TheTwitch build on "GHenerate" by LG

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  1. TheTwitch build on "GHenerate" by LG

    I am about to begin my log of GHenerate by LG Sciences and im prepared to put it through the paces.
    I have moderate experience w/ GH products and peptides.

    I will only be using protien and BC+EAAs(by LG) for this log.

    I plan to do 6 sprays 2 times a day. once preWO and once before bed. Post WO i tend to like to like shake and food ASAP.

    Tomorrow i will update with weight and training split.
    I will update daily with how i feel, my workout and a general diet outline.

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  7. Tomorrow should be nice. Im not expecting more than a day or 2 to feel effects of GHenerate.
    I came in at 210 lbs today.

    Mon- Legs
    Fri- Aux. day cardio,abs or bodypart thats lagging.

    I am doing a basic split. I may take another day of during the week if needed.(i.e. wed off instead of fri.) pending on how i feel and time related. I have every other weekend to lift if the energy levels and recovery is there, i will update as i do so.

    I plan to lift mainly for size with a mix of strength weeks. So for 3 weeks i mihgt work for pure hypertrophy and mass then the next a strength based routine just to keep the body guessing.
    Since i have the big bottle i will be estimating around 60 days on(120 servings i think) i will be very happy being on for that long.

  8. Did you dose today? if so thoughts?

  9. In brother , give this hell!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    Did you dose today? if so thoughts?
    I dosed last night before bed, nothing noticeable. I woke up not feeling to flat but still nothing i want to say is the GHenerate yet.

    I will be dosing in about 45 min which is 15min preWO for me.
    I will report back after.

  11. Good day. I didn't seem to be there fully mentally but got through it.
    Hamstring curls- 8x110 8x100 10x90
    Leg Ext.- 10x140 8x160 8x160
    Squat- 7x225 7x225 8x205 => 2nd and 3rd set i went to the safety bars, rested the bar on them for about 2-3 seconds w/only about 10-20% of the weight on me still then exploded up. This took a toll on the hip muscles for sure. particularly the ones right above the glute. It showed during my attempt at some SLDL when i felt way to much to soon on those muscles, so i called it.

    It was a short day but i was beat and had a nice fullness going. Not really an aching pump though.

    About 90% of my food intake is college cafeteria. We have some alright stuff some days and i make moderate due with it.
    I ate eggs for breakfast with some tatter tots.
    A bagel,egg,sausage sandwich around 10:30.
    A deli sandwhich with whole wheat and turkey,ham,beef around 1:00
    lifted at 1:45 - shake right after
    bowl of WW cheerios and skim milk at 4:00
    6:30 had a salad with brocolli, carrots and cucumber.
    Tongiht i will mostlikey have some fish.

  12. I was felt focused while on Ghenerate. Hope this helps you out, I already miss my GHenerate : (
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  13. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    I was felt focused while on Ghenerate. Hope this helps you out, I already miss my GHenerate : (
    really?...good to know

  14. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    I was felt focused while on Ghenerate. Hope this helps you out, I already miss my GHenerate : (
    Maybe once it starts kicking harder i will cause i will feel my muscles being more pumped. I dont think it has anything in it in particular as a focus agent. I know when i ran other GH stuff i felt more connection mentally but i think cause i felt more muscle pump and fullness.

  15. Today went ok. Got a good pump in my tris, my chest rarely gets a good pump and i have for a long time been working on it and i still have too i guess.

    Incline BB- 5x205 7x185 7x185 7x185 8x155(focus on negs. here)
    Flat BB- 6x205 8x185 (took extra time here) 9x185 10x185
    I dont know how those sets worked out like that but i think its cause i adjusted my grip width for them.
    Peck deck flye- 10x210 10x225 6x215
    Dips-(bodyweight) 11 & 10
    Close Grip bench- 10x185 8x185
    Overhead DB extension- 10x75 8x90 8x80
    Cable Pressdown- 12x100 10x140 8x140

    I really havent had much in the realm up workout pump that i can notice, like i said maybe the minor increase in pump but ima weight till the rest of the week to verify.

    I DO however think it helped my sleep. Not sure if there something in this directly increasing it or just the hormone management but i did not wake up last night like i usual do when my roomate comes in and i did notice in the morn. i was a bit more difficult to wake up and easier to drift in and out of sleep.

    I did get to minute headaches maybe 3-4 EXTREMELY light pressure ones since being on GHenerate. I do not want to say this is from it, but i did have this effect while on other GH effecting items.

    Way to early to jump to conclusions! I will still be moitoring myself closely and can't wait to keep this going!

    Thanks again LG reps!

  16. I have to take today off. With school and how hard i been training basically from when i got here(school) i gotta take a day off.
    I planned on back and all day i been trying to mentally motivate myself, packed my bag to go, mixed up some BCAAs but just couldnt get it together for myself.

    I will for sure be in there tomorrow hitting back and will end up there sat. too to make up for today.
    Sorry i had to take an unexpected day off so soon but i been going hard for awhile.

    Today is refuel day now.

  17. Im in on this bad boy! I tried like 2 days worth of this stuff when Eric FIRST came out with it and it was in tabs, and i swore even though i only hadf 2 days worth i felt the mental connection and the pump was better. Coincidence? Maybe, ill have to try the new version here shortly and see for myself!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  18. Thanks for the detailed updates man

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Thanks for the detailed updates man
    No problem. I really like GH supps and im not biased to LG since i have only ever used one product by them/you.

    I do want to say, i was more pumped today without a WO. My tris looked swole at least 70% of the day, i actually couldnt stop looking at them in the mirror.

    I think it is giving me a better full feeling preBed and slightly upon wakening. I had another good sleep last night for sure.

    Cant wait to finish up the week and see hwo i end up!

  20. Back.
    BB Row- 6x225 8x205 8x185
    Wide Grip pulldown- 10x160 10x160 10x160
    Seated Row- 10x170 10x170 10x170
    Hammer DB Curls- 8x40 8x40 5x40
    DB curls- 8x30 6x30
    Rope curls- 12x50 8x70 8x70

    It was an ok day. i still felt a little weak going into the gym and skipped deads. Plan to for the next few weeks just take a little of the beating off me.

  21. Today was Shoulders and it felt pretty darn good. Slept like a baby last night again which was nice. I did wake up with a bit of congestion in my chest so im hoping it goes away ASAP. Im eatiing clean, taking 1g Vit C 2-3x day, Vit D, and trying to shower and kep my body temp up, helps make the virus/sickness harder to survive. this is why you shouldnt take stuff to supress fevers unless severe.

    BB press- 7x145 6x155 8x145 9x95
    UpRight Row- 8x95 8x95 8x85 10x75
    BB shrug- 12x315 8x315 10x225 10x225 12x185
    DB lateral raise- 10x30 10x30 10x30
    Incine DB raise(reverse incline flye)- 12x20 10x30 10x25
    Front Raise- 10x30 10x25
    standing calf raises- 110x25, 20, 15 Short breaks here.

    Im going to be drinking green tea soon and having a salad with some fish most likely. Maybe some fries(no salt)

  22. Hope you get better soon man, I hate the flu

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Hope you get better soon man, I hate the flu
    Ive never had the flu that i know of and im hoping that its not H1N1 since im on a university campus they would most likly quarantine me.
    Im hoping it just goes away in a day or so. Tomorrow if it the same or worse i will most likely go to the health services building(campus Dr.s) and have them check me out.

  24. Hows the recovery treating you? sleep? hunger? ect ect...I do hope you break what ever is going on

  25. nothing noticable in hunger. Recovery seems about the same, maybe a bit better. My back is not as sore as it usualy is.
    My tris were/are not sore either.
    I am not feeling worse yet. I been doing, a every hour protocol of a little Pomegranete(sp?) juice, 1mg Vit.C, Vit D, and powerade. I plan to try and get some good rest tonight and see what tomorrow holds.


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