The Back in Black Stack!!


    Hi all this is my second thread here and I'm going to do my first ever log.
    I'll do my best on this log and try to be as detailed as I can for all interested. I'm going to include before and after pics as well.
    Let me tell you a little about myself to start.
    I'm 22 years old and I'll be 23 in september. I'm 6'1 218lbs and about 14 or 15% bf (this is just a guess as I havent checked it in a long time). I've been lifting since I was 15 and have been lifting smartly for only about 2 1/2 years. I'm also a type one diabetic and was diagnosed when I was 17.
    I'm just about to start a 2 month test boosting stack that I have officially named the "Back in Black Stack" (hope no one else has already taken this name). It will consist of the following products:

    1. 4 bottles of Omega sports T-force (dosed at 6 a day)
    2. 2 bottles of Nutraplanet Divanex (maximum recommended dosage a day)
    3. 3 bottles of Controlled labs Blue up Stim free (dosed at 3 caps a day)
    4. 2 bottles of EST Propadrol EP (dosed at 4 a day)
    5. 1 bottle of Genomyx Slin Sane (Recommended dosage)

    My staples are Orange Triad, Orange oximega fish oil, dymatize elite whey protein isolate and a very strict diet. I'll post more specifics like my diet and training program a little later this week which is when I should be receiving my big ass shipment

    Thanks guys
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  2. sounds like alot of shti
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  3. i'd be curious to see a type 1 diabetic run a log of these various GDAs and "insulin sensitizers" and see if there is a change in the required amounts of insulin needed for healthy BS levels

  4. Tat`s a lot of pills dude. You gonna have room for food?
    I`ll be watching this log. Best of luck.

  5. I just finished up a bottle of recompadrol and loved it. Here is my review from nutraplanet to give you an idea of how well it worked.

    "I am a type 1 diabetic and I bought this to see if I could take a little less insulin. My diet consists of alot of brown rice and whole grains so sometimes controlling my blood sugar is difficult. It took about 4 days for me to notice any effect but once it kicked in I was shocked. I cut my insulin dose down to half at first and that was still too much. I eventually had to lower my dosage to 1/4th of what I had originally taken before (with the exact same meal). This has truly been a miracle product for me. After I eat a high carb meal with this I feel an amazing natural clean energy. Nothing like stimulants but It makes me feel great. This has become a staple for me and has improved my health greatly."

  6. Quote Originally Posted by reptone View Post
    Tat`s a lot of pills dude. You gonna have room for food?
    I`ll be watching this log. Best of luck.
    Yep I know lol thanks man.

  7. Ok got my big shipment in yesterday of everything but one of the websites i ordered from screwed up and sent me three bottles of Controlled Labs Blue Gene instead of Blue up. I emailed them and they're going to have UPS pick up the Blue Gene and send me the Blue up. Just took my first dose yesterday and had my first official workout last night.
    Workout was decent but obviously I haven't felt any effects yet.
    I did shoulders and here's what my workout looked like:
    *Shoulder press
    4 sets of 10 @ 70 lbs dumbells
    2 sets of 18 @ 65 lbs dumbells
    *rear delt extensions on butterfly machine
    3 sets of 12 @ 90 lbs
    2 sets of 8 @ 110 lbs
    *lat raises
    3 sets of 12 @ 25 lbs dumbells
    3 sets of 10 @ 30 lbs dumbells
    *Smith machine shrugs (weight is figured subtracting correct amount that smith machine takes off)
    2 sets of 15 @ 205 lbs
    2 sets of 15 @ 255 lbs
    2 sets of 10 @ 295 lbs
    *Cable one arm shrugs
    2 sets of 18 @ 130 lbs
    2 sets of 15 @ 170 lbs
    *final burnout set of shoulder press on machine
    1 set of 20 @ 110 lbs

    For those of you interested I'll post a pic of my stack later tonight and my diet info.
    Thanks for following along.

  8. Ok haven't had time to post a pic up yet but had a good workout last night.
    Notes on the stack:
    My endurance seems to be getting a little better.
    Woke up this morning with crazy morning wood (not sure if this is because of the supps or something else)
    I was tired last night from lack of sleep this week but I could've worked out for 3-4 hours if I wanted to.

    Libido: somewhat elevated
    Mood: good
    Appetite: slightly elevated
    Strength: same

    Here is what my diet consists of:

    *Breakfast 1 (directly upon waking)
    2 scoops whey protein
    3/4 cup skim milk
    1 bowl of Kashi Go Lean high protein/fiber cereal with skim milk
    Supplements:2 T-force, 2 Propadrol EP, 2 fish oil, 3 Orange Triad, 1 Slin-Sane, 1 Divanex.

    *Breakfast 2
    3 egg whites 1 whole egg
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 cup skim milk

    *Midmorning snack
    8 oz. plain yogurt
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1/4 cup walnuts

    *Before lunch
    Supplements:2 T-force, 1 Slin-Sane, 2 Fish oil, 1 Divanex

    7-8 oz. sirloin steak
    2 whole wheat tortillas
    1/2 cup salsa
    2 cups mixed green salad
    vinegar and olive oil dressing

    *Before Dinner
    Supplements:2 T-force, 1 Slin-Sane, 2 Fish oil, 3 Orange Triad, 1 Divanex, 2 Propadrol EP

    7-8 oz chicken or fish
    1/2 cup quinoa or brown rice
    1 cup broccoli or low sodium v8 juice

    1 scoop whey protein
    1 cup skim milk

    2 scoop whey protein isolate
    1 cup skim milk

    *Bedtime snack
    1 cup 1% cottage cheese (or 1 scoop casein protein)
    2 tablespoons olive oil

    I don't deviate from this diet at all unless my blood sugar gets low and I have to drink some orange juice to bring it up. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day. Most of the time it's about a gallon and a half.

    Will post my workout later.

  9. any thoughts on my diet or stack.....or anything for that matter is welcome

  10. Anybody?? Lol


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