need a stack

  1. need a stack

    hello, i have been lifting for a long time all through out highschool im 21 im 6'1 205lb and my bf is about 19%, what i wanna do is stay between 200-230lb and drop my bf down as much as i can to look more cut while packing on some muscle, i have never used pro hormones or anything but i wanna start nothing crazy, i lift pretty heavy i do 5x5 for my lifts at about 75%-85% of my max, can someone recommend a good stack that will help me add on muscle and loose bf ? thanks

  2. This would be a good one to look at. Plenty of logs here to review.

  3. I can lead you to a light PH cycle, or a natural stack. I am currently logging Prime with HGHup and love it. you can check my results out under the supplement review section. anyway, i was skeptical about prime when i first heard about it. I took it last summer and got amazing results and I am taking it now and have achieved new personal records. i would take prime, with a test booster (doesnt really matter which one. there are many out there) with a creatine. Here is an example:

    Prime + Diesel Test Pro Cycle + Green Mag
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post

    Prime + Diesel Test Pro Cycle + Green Mag
    would you have to run an Ai with this stack?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tdr124 View Post
    would you have to run an Ai with this stack?
    I would since oral DHEA has a pretty easy conversion to estrogen, it aint no dermacraine but still...
    doing my own thang!



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