Yoshi's Natadrol/M1-D Log (unsponsored)

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  1. Yoshi's Natadrol/M1-D Log (unsponsored)

    I'm a 34 yr old male with over 16 yrs of weight lifting experience. This is my first log so if I miss something let me know.

    212lbs (3-18-20)

    Natadrol, Methyl 1-D, Fish oil, creatine, Multi-vitamin, Joint supps, Lipotropic protein, Weight Gainer (taken as soon as I get up), saw palmetto, Uni-liver, HMB, Anadraulic State,and Anadraulic Pump.

    PCT will be Formadrol.

    I plan on hitting each muscle group every 4-5 days. This will depend on how hard the muscle group was exercised previously. I like to do a heavy day and then the next time do a light/high rep day. I am limited by injuries as to what exercises, what weight, and how many reps I will be able to do. I can do light deadlifts, and squats. Sometimes my back and knees will not allow me to do them so I just fill in with isolation exercises if possible.

    Goals - I do not have any personal goals here. I used Methyl-1D and Liquid Masterdrol back in 06 and it was great. So, I am just seeing what this stack will do for me. I am expecting 8-12lbs of lean body mass. I am also looking for increased strength and stamina.

    Dosing - I kick started this cycle with 2 caps of M1D a day starting on 3/15/2010. This was increased to 4 caps a day on the 17th and then to 6caps on the 18th.
    Natadrol was started on 3/17 at 4caps a day. Will start 8 caps a day on 3/22.
    So, M1D 6xday 2/2/2
    Natadrol 8xday 3/3/2

    I am late posting this so the first results will be from thursday 3/18/2010.

  2. this looks nice man, will be keeping up havent seen anyone doing the m1d and nata together yet should be fun to watch. You may wanna go with a 3/3/2 dosing on ur natadrol when u hit 8 caps though alot of peeps have trouble sleeping taking it later in the evening, but u can give it a try and adjust if u have probs. good luck on your run!

  3. 3/18
    Chest day

    Didn't get to the gym until midnight.
    Weight 212lbs

    Now, I started the M1D 4 days ago and at only 2 caps I was feeling it. I did a couple light workouts and bettered my reps and weight the first day of taking the M1D. I felt strong and energized.

    My chest workout for the nite
    flat bench 135X20 (WU), 185X15 (WU), 225X10, 275X6, 275X6, 315X1, 225X10
    Incline Bench (Shoulder was hurting) 135x15, 135X12, 185X8....had to quit
    Peck Deck 100X15, 130X15, 145X15, 160X10

    My chest felt trashed, full blistering pumps. This was really a poor workout for me but the pumps were painfull. So, I listened to my body and called it a night

    Since starting the M1D, I have felt energy throughout the day and have been in a great mood. I have alot more strength in the gym, great pumps, and better concentration.

  4. 3/19
    Back Day
    Weight 213

    Felt great all day and couldn't wait to get to the gym.

    T-bar rows 1 plate X15 (WU), 2 plates X10 X4, 1 plate X 15
    Lat Machine - 4 plates each side X15, 3 plates X12 X4
    Seated rows- 145 X15, 165 X15 X4
    Close grip underhand pulldowns 145X 15 X 4, last set to failure
    Roman chair 3 set of failure

    Back workouts are not that great for me because I can't go real heavy so I do alot of the same weight but with real slow reps and contractions.

    Again, felt energized, stronger, and had alot of concentration. I could have worked out for another hour.

  5. I workout in the morning usually so I think 3/3/2 will be the way to go, thanks!

  6. 3/20
    Leg Day
    Weight 213

    5 mins on eliptical machine

    Knees were hurting and squat racks were being used so I did leg press

    2 plates X 15 (WU), 4 plates X15, 6 plates X10, 10 plates X 8, 2 plates to failure.
    Leg extension - 100lbs X 20 (WU), 130lbs X 15 X 4, 160lbs X 10, 100lbs to failure.

    I had a ton of energy and strength, but my knees weren't having it. Concentration and stamina were also high. Again, I could have worked out longer.

  7. 3/21
    Off Day
    Weight 211

    Still feeling great and have a full body pump.
    I'll be hittin it hard tomorrow. Natadrol will be bumped up to 8 a day.

  8. 3/22
    Chest day
    Weight 214

    Didn't sleep very well at all. Got up at 7:30am and consumed a gainer shake and a banana. Started with 3 Natadrol and 2 M1d. Headed to the gym at 9.

    Flat Bench 135lbs X 15 (WU), 185 X 10 (WU), 225 X 8, 245 X 6, 275 X 4, 315 X 1
    Inline Bench 135 X 10, 155 X 8, 185 X 6, 225 X 5, 135 X 10.
    Dips 15, 10 (with 45lb plate) X 2,
    DB Pullovers 65lb X 15, 75lb X 12, 90lb X10
    Peck Deck 120lb X 15, 145 X 10, 160 X 10

    Went in to the gym feeling sleepy and it took me about 4 sets to get into it. Then, I wish I had a spotter because I could have pressed alot more weight. I had a little bit of rage in the gym. Haven't grunted while lifting for over a year. I'm becoming easily irritated, not sure if it's the M1D or Natadrol. I blew up at my gf about an hour after coming home from the gym. I was in a good mood and she said something and I blew up and stayed mad for about an hour before I cooled down. Now, I'm not even sure why I was mad. Also, have been having weird dreams for the past couple of days that wake me up.

  9. 3/23
    Back Day
    Weight 215

    Did not sleep well again lastnight. I'm took my last dose of Natadrol earlier tonight to see if that helps.

    Went to the gym at 7:30 pm. I can't wait to get my AS GT and AP, I need it.

    T-Bar rows - 1 plate X15 (WU) 2 sets, 2 plates X10 4 sets
    Lat Pulls - 135x 15, 175x15 3 sets
    Nautilus Pull downs - 2 plates per side x 15 3 sets, 2 plates and a 25lb plate each side x 15 2 sets
    Standing one arm cable rows - 60 x 15, 80 x 10, 100 x 10 3 sets
    Close grip pulldown - 145 x 12, then 3 set to failure
    Seated close grip rows - 135 to failure
    Workout took about 45 mins, which is really quick for me.

    I'm doing alot of light weight to keep the strain off my lower back and slowing down the reps to concentrate and squeeze the lats. This keeps my biceps less involved. I get great pumps this way.

    I have alot of energy and strength right now. I'm cruisin through the reps and next week I'll go heavier. I'm having strange dreams and having trouble sleeping. I get to sleep for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then I wake up hot as h*ll and fired up like I could go work out. Not sure if I'm feeling the Natadrol yet, because I was feeling the M1D last week. The only difference is the sleep and dream thing. Mood is good, appetite is good, and stamina in the gym is excellent.

  10. 3/24
    Bi's and Tri's
    Weight 213 (Forgot to weigh myself when I woke up)

    Slept better lastnight. Dosing 3/3/2 with my last dose at around 6:30pm seemed to have worked out for me so far.
    This was my first arm workout for this cycle. I won't post this workout because my arm workouts are done with blazing speed and sets are doubled (One set of biceps is followed by a set of triceps). Also, I wasn't able to do straight barbell curls so most of it was cable curls and machine curls (wrist is jacked up for some reason).
    Strength was ok today but I didn't feel as strong today as I have in past arm workouts and the past couple of days. Stamina was there, but I was lacking a killer pump.

    I'm noticing that my chest is feeling like it's ready for another workout already. Hardly any soreness. I thrashed my shoulders (front head) though on my last chest workout, I really put a strain on them benching. They are pumped and sore.
    I am in a great mood and have been cheerful all day. Appetite is starting to be annoying, getting hungry at nite...like 2 hours after dinner I'm ready to hit Popeye's on the way to the buffet type of hungry.

  11. 3/25

    Have to put my cycle on hold due to a family emergency. Not sure how long I will be gone. I will probably just get some more supps and continue/start this log over.

  12. 4/5

    I'm back. Re-started my Natadrol and M1D dosing friday when I got back. Hit the gym saturday morning and did a total body "refresher".
    My AS GT and Anadraulic Pump arrived while I was gone. I took 1 serving each saturday and HOLY COW! It left me with an all day focus and determination. I felt "coked out" and had no crash at the end of the day.

    Doing chest today....the AS GT is kickin in so time to get ready...

  13. welcome back! and good luck

  14. Quote Originally Posted by srgraham69 View Post
    welcome back! and good luck
    Thanks!! I couldn't wait to get back!

  15. 4/5
    Chest Day
    Weight 213

    I got up this morning and drank a shake of half gainer and a serving of Lipotropic. 3 Natadrol and 2 M1d's were consumed at this time. 45 min later took one scoop of AS GT and then a 1/2hr later took 1 scoop of Anadraulic Pump. This was my second time taking AS GT and AP. The concentration is awesome. Since this is my first real day back, I can't comment on the pump yet. I was pumped but I wasn't able to get the workout I wanted in today. The gym was packed at 9am, doesn't anyone work anymore?

    Decline Bench 135 x 15 (2 sets WU), 185 x10, 225 x10(3 sets), 135 to failure
    Incline Bench 135 x 15, 185 x 10, 225 x 6(3 sets), 135 to failure
    Flat Bench Close grip 225 x 5, 275 x 5(2 sets), 225 x 10, Wide Grip 135 to failure
    Dips 2 sets of 15 and then 1 set to failure on Dip machine

    I felt good going in to the gym and throughout my whole workout. I got a lil thrown off because I had to switch some things up on my bench order. I can't tell if I lost any strength while I was gone, or if the AS GT and AP were helping me out. I don't think I rested longer than 30 seconds between any set or exercise except to get some water. I really wish I could have done Flat Bench first because I felt strong and controlled the bar on all my lifts.

    While I was gone and off the Nat/M1d, I still felt like I was "ON". I maintained muscle mass, elevated energy and mood, muscle pump, and aggression. My diet was ok but I didn't eat very much and I afraid of losing everything. I feel like I haven't been gone at all and that is great because there is no worse feeling than going to the gym and trying to get back to where you were.

  16. 4/5
    P.M. Update

    Wanted to log some sides while I was thinking about them. Again, having trouble sleeping. I'm waking after a couple of hours of sleep feeling hot and I am sweaty. My last dose of Nat is at 6pm. This isn't as bad as Tren/fini but it is one side I do not like. Also, yesterday I didn't take a pm dose. Only took 6 for the day.

    And, I'm hungry as heck!

  17. 4/6

    Going to the gym later than normal, hoping there isn't as many people there. Took 1 1/2 scoops of AS GT this time just for kicks.

  18. sub'd

  19. 4/6
    Back Day
    Weight 215

    Went to the gym around 3pm to see if it was any less busy than 9am. It was...for about 15 mins. My chest and tri's are sore from yesterday's workout. I took 1 1/2 scoops of AS GT and 1 1/2 scoops of AP. I didn't feel a huge overwhelming stim effect like I did the very first time I took it. I had eaten lunch about 2 hours before so that might be why. I usually take it a couple of hours after a shake in the morning.

    Behind the back Lat pulls (Warm up) 130lbs x 15 (2 sets)
    T-Bar rows 1 plate x 15 (2 sets), 1 plate and a 25 x 10, 2 plates x 10,8,8, 2plates and a
    25 x 6, 1 plate x 12
    Nautilus Pull Downs 2 plates each side x 15(2 sets), 3 plates each side x 10(2 sets),
    4 plates each side x 6, 2 plates x 10
    Seated Rows 100lbs x 15, 130 x 12, 145 x 10, 160 x 8 (2 sets)
    Close Grip Pullups 50 total
    2 sets to failure - alternating Lat Pulls, Close Grip Seated Rows

    Workouts have been really easy considering I had to take 10 days off. Strength, concentration, and stamina are there for the whole workout. I could have easily done alot more weight on the rows and T-Bar, but I'm worried about my back. I'll slowly build up to adding more weight as the weeks go by. Injuries suck and are the reason I haven't been able to go as heavy as I have in the past. So, now I'm just concentrating on the squeeze and the pump.

  20. 4/7
    Weight 213.6

    5 min WU on Eliptical machine
    Superset - Squat/Standing Military Press
    Squat 135 x 10 (5 sets)
    Mil Press 135 X 6 (5 sets)

    Superset - Leg press/BB Shrugs
    Leg Press 4 plates x 15 (4 sets)
    Shrugs 135 x 15 (Front) x 15 Back, 185 x 15 (front) x 15 (Back), Standing Mil Press 135 x 8 (Just felt like doing it), Shrugs 135 to failure front and back.

    Superset Leg Ext/Reverse Delt Fly machine
    Delt Fly - 60 x 20, 70 x 20, 80 x 20, 100 x 15
    Leg Ext - 70 x 20, 100 x 15, 100 to failure (3 sets)

    Straight leg Dead Lift 135 x 10 (3 sets)

    Didn't get a chance to do calves and hamstrings...guess it was leg day for everybody. I hit my calves randomly about 3 times a week but I don't log it.

    Wish my knees weren't messed up..had alot of strength today. I felt like I could have done 3 times the weight that I did on every exercise. Truthfully, the other people in the gym are getting in my way and messing my workouts up. Every station I want to go to or start at is being used. I do have a plan when I get there on where I want to start and end. It's good to change things up but it makes for a horrible log and progress chart. Oh well...

    Appetite is good, mood is good but my patience is thin the past couple of days. Aggression is back. Body feels solid and pumped. I might go tonight and do some arms or light cardio and ab work. I feel like I can do 2 a days again, might have to do that because of the gym being packed all day. We will see....

  21. 4/8
    Bi's Tri's
    Weight 212.8

    Woke up late, so my dosing and morning shake regiment was all jacked up. I took 3 Natadrol and 2 M1D with 2 servings of Lipotropic. 20 mins later I took 1 1/2 scoops of AS GT. Then, 45 mins later took 1 scoop of AP and left for the gym which is about 6-7 mins away. My left wrist is being difficult so I couldn't do Straight BB curls. I basically did alot of cable curls..light weight and alot of reps. Total workout was about a 1/2 hour.

    Superset Preacher Curls/Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown(extensions)
    Preacher Curls EZ Curl Bar - 40lb x 20(WU 2 sets), 50lb x 15, 60 x 8 (Wrist hurt to much)
    Tri-extension - 40lb x 20, 40 x 15, 60x 8 (3 sets)

    Superset Cable Curls Straight Bar/Tricep pushdown V-bar
    Curls - 80lb x 15, 80lb to failure 3 sets
    Tricep PD 60lb x 10, 60lb to failure 3 sets

    Pumps were insane, they hurt. I actually got a good workout in considering I didn't do any heavy lifts. I really don't think I could have done any more...my arms were smoked. This is usually not the case. I always feel like I need to do more on arm days. MESSAGE! My arms are still pumped 45 mins later.

    AS GT really kicked in at about my second warm up set. AP is doin it's job too! The pumps are getting better with each day. I feel super strong, like "Clyde...strip the cadillac" strong. Dreams are wierd and intense...getting up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep for like an hour. My appetite isn't very good during the day...not very hungry at all after my workouts. I am starving in the evenings though. My energy levels and mood are good throughout the day.
    Hope my chest loses some soreness by tomorrow or I will postpone my chest day till saturday.

  22. You are reporting the opposite of many other logs. The Natadrol has made many other people hungry and thirsty with no additional dreams. It could be the M1d. Keep it up, I will be following your log.

  23. Im in GL man looks good

  24. Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyIOSOS View Post
    You are reporting the opposite of many other logs. The Natadrol has made many other people hungry and thirsty with no additional dreams. It could be the M1d. Keep it up, I will be following your log.
    I get real hungry but not until the afternoon, I think it's because of taking AS GT in the morning. And, I'm never hungry following a workout. At night, I'm eating like a horse.

  25. 4/9
    Weight 214

    Today I was going to max and see where I'm at....but when I got to the gym the only people there were a couple of elderly Korean women. It was a ghost town. So, I'm gonna try to max out monday.

    2 scoops of AS GT was taken 1 hour before workout. 1 scoop of AP was taken 15 mins before workout.

    Flat Bench 135 x 20, 135 x 15 (WU), 185x 8, 225 x 5, 275 x 5, 315 x 1
    Incline Bench 135 x 15, 185 x 8, 225 x 6
    Inline Bench (Smith Machine) 275 x 3 (2 sets)

    Again, I felt like I could have done more but with my wrists and shoulders I don't want to take a chance. Can't wait till monday.


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