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  1. usplabs review

    Do we do it here?

    Originally Posted by USPLabs
    Anyone that posts a detailed product review in the supplement review section receives a free USPlabs tote bag with t-shirt and trial packs of USPlabs products over a 39.99 retail value...


    Tell them everything from presentation to how the how you felt on the product even if it is only a few servings. Pretend you are the marketer of the product Give me your best sales pitch but WITHOUT posting a picture, mentioning the ingredients specifically by name or revealing the name of the product....

    Everyone must end it with this below to validate your entry....

    Join the Inner circle at Bodybuilding Supplements ? Sports Supplements by USPLabs Direct and be the first to receive the fat destroying euphoric stimulant before it hits the market at an absolutely unbelievable price. No Spam just deals and The last IC release we offered Jack3d for $14.99 before it hit the market – don’t miss out…

    PM Casey with the link to the reveiw and we will get it out asap!


  2. No one ever got back to me to see if I did it right or if this promo was from long time ago.

  3. wow...... are you kidding me?

  4. Nice socks.

  5. Best sales pitch?

    Is this the email you received from USP Labs?

  6. How in the fukc did I miss this thread. Classic!

  7. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Iron Lungz again.

  8. Is this an old vid? I thought I remember seeing this months ago.

  9. Its a old video but was not sure about the post. If its old and not active disregard it.

  10. my wife is out shopping, i must be more bored than i thought- i watched the entire vid, lol.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  11. give the guy some slack, the promotion was for those using oep

  12. Quote Originally Posted by freezito View Post
    give the guy some slack, the promotion was for those using oep
    i give dj credit for being thick skinned and being able to handle some teasing. don't worry he won't be discouraged, lol.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  13. gotha. I am on a pc at the computer lab which is all messed up. I mist have misread the thread no worries. I could care less what people say on the board as I have people alreaedy saying I look good at the gym and as long as I feel good thats all that matter.

  14. Hey dj, I would drop the weight on squats a little and go to at least parallel with your thighs if you have the flexibility to do so. Also try putting your feet down a bit lower on the leg press by about 3-4 inches and probably drop the weight because of it. You will work the quads a lot better. Having your feet up high works gluts and hams more.


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