Trauma1's "Cynostane" Log (Sponsored by AI!)

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  1. Trauma1's "Cynostane" Log (Sponsored by AI!)

    Trauma1's "CYNOSTANE" Log!

    * Rapid Muscle Grown
    * Rock Hard Physique
    * INSANE Strength
    * Maximize Fat Loss
    * Enhance Endurance
    * Build a Better You

    AI Cynostane is the first release in AI's Black Label. If you are looking to take your workout's, strength gains, and lean muscle mass to new heights then get ready, Cynostane is here to take you there. Cynostane is, however, a very potent compound and should not be used by those new to weightlifting/bodybuilding.

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1capsule
    Servings per Container: 90

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-one 10mg **

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

    OTHER INGREDIENTS: Gelatin (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose


    I'd like to start off by giving a HUGE thank you to Crowler (Mike), Pembroke (Don), Andrew, and all the rest of team Anabolic Innovations for allowing me to test their new product: Cynotstane!

    At this time, I haven't taken anything "hormonal" in just about a year. My body is in a perfect state to judge the effects of this product to the fullest. I plan to deliver a very articulate and detailed log for you all here. I will have daily updates with my progess and thoughts. I will also have some pics put up eventually as well. My goal is to bulk here, so I will tailor my workouts and diet in that fashion.

    I will give a detailed layout of my cycle tomorrow; including some measurements. I will be disclosing everything I'll be using intra/post cycle. Anabolic Innovations has been very kind and has also supplied me with their "Cycle Support" and "Post Cycle Support" for this cycle. I'm very excited to get this underway, so I hope you all enjoy this documented experience.

    A pic of the nice little package I found on my doorstep today!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  2. Intra-cycle Outline:

    Cynostane: Week 1 (20mg/day) - Week 2 (30mg/day) - Week 3 (30-40mg/day) - Week 4 (40mg/day)

    Cycle Support: 1 scoop (2 x daily) with protein shake.

    Glycobol: 2 capsules (2 x daily) approx 30 minutes before meals.

    Pslin Bulk: Will dose approx 20-30 minutes before pre-workout meal with approx 80-100 grams CHO.

    EndoAmp: 2 scoops (1 x daily) approx 1 hour before training.

    Toco-8: 1 scoop (1 x daily) with my omega-3 fatty acids.

    Beta-Alanine: 3.2-6.4 grams/day (Primordial Performance Bulk)

    IBCAA: (Primordial Performance AJIPURE IBCAA) and/or Xtend Blue raspberry (Scivation).

    -I will also be using Vitamin D (4000 units/day), Omega-3 Fatty acids, various different protein powders (I will disclose which brand with each update), WMS (Nutraplanet Bulk), Vitaberry, and a multivitamin.

    Post-cycle Outline:

    I will update this once I get closer to my PCT period.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  3. Cynostane Final Review

    Weight Starting: 202.8 lbs

    Weight Finishing: 206.6 lbs

    Side effects: Honestly, I didn't note much at all. A little bit of acne, but nothing in terms of hair loss, decrease in libido, or testicular size.

    Overall effects: Well, this was interesting. I began to notice some muscle fullness and some strength increases during week 2, but they also seemed to level off as quickly as they came. I finished a total of 3 weeks with Cynostane. I increased the dosage to 40mg/day for week 3. Now, as some of you may have known, I became ill with influenza during week 3 of this cycle. It's really touch for me to give you guys a completely accurate depiction of effects as a result. I do think that this product noted some effects, but they were fairly mild overall imo. I didn't get to play around with factors as much due to my illness, so this experiment is incomplete in many ways. It really sucks that I became ill, but the flu is absolutely running rampant right now in Florida.

    Overall rating: 5.5/10

    I'd like to thank Anabolic Innovations for providing me with this product to log for you all. I wish I could have really put this to the limits, but my illness brought that to a halt. My overall impression is that this a fairly mild hormone based on what I experienced. I've always been nothing but impressed with AI's (many products are absolute staples of mine), but this one wasn't as impressive as I had hoped. I've begun a mild PCT that I'll post up later; it consists of AI's "Post Cycle Support", as well as Primordial Performance's new "Oral Sustain Alpha." Details on that, soon.

    Once again, a huge thank you to Anabolic Innovations for providing me with this product to test, and also to all of you for following along!!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

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    Team Orbit

  5. Count me in. Good luck!!

  6. Subbed, I may be a logging buddy
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  7. Why hasn't this been promoted but its for sale already?

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    Why hasn't this been promoted but its for sale already?
    one of the mysteries of life
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  9. Subbed. Curious about this compound for sure and even better that one of the best loggers is running it. I know my boy T1 won't let me down.

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  10. Ya I saw this in the labor day sale email and was like WTF is this? 1st time I have seen it even mentioned and I roam the boards quite a bit.

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  12. subbed, good luck!

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  14. In for the ride also!!

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  19. Yeah, it's nice to see something come in under the radar without all the hype. Can't wait to see the log results!!

  20. Whoa, this came outta nowhere, SUBB'D fo sho'!

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    Whoa, this came outta nowhere...
    Not really, but really.


  22. Ha ha I just saw this at nutraplanet today and was like wtf? Should be a sweet ride. good luck trauma! Also what is this compound supposed to be similar to ? anything?

  23. Subbed. Can't wait to see this log!

  24. Maybe we can do a labor day bulking bbq


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