling this with prolonged DAA supplementation as well and its a sign of excitotoxicity taking place.... don't think it helped for a few weeks before starting daa supplementation(but not at all since)0 I was drinking gobs of aspertame sweetened generic crystal light to start helping on cutting simple sugars in all the juice and koolaid I was used to drinking and I'm almost certain it got me a toxic head start on feeling some sides from the otherwise beneficial d aspartic acid.... that being said I have already halved my dose and halved it again.... there doesn't seem to be that big a correlation in dose to the feeling or even when I dose it as many have expressed and although it builds up in the system others have mentioned the mass of anxiety correlates directly to dose and when they dose it is when they feel it.... this leads me to believe my problem stems mainly from a secondary contributor and one that has a very long 36 hour half life, good old clen... my anxiety is something I have felt in the past and usually comes with a lil shakiness, also have felt the same shakiness type anxiety with over use of yohimbine a la blue up from controlled labs so its also a possibility its contributing..... thank goodness I am normally a very calm individual and when I feel the anxiety onset I can fight it back quckly.... also makes me happy this cutting run idnt going to be too long as I'm sure its doing a number on my cns and the results are becoming apparent.

    All in all everything seems worth it thus far... have some refresh from uspl that should help reset the adrenals and cns after this stim run and also still taking cycle assist and will be continuously so extra toxins should easily be excreted throughout using them and much quicker after cessation of this hellish regemin.

    Also some of you guys caught the fact I was chosen as an extra tester for ****'s new Chlorathoxy along with a few of you fellows following along, you know who you are guys. VERY excited to run this as I'm certain it will speed muscle memory even though its ahead of pace from what I initially planned its welcome given how I'm feeling about my progress anyways and will help to throw on some serious fat burning lbm all the while in a slight deficit, this I'm sure of knowing my own body, def doable.

    I will likely be maintaining this log congrruently to my log that will be for the beta test run in ****'s sub forum so those already subbed here, no worries bout subbing to a whole diff thread as this will be where I will return post cycle and beyond as well as long as it takes to get back to an appropriate bf%.

    Thanks for chuggin along n sorry for the overly detailed casual log n hope the posts aren't to wordy for you guys but I find "thinking/writing" out my progress in detail for the public it helps mestay focused and allows me to reflect on what's going on asnd what needs to be altered... till next time fellas..

  5. So another update.... gettin the phone tomorrow so will be back to daily updates and as soon as the chlorathoxy gets here I will get a lot more detailed on weights used to track progression, show strength/lbm gained compared to body weight in case it stays the same along with detailed notes on feelings, sides and overall daily product reviews....

    As for yesterday, another shoulder workout, def stronger, def burning by the end and def got some good doms today.... cardio is sooooo easy now it isn't funny these compounds def help with burning fat for energy cause most all my cardio sessions have been am fasted and like post workout once.... def awesome.

    Pics will go up tomorrow.

  6. Subbed homey glad to see you back in the game!

  7. Got the new log started up.... Here's the link.... Will be updating posts here simultaneously... Maybe.... Might just come back here after the chlorothoxy run.... We will see.. Here's a link any how

    Poopothoxy Madness with MrSupps.com's Chlorothoxy (Sponsored)

  8. love the detail here keep at it

  9. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Today's cell phones were not designed for alpha males. The slightest touch of our massive, calloused hands destroys any small objects that come in our path.

    Poop, do yourself a favor and get a phone like this....

    ...now that's a man's phone.
    The phone my look like it's out of style but the contract is second to none!

    Unlimited minutes, unviewable texts, and unwavering manliness.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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