Getting into shape for summer with Alpha-T2 & OxyELITE Pro

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  1. Keep killing it bro.

    I will work for supplements!

  2. Week 6 Day 1

    Started the week of with straight 60min cardio session. (835kcal burned)

  3. Week 6 Day 2

    Damn today was a frustrating workout, strenght on some lifts was way down. Though I a sore lower back from the friendly wrestling I did over the weekend.

    The workout:
    10min cario warmup on the eliptical.

    BB Curls
    10x 66lbs
    8x 88lbs
    6x 99lbs

    BB Rows
    10x 132lbs
    8x 154lbs
    6x 176lbs

    Lat Pulls
    10x 165lbs
    8x 180lbs
    6x 196lbs

    Weightened Cruch Machine
    15x 127
    12x 143
    10x 158

    Back Machine
    12x 191lbs
    10x 207lbs
    10x 222lbs

    Deadlifts(This is were I failed!)
    8x 198lbs
    8x 220lbs
    4x 242lbs

    I went 20lbs lighter than usual, since my back didn't feel to great, but only 4 reps on 242lbs was frustrating.

    Dumbell Curls
    10x 35lbs
    8x 39lbs
    20x 44lbs
    22x 48lbs

    Another 20min of cardio on the eliptical to finish.

  4. Still a good workout.
    I will work for supplements!

  5. Week 6 Day 4

    10min cardio warm up on the eliptical.

    Fly Machine
    10x 187lbs
    8x 209lbs
    6x 231lbs
    6x 253lbs

    Rope Pulls
    10x 68lbs
    8x 72lbs
    7x 79lbs
    6x 83lbs

    Chest Machine
    10x 165lbs
    8x 187lbs
    6x 209lbs

    Weightened Crunches
    15x 143lbs
    12x 158lbs
    12x 158lbs
    10x 174lbs

    Weightened Dips
    10x 189lbs
    9x 205lbs
    8x 220lbs
    6x 220lbs

    Incline Bench
    10x 170lbs
    8x 192lbs
    6x 203
    8x 170lbs

    BB Skulls
    9x 77lbs
    7x 88lbs
    5x 99lbs
    10x 66lbs

    Another 20min cardio to finish up.

    Today was a great workout. Strenght was up again.

  6. great workout
    I will work for supplements!

  7. Hey bro my strength is dropping some too while I cut. Like Dragon says, it will return. Taking advantage of the post diet rebound can really help gains so strength can get an even bigger boost when you start to add back
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. Loving the log
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Hey bro my strength is dropping some too while I cut. Like Dragon says, it will return. Taking advantage of the post diet rebound can really help gains so strength can get an even bigger boost when you start to add back
    Thanks for the encouraging words, bro.

    Luckily I was able to keep the strength until the last week of my cut. I am sure my diet and the dropping of the creating play big role in that.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Loving the log

  11. Week 6 Day 5

    I did another straight 60min cardio session on the eliptical.
    Burned around 830kcals.

  12. Week 6 Day 6

    Today my brain seem to work on just half the capacity it usually does. I didn't bring my cellphone nor did I bring a towel to the gym. The cellphone part was benine, but what hell was I thinking not brining a towel?! After the shower, I had the pleasure of finding out how long it takes to dry yourself standing under a stationary hair dryer...the answer is 5min.

    Anyways the workout went well again. I left the squats out on Thursday, so I did them today.

    The Workout:

    10min warmup on the eliptical

    Vertical BB Rows
    10x 88lbs
    8x 99lbs
    6x 110lbs
    6x 110lbs

    BB Shrugs
    10x 176lbs
    8x 198lbs
    6x 220lbs
    6x 242lbs

    8x 176lbs
    8x 198lbs
    8x 220lbs

    (It's funny how I can shrug more than I squat at this moment)


    Leg Lifts

    Front Raises
    10x 22lbs
    8x 26lbs
    6x 30lbs
    6x 35lbs

    Lateral Raises
    10x 26lbs
    8x 30lbs
    6x 35lbs
    6x 39lbs

    Weightened Crunch Machine
    16x 143lbs
    12x 158lbs
    10x 174lbs

    Another 17min cardio on the eliptical to finish.

  13. Nice workout. I would leave the phone home I hate it when I get a call wile working out. But you should keep an extra towel in the car.
    I will work for supplements!

  14. Week 6 Day 7

    Another day of 1 OEP AM/ 1 OEP PM.

    Yesterday was the last* day of my cut. The workout was a simple 60min cardio on the eliptical.

    (*I seem to have messed up twice so I am left with 2 OEP Caps. Those will be used in an additional Bonus workout on Monday.)

    The Results

    Final weigh in: 181lbs
    Starting weight: 194lbs

    Current Bodyfat %: 7.5%
    Starting Bodyfat %: 11.9%

    The Images


    I lost 13lbs and 4.5%BF in 6 weeks, that makes ~2lbs and 0.75%BF per week.
    In my OP, I stated my goal as 5-6%BF. I knew then I would be very hard to achieve and could only do that with absolute control over what I eat, though I had way more cheat meals during my cut that I should have, yet I have managed to shed a considerable amount of fat.

    The Get up and Go Stack (PES' Alpha-T2 stacked w/ UPS Labs OxyElite Pro) was a great stack providing the energy keep going and have the motivation to hit the gym as hard as you can.

    It's great stack that I can only recommend to people who want to shed fat/weight. Though, Unless I had 2 bottles of each, I would probably prefer to do a 4 week cut instead of a 6 weeker next time.

  15. Overtime Day 1
    (Bonus Workout)

    Since today I was planning taking a day off from gym, I didn't really have any plan. So I went on and tried one of those all body workouts, I heard so much about.

    So I decided to do a "1 set rep until failure workout".

    I started with 10min cardio on the eliptical to warm up.

    17x 66lbs EZ bar Skull Crushers
    18x 66lbs BB Curls
    17x 154lbs BB Shrugs
    21x 154lbs Squats
    25x 154lbs Deadlifts
    18x 143lbs BB Rows
    24x 165lbs Chest Fly Machine
    44x 127lbs Weightened Crunch Machine
    23x 26lbs DB Lateral Raises

    Another 10min cardio on the eliptical to finish.

    After this it's 10 days of holidays for me.

  16. $hit man you look great in those pics. Good Job
    I will work for supplements!

  17. Thanks Dragon

  18. great work


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