Getting into shape for summer with Alpha-T2 & OxyELITE Pro

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  1. Getting into shape for summer with Alpha-T2 & OxyELITE Pro

    Summer arrives usually late in Japan, so from tomorrow I will run a six week AT2/OEP cutting cycle.

    As many others I got myself the "Get up and Go" stack at nutraplanet.
    1 bottle each, so thats 90 capsule each.

    I am going to run them according to nattydisaster's suggestion & 2 more weeks until I run out of both of 'em.

    week 1 am: 1oep/1at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 14 caps of oep
    - 14 caps of at2

    week 2 am: 1oep/2at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 14 caps of oep
    - 21 caps of at2

    week 3 am: 1oep/2at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 14 caps of oep
    - 21 caps of at2

    week 4 am: 1oep/2at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 14 caps of oep
    - 21 caps of at2

    week 5 am: 2oep/1at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 21 caps of oep
    - 13 caps of at2 (sunday i will have only 1 left for am)

    week 6 am: 1oep/1at2 pm:1oep/1at2
    - 13 caps of oep (sunday i will have only 1 left for am)

    After my 1.5 month bulk I was able to pack on around 3pounds of lean mass, but with it came some fat.

    Let's get to the stats:
    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 194lbs
    Bodyfat: 11.9%

    Goal: Bodyfat around 5~6%, that means I will have to lose around 11lbs.
    That's for sure gonna be a tough one.

    Diet: For the first two weeks I will cut out all dairy products. And from Week 4 I will start paleo, to cut out the grains as well. Cheat days will be every 2nd Saturday. (Detailed listing might come later.)

    The Before Pictures:

    That's it for now, it's late here gotta go sleep to get a healthy 7-8 hours dose.

    PS. Since I am repping P.E.S and USPLabs with this log, I expect to get a boatload of free stuff from them. jk

  2. "Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D01.

    7:35 First dose of AT2/OEP(1/1)
    Felt a lot more awake than usual right after taking them.

    8:10 Breakfast 1 Banana, 1 1/2 cup of rolled oats with a tblsp of NPB and a scoop of Whey protein. 2g Vit. C, 1g Vit. B5, 480mg MT, 30mg Zinc, 4 Caps of Fish Oil (each 300mg of EPA/DHA = 1200mg of EPA/DHA
    My Stomach gave me that full feeling a lot faster than usually when eating breakfast.

    8:40 Riding my bike to work. I felt like I had a lot more energy and the ride was extremely smooth, almost like being on autopilot."

  3. "Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D01-2
    Counselor Troy evidentally still thinks it's OK to come to work in her pijamas...

    Just had my second dose of AT2/OEP (1/1). Again I feel like having more energy not as lazy I would usually feel around that time of the day. I might even get things done at work for a change and that might ruin my reputation. How am I gonna explain to my boss, that I actually finished something.

    No sides so far.
    No headaches, no heartracing, no nausea, no hyperactiveness or any of the other yohimbine sides, some people experience with ordinary y-hcl. I feel rather calm and focused.

    Tonight is gonna be a cardio session of 45min probably on the eliptical.
    Estimated calories that will be burnt: ~600kcal

  4. In of course.
    The Historic PES Legend

  5. Subbed
    I will work for supplements!
  6. More Autopilot

    Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D02

    Worf is grumpy again today, what a f###ing surprise!!!

    So yesterday's cardio session went extremly well.
    For the first half I didn't have to put any effort init, and that a much faster pase than usual. I ended up burning ~700kcal in 45min.

    Today 7:35 another dose of AT2/OEP (1/1)
    That stuff kicks in pretty fast. After about 5 minutes I felt totally awake. I am usually not a morning person.

    BF at 8:05 same as yesterday.
    Again I had (almost) trouble finishing my oats this morning.

    Today the weather s ucks, so no bike ride or anything to report on that.
    But I somehow can't sit still, I have that surge of energy and somehow can't keep it in.

    Are you guys sure there aint not them 'roids in them???

  7. Subbbbed!
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined
  8. Killing it at the gym

    Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D02-2

    When is Beverly ever gonna teach that pansy of a Wesley how to be a man.

    Afternoon dose again around:
    14:45 1AT2 & 1OEP
    Wow just a great way to keep me awake a work...haha. Luckily today I could fight it and didn't really try to work to hard. There you go boss, there's no such thing as deadlines.

    Still No bloat or any other side. The only side so far is that I have to remind myself to eat.

    15:25 32g MPI & 20g Almonds. (I know, I know the Shake is not ideal but at the moment that's only choice I have at the office. I'll try get something better from next week.)

    18:00 Preworkout Shake:
    TP's BCAA Boost(decaf) about 10g of BCAA along with ALCAR, L-Tyrosin, Taurine and Green Tea extract.

    18:30 Getting to the gym
    (Biceps and Back today)

    Warm Up on the eliptical 10min medium speed.

    BB Curls
    15x 55lbs
    10x 55lbs
    8x 66lbs
    6x 77lbs

    10x 177lbs
    8x 198lbs
    8x 220lbs

    BB Rows
    8x 132lbs grip under
    8x 132lbs grip over
    7x 143lbs grip under
    6x 143lbs grip over

    Lat Pull
    15x 134lbs
    10x 149lbs
    8x 165lbs
    6x 180lbs

    Dumbell Curls
    15x 30lbs
    10x 30lbs
    8x 35lbs
    6x 40lbs

    Back Machine
    15x 185lbs
    12x 200lbs
    10x 210lbs
    10x 220lbs

    [Additional Bonus workout:]
    **Torso Rotation Machine 12x 90lbs, 10x 90lbs, 10x 110lbs
    **Leg Lifts 4x20

    Another eliptical 10min medium speed.

    > Again I felt like I had more motivation and energy to spend at the gym. I didn't lose any strenght so far and hope not to lose too much.

    19:50 Post workout Shake:
    30g of Dextrose/Maltodextin(50:50)
    7g of Leucine
    5g of L-Glutamine
    30g of WPI

    4oz slbl chicken breast
    1 cup sliced onion
    1/2 cup bell peppers
    1/2 of a leak
    2 garlic toes
    2 whole eggs
    1 avocado
    1 tblsp EVOO
    some salt, black pepper, chilli pepper and paprika for seasoning.
    2g Vit. C, 1g Vit. B5, 240mg MT, 320mg Saw Palmetto, 1mg Vit. B7, 500mg Rhodiola, 4 Caps of Fish Oil (1200mg of EPA/DHA)

  9. Mindless,
    How often are you going to do weigh ins? Does Paeleo diet include dropping dairy?
    The Historic PES Legend

  10. I am planning on doing weekly weigh ins. (sundays)

    I already dropped the dairy and I can feel the impact of it. Whole milk and cottage cheese are really helping with recovery. To subsitute that I added some glutamine to my PWO Shake as well as some Taurine to my before bed casein shake.

    To my knowledge the Paleo diet includes dropping dairy as well as grains. Basically, it's gonna be Fruits, Veggies, Meats, Fish, Eggs, Nuts and EVOO.

    I might as well take some some more pics after week 3.

  11. nice lift
    I will work for supplements!
  12. Rest Day

    Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D03

    What's the difference between Klingons and Cardassians?
    The Cardassians' ships fly backwards.

    Wednesdays the gym is closed "for maintenance", therefore that's my rest day.

    7:35 dose 1 AT2/OEP (still each 1)
    Today I was so tired when getting up, that I would have loved to sleep for 5 more minutes, but I told myself: "Just get up and take your morning dose of AT2(82?) and OEP". So I did and 5 minutes later nothing could have gotten me back to bed. This stack is like a punch to the face, just w/o the pain and the broken nose.

    8:05 No Banana for breakfast today, I forgot to shop some at the grocery store last night.

    10:25 25g of Instantized BCAAs

    Since today is my rest day, this will be my only log for today. This might be a good chance to post my workout plan.

    Monday: Cardio 45min

    Tuesday: Biceps/Back(...maybe some Abs) (As above)

    Wednesday: Restday

    Thursday: Triceps/Chest
    10min cardio warm up, Incline Bench, BB Skullcrushers, Weightened Dips, Rope Pulls, Chest Flies, Chest machine, 10min cardio final

    Friday: Cardio 45min

    Saturday: Shoulder/Traps/Abs (Morning Workout)
    10min cardio warm up, Upright BB Rows, BB Shrugs, Crunches, Legs lift, Front Raises, Lateral Raises, Weightened Crunches, Torso Rotation Machine, 10min cardio final

    Sunday: Cardio 45min (Morning Workout)

    Squats twice/week. Rotating Tue/Sat/Thur/Tue/Sat/Thur/etc.

    The plan will stay the same for the time of this cycle. The only adjustments that will be made are in the diet.

    What am I gonna do tonight with all the energy left?
  13. Already backlogging...

    Captain's Backlog Stardate AT2OEPW01D04

    "Now Beverly has the most American Scottish accent ever."

    I was kinda busy yesterday, so I'll have to log this today.

    Yesterday went well again.

    7:35 get up and dose 1/1.
    8:10 bf: banana, oats, npb, wpi
    10:30 meal
    12:30 meal
    14:45 dose 2 1/1
    15:30 meal
    18:05 pre-wo bcaa boost
    18:30 arriving at the gym

    10 min cardio on the eliptical
    12x 176lbs
    10x 198lbs
    8x 220lbs

    Weightened Dips (I do them at the weightened crunch machine, because my gym doesn't really have anything to do real weightened dips)
    12x 174lbs
    10x 189lbs
    8x 205lbs
    6x 220lbs

    While is was already using the weightened crunch machine, I did some of them as well.
    15x 143lbs
    12x 143lbs
    10x 158ls
    10x 174lbs

    Chest Flies (Again I used the machine, where you sit down)
    10x 143lbs
    10x 165lbs
    8x 187lbs
    6x 209lbs

    Chest machine
    13x 143lbs
    10x 165lbs
    8x 187lbs
    6x 209lbs

    Rope Pulls
    15x 57lbs
    10x 63lbs
    8x 68lbs
    6x 73lbs

    Incline Bench
    Oh how I hate these dudes that come to gym only once a week then think they have to do each exercie for at least half an hour, and occupy stuff for ages. Yep, one of these superduper slimjim no-good bad-form multitasking timewasters screwed up my plan of doing incline bench for 4 sets (which might take 5min compared to his neverending slacking selfadmiring of his 10" chest)

    Anyways, I said screw that 'tard I'll do flat bench, which I haven't done in ages due to an old injury.
    Needless to say those weren't my greatest presses.
    12x 110lbs
    10x 130ls
    7x 154lbs
    5x 154lbs

    BB Skullcrushers
    10x 66lbs
    10x 66lbs
    9x 77lbs
    8x 77lbs

    Another 10min on the eliptical. (equal to ca. 120kcal burnt)

    19:50 PWO Shake
    21:05 High Protein Meal
    22:40 ZMA, 5-HTP
    23:40 Casein shake + Taurine

  14. Nice workout
    I will work for supplements!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Dragon93 View Post
    Nice workout
    Thanks Dragon!
  16. Energy needed

    Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D05

    I am running out of Star Trek jokes..."Please, take my Worf!"???

    Lately I am staying up to late and am not getting enough sleep due to some
    programming I have to finish. That leaves me powerless in the morning. Though thanks to the boost I get from AT2&OEP I am able to actually "get up and go"...Haha. It's true though.

    I am also starting to feel the effect of Alpha T-2. My bowel movements seem to be more regular and frequent.

    7:35 Dose still at AT2:1/OEP:1
    8:10 Banana, Oats, NPB, WPI
    8:35 Bike ride to work. Since I am on this stack, I love that bike ride. I feel like I am the king of the streets and nothing can stop me. (I am sure this gets a lot of Car drivers riled up. )

    Today is gonna be another cardio session of 45min and then tomorrow I am gonna do shoulder and abs. Sunday I will finally weigh in and tune my diet according to the progress.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Mindless View Post
    Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D05

    I am running out of Star Trek jokes..."Please, take my Worf!"???
    I will be honest with you... I haven't gotten one of those jokes you have dropped!
    The Historic PES Legend

  18. Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post
    I will be honest with you... I haven't gotten one of those jokes you have dropped!
    All that comedy wasted?

  19. Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D06

    No ST joke today, according to DAdams91982's request.
    So let's go right down to the stuff.

    9:15 swallow those pills each 1.
    9:20 trying not to cut myselft with that straight razor.
    9:50 banana/oats/npb/wpi bf

    11:30 audition
    13:00 pre w/o bcaa's
    13:30 giving it all at the gym

    Cardio warm up 10min

    Crunches: 4x20
    Leg Lifts: 4x 20g

    Upright BB Rows
    15x 66lbs
    10x 77 lbs
    8x 88 lbs
    6x 99lbs

    BB Shrugs
    14x 110lbs
    10x 132lbs
    8x 154lbs
    6x 176lbs

    Weightened crunch machine
    15x 143lbs
    12x 143lbs
    10x 158ls
    10x 174lbs

    Front Raises
    13x 19lbs
    10x 22lbs
    8x 26lbs
    6x 30lbs

    Lateral Raises
    15x 22lbs
    10x 26lbs
    8x 30lbs
    6x 35lbs

    Cardio final 10min

    14:45 post w/o shake
    14:50 sauna: that was crazy, lately I started to sweat a lot more than usual with this stack. I could only stay in the sauna for 4 min and had to leave because I was sweating to much.

    15:45 3 whole eggs scrambled with 1 3/4oz bacon, some watermelon.

    17:40 second dose of AT2/OEP

    New Sides, only the sweat, but that not too bad. It tells me the stack is working.

  20. Great workout.
    I will work for supplements!

  21. Captain's Log Stardate AT2OEPW01D06

    Been out yesterday until 4am so I only got about 5 hours of sleep.
    9:45 I had to get up to take my AT2/OEP (Still on 1/1).
    I was wasted so that even though this stack is pretty powerful it didn't much.

    So I assumed that I will probably be slacking a little I packed some bitter badtasting BCAAs for PWO instead of the delicously sweet vanilla WPI.

    My assumption was correct I only did burn ~600kcal instead of the usual 700kcal for the 45min cardio.
  22. Week 1 Review

    So It's been a week on this stack and I have to say so far the only side I have experienced is increased sweating.

    The extra energy is great to get you going and good motivator.

    Start weight: 194lbs
    Today's weight: 189lbs

    While this sounds like a lot, I take that with a grain of salt. Most of It is probably water weight due to the fact that I cut almost all carbs.

    My abs are planning a comback, but I will clearly be more successful than Britney's.

  23. Great numbers.
    I will work for supplements!

  24. Don't take it the wrong way Mindless.. I have just never seen one Star Trek in my life!
    The Historic PES Legend


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