A Lucidrol Log

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  1. A Lucidrol Log

    AMS has been kind enough to pick me to log their new stim-free nootropic product, Lucidrol. Here is the label:

    And here is the box:

    I will be running Lucidrol through a number of scenarios: rested, with and without caffeine; tired, with and without caffeine; morning, and the afternoon 'slump'; pre-workout and pre-judo; and in combination with MAN Swagger, if I receive the go-ahead contraindiction-wise.

    I've used many nootropic products: Bodyquick, Clear EDge, Go!, Driven, Focus XT, etc. I'm particularly interested to see how it works pre-workout in the evening, as I prefer to avoid stims at that time, but have much better judo classes when I 'stim up'. I learn much better with a stim in my system (when tired in the evening), and coordination is much better; it just affects my sleep quality (though I fall asleep ok).

    I have been sick, and just saw my dr this morning: I had a low grade fever (coulda fooled me!), a mild ear infection, good sinus infection, and mild bronchitis. I just took my first dose of antibiotics just now. i should feel much better within a day or two, and will be giving feedback on Lucidrol then.

    I'll leave you with some music:

    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3QSkux3vcQ"]YouTube - Queensryche - Silent Lucidity (DVD)[/nomedia]


  2. I took my first dose this morning. Last night I took a tablespoon of Nyquil just to keep my nose clear, and I woke up very groggy (and in a panic due to daylight savings and thinking I was late for work). I took the Lucidrol first thing at 6:30 with a glass of water, and jumped in the shower.

    6:55 - getting dressed, I realize I am not at all groggy any more.

    7:10 - I feel a sort of energy coming on, not jittery or caffeine-ish. Not quite sure how to describe it.

    8:15 - it's actually an hour later, and I feel a bit of a caffeine withdrawl coming on, so I am brewing a cup of my new colombia reserva del patron, and will add that to the mix here in a minute. I still feel a strange peppiness.

  3. 10:30 - I had my coffee, which was very tasty, btw. Initially the coffee seemed to come on stronger, or it was amplifying the peppy feeling I was experiencing. That has subsided, but I'm sitting here doing nothing (client is out of town, just watching her house), and I feel pretty focused, and I'm finding it hard to just sit here. But there's obviously no stim-like adrenaline effects.

  4. 2:00pm - Peppiness was gone, but I felt mentally clear, no afternoon slump.

    7:30pm - I finally felt mentally tired. The biggest problem with my job is maintaining a state of heightened vigilance in times of extreme boredom. My clients house is in a trendy, busy neighborhood, and there is a lot of ambient noise: traffic, neighbors, etc. It's really easy to dismiss things, or simply become so dulled that I just tune them out. It's mentally taxing to keep heightened vigilance for extended periods, let alone 12 hours straight. It's rare that the fatigue hits this late.

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  6. OK, so I hit a workout and judo tonight, and took 2 Lucidrol a half hour before the workout. By the time I got to the gym, I regretted not taking a Swagger. I didn't feel anything. My workout was fine, quick and dirty.

    By the time I got to judo, an hour after taking the 'drol, I realized I felt just fine. I got that weird kick of non-stim energy, some nice focus, and I was picking up technique very nicely. I got slammed pretty good, a lot, and feel tired, as I'm still not 100% well, BUT...I feel clearheaded and alert.

    Is this to be taken daily, or as needed? Anyone?

  7. Nice! Will be a followin'

  8. Thanks!

    I was concerned that possibly the mental stimulation of Lucidrol would keep me up at night. I slept just great last night, no issues. Very cool.

  9. How does this compare with other "nootropic" products you use before?

  10. Stronger, and more mentally stimulating, if that makes sense. I don't recall any other caffeine free formula grabbing me quite this hard; clear edge and bodyquick were very subtle.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Stronger, and more mentally stimulating, if that makes sense. I don't recall any other caffeine free formula grabbing me quite this hard; clear edge and bodyquick were very subtle.
    Nice! I so can't wait to finally order this. Do you know if it would interact fine with piracetam? That's what I am using right now and having quite good success with it, so if lucidrol is as good as you say...oh my....I can't imagine the results!

  12. I really don't know, you'd have to ask in the AMS forum. I think you can order it on their site, if not nutra yet. If you order it, buy a Nocturnabol as well, it's cheap and very good.

    I'll be working out at the gym only, tonight. Should be fun!

  13. Ok, it wasn't fun. I felt really off in the late afternoon, and toward the end of my shift I felt like curling up in bed like a baby. It was mental, I suppose the stress of losing my job this week (today is my last shift), among other things. Anyway, I had planned on taking my pre-workout stack a full hour pre-workout, to see if giving it more time had different effects. Because I was having a real war in my head over 'go, no don't go, go you *****', I didn't take the stuff until I left work.

    I dragged myself into the gym and had a decent workout, for barely being able to drag myself up the stairs to the weights. I did pullups, dips, bis and tris for fun, and heavy deads. By the time I left, I felt like I was going to pass out, but once I got in the car I felt pretty much a-ok. The mental fatigue and lack of motivation had passed.

    I slept great last night. Got up this morning and took a single Lucidrol with my Prlmal Male and Cre02. It's mild, but there. I prefer 2, I think.

  14. So far, Lucidrol is great. I've used it first thing in the morning, to ward off the afternoon slump, pre-workout, and with and without caffeine. I even took 1 with a scoop of White Flood, just for kicks, and that was intense, not stim intense, but focus.

    I have been taking it nearly every day. On days I don't, there seems to be some withdrawal of some sort, like caffeine withdrawl. It goes away if I take a Lucidrol. Interesting. So anyway, I'm going to use it more on an as needed basis, not chronically.

  15. Took my Lucidrol this morning with 2 double espressos, oh my. Is there such a thing as mental nimbleness?

  16. Lucidrol just saved my ass. I am starting a part time job with a huge client right now. I had a late night last night, a busy morning roasting coffee and working out, and I was dragging. Lucidrol perked me right back up, I feel calm and focused. Thumbs up!

  17. The effects of that single tab I took earlier today at 3pm are gone, but the awesome thing is there's no crash or downside to it wearing off. I was working with a new client, a teen Disney star, in the studio during live audience filming. There were lots of kids, and she signed autographs and took pics after. It's tiring to stand for 6 hours, then have to scan a mob of people for suspicious behavior, while keeping an eye on the clients body language, too. I wouldn't have made it today without it.

    Next week I'll either take a Lucidrol as I walk in, or take an extra with me.

  18. So far, Lucidrol shines when taken mid-afternoon as a pick-me-up, when focus is needed, and/or pre-evening workouts. I absolutely love it before evening work: my job requires vigilance, but I can't piss many times for 6+ hours. Caffeine works for focus and vigilance, but makes me need to piss, and the edginess is not great for my line of work. Lucidrol achieves the goal without the negatives of pee, the shakes, or a crash. I can keep a cap or two in my pocket, and down as needed. Calm energy is good stuff.

  19. For me, the withdrawl effect of Lucidrol is pretty steep. I just took a couple days off, to acclimate to life without Lucidrol, and tonight I'll be taking it for judo. Can't wait!

  20. Last night's judo was excellent! I dropped my pre-workout stuff along with some Lucidrol, and jammed this on my way to the gym:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iijKLHCQw5o"]YouTube- ELUVEITIE - Inis Mona[/ame]

    I did Hammer Strength pulldowns, dips, curls for fun, and rotator cuff nonsense, then hit judo. By the time I got to judo I was in the zone and rarin' to go. A sensei started teaching me kata on the side; it's boring, but it teaches the ultimate technique, and it's a requirement for advancement, so it's all good. It requires perfect form, lots of body control and precise movement, and I felt great doing it, very focused.

    After that, I had 40 minutes of randori/fighting, and I felt good, great flow, not hung up thinking too much. Very nice workout!

    I'm pulling a swing shift right now, 3-11pm, and just took another Lucidrol. Should be good!

  21. All I have to say is 'thank goodness for this stuff'. My 3yo was up from 2:30-4:00am last night, cutting into my 6.5 hours sleep pretty good. Good thing she's cute as can be. I slammed Lucidrol, Primal Male, Cre02, and went to the gym and judo. I had a good class despite being a tired, irritable oaf today. I was seriously off all day, making wrong turns driving around, basically absent minded all day. I was way more focused than expected in judo.

    I haven't looked at the price on this stuff, oddly, but if it's as reasonable as AMS's other stuff, I'll be keeping it on hand, permanently.
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    glad its been working so well for you poison!

  23. Dude, seriously...it's a lifesaver. I'm not a huge fan of heavy stims, or stims in the evening, this stuff fits right in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Dude, seriously...it's a lifesaver. I'm not a huge fan of heavy stims, or stims in the evening, this stuff fits right in.
    yeah, i'm overall not a big fan of stims outside of pre workout, so this is a nice option for an "anytime" mental "kick in the pants" without the stim feeling.


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