Gotti's At It Again, PES ERASE Log

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    Drawbacks: The only drawback I noticed from this product was that the bottle is now empty and I don't have anymore.
    Always a good sign.
    Just inject.

  2. dude, for a guy whos only a buck 50, why on earth are you doing so many sets. You really need to look into DC Training. it will show you just how much your overtraining. and you are significantly over training.

    Erase is mainly supposed to lean you out, from what ive read. But your already lean and quite small in all honesty. why do you need an AI. is it a common trend among guys today that are the same weight as alot of girls nowadays, to be more concerned with(getting lean) than just packing on the size and strength. when your 230lbs, then worry about leaning up or an AI.

  3. If your doing cardio at all, there is no way on earth you should be having HB pressure problems. cardio in of itself prevents Hb pressure. cardio works and strengthens your heart. so how on earth can you be having HB problems?


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