I had the awesome opportunity to test out LG's new Cycle Shield product that will be coming to the market soon. I have to say that I have dreaded taking all the other support products that I have taken. The original Cycle Support tasted bad, Cycle Assist gave me nasty burps and upset my stomach sometimes. I was pretty worried about this one because being uncapped I didn't think there was anyway to make it taste good. I was mistaken. This product tastes good with a citrus taste and you will not dread taking it at all. It mixes well and if you are lazy like me, water will rinse out the shaker and there is no residue left. That has not been my experience with the other products.

How did it work?

I did not have any blood tests done to check liver enzymes, but I did take my blood pressure pre, week one and week 2.

My blood pressure started out at 130/76 and week 2 was 133/79 which I felt was pretty damn good and well within what I would consider a safe range for me.

Since it is not out yet I can't link to a product spec, but these are some notes from the creater himself:

From Legal Gear "Cycle Shield will contain:

Ok, I added in the NAC today and now we have the complete Cycle Shield product. It's perfect because the ingredients have a very good synergy and should be potent enough to protect even a heavy cycle. You can smell the NAC but not really taste it. We have 4 samples for people to try. Also comes with a shaker (works WAY better than a spoon, needs to be shaken vigorously to go into solution) mix with 8-10 oz of water. Each scoop is:


Quercetin - Increases the potency of an oral cycle
Milk Thistle - Liver Protector
Hawthorn - Blood pressure
Schizandra - Liver & Kidney
Phyto Sterols - Cholesterol & Prostate
N-Acetyl-Cystine - Liver Protect

Great tasting 90 servings about $20-25 on our site."

Complaints: The only complain that I have on my trial is that it only last 2 weeks. I still have 3 weeks left on cycle and I am already missing my Cycle Shield.

This product has the Silver Stamp of approval!