Mass Summon's Z's with Somnidren(unsponsored)

  1. Mass Summon's Z's with Somnidren(unsponsored)

    I ordered some somnidren GH from MST, and I will gladly log it for everyone to see. I work graveyard shift so my sleep schedule is not "normal" sometimes I will hit the gym after work(around 10am) somtimes before work(8-10pm) I needed something to put me down because I was takin melatonin, and while that did help, I would wake up groggy even after 8+hours of sleep, and I found out it didn't help so much to put me to sleep instead it kept me asleep.

    I got the package, and opened it up...dang almost did see the little bugger in there....for some reason I was expecting something the size of a white flood container, this thing is tiny. I'm dosing the first now.

    First thoughts...opened it up, seemed really clumpy, following the directions I shook the hell out of it.

    I threw half of a serving under my tongue...kinda hard to describe taste...smelled like coffee at first, now somewhat citrus like. Not too the next scoop. I'll go check some emails and give an update. Thanks for anyone following me on this journey, I'll be honest and detailed, thanks for watching!

    Been a little over ten mins...I'm starting to feel tingly throughout my body, reminds me a little of white flood tingles...

  2. sub'd, interested to see how taking this on a not so empty stomache works out, if you could be so kind as to test it out a day or two?

  3. Quick update.... I woke up at 1am, only because someone called doesn't put u down as bad as a nyquil, benadry, etc. It keeps u down though, I chugged a cup of water before bed because my lips were a little dry, normally I wake up after a few hours. I was only awake because someone called my far so good. I didn't wake up groggy either, this was after about 7 hours sleep.

    Day 1=success

    Emilio ill give it a try tomorrow, since I have an odd dayshift, then nightshift 8 hours later...hate having to double back for graveyards.

  4. I had to work till 7pm, then go to work at no somnidren that night. 24th I dosed 1 scoop after having breakfast/dinner went to bed at noon. I had my alarm set for 8pm, it went off...I hit snooze and eventually turned it off. Woke up at 11pm. I was completely out!!! Didn't wake up once, this stuff keeps u down!!! I may try going to half a dose, because I was supposed to hit the gym at 8, instead slept an extra 3 hours. I was probably making up for missed sleep the day before. So far this is working for me. When I wake up I'm not groggy, slow, half assed at all. I feel pretty damn refreshed!

    Day 2= more success...almost too good! Going to lower dose and go to half scoop.

    So far this is doing the trick!

  5. In! I love this stuff. Mst makes great products. This is one great product. The sleep quality was almost addicting.

  6. Day 3

    Took half a scoop on a not so nempty stomaach(there ya go emilio). Still worked, I noticed it sets u to. Sleep gently, and keeps you there. I slept from 2pm to 11pm comfortably. It did keep me from the gym but the rest was well deserved, and needed.

    Day 3=success! This stuff is making me a believer.

    My stats just in case
    30 years old
    195 lbs
    Workout 2 on 1off 2on 2off.
    Steady lifting since 2000.
    Diet is fairly clean, getting ready to do an alpha T2 and oxypro elite stack, on day 2 of it, I'm sweating as I type!

  7. I took a break from it for about a 6 days. I'm holding some under my tongue as I speak. Relationshp problems, and work issues kinda had me out of the loop. I'm back though. I will log this until completion. I go to a better schedule 1am-10am on the 12th. We'll see how it goes...I'll report when I wake up. Hopefully some well deserved Z's coming my way.


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