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  1. The funny part is that the last guy you would wanna rip off is a body builder! They are just asking for our testosterone to go out the roof !

  2. Yep....every one in my office we just ordered... and bam... .me and my friend were like damn someone in the office is scamming our cards because it happend to both of us... then my other friend one desk over just got 600 dollar charge... we finally put it all together, we all ordered something from supplement ****house....

  3. I was about to buy something from supplement warehouse. They had ON pro complex for $39.99 in the 4.6 LB jug and then went to check out and they charged 16 bucks for shipping. My local wholesale nutrition store has it for $56.99. After there charge for shipping it didn't seem like such a good deal.

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    Thats funny well not really but same thing happened two weeks ago and i got a wierd call from this guy trying to confirm everything since my card got maxed out. good thing i usually only use a certain card on sites i havent bought from before and it was only a $500 card. I actually got ahold of them and told a lady that they are under fraud investigation, and they actually have a third party cc company. The lady states that she knows nothing about it, but for the past few weeks i have seen multiple people having the same issue, granted my bank reimbursed me everything but its kinda scary to buy stuff online. NUtraplanet is the only supp place for me for now on!
    they have serious issues with many points including who they use to process credit cards. Having a third party processing comp is nothing unusual.

  5. I also was scammed by Supplement Warehouse.
    Last month I ordered from them and five days later my bank called me while I was at school asking if I was purchasing online. I wasn't and I had to file fraud charges with my bank.
    I was charged 139.95 from a website distribution company called ICM, I never ordered sh!t from them, but they had my address because they sent me an Information packet on what sup warehouse "purchased" for me. Funny thing: the stuff they sent me was labeled with my given full name which I never use, but it's on my credit card.
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    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  6. Just got notified of a $2990. charge on my card after purchasing from Supp warehouse a month ago. I'm fully covered but it pisses me off they let this **** happen. Nutraplanet from here on.

  7. Seriously! How many people does this have to happen to before legal action is taken against rip-you-offwarehouse?
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  8. They got me for 330 on some warcraft thing and 125 to yahoo wallet. I will not be useing them anymore. Plus they get their money back form the pricematch becasue there shipping is always way more than everybody else.


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