Pizza's Home Delivery Log Ending Mass Fx/ Novedex Beggining Mass Fx/Hx2

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  1. Pizza's Home Delivery Log Ending Mass Fx/ Novedex Beggining Mass Fx/Hx2

    So my cycle is almost up on the mass fx and novedex xt. I am purchasing mass fx and Hx2 for my 2nd part of cycle.. I have moved my log from the workout log to this supplement log. I have some things I like to show and move onto from here on out.

    Plz feel free to ask me any questions for this is my first true log, i might miss a few things and or not know what to say exactly. But I Will consist how I feel, Workouts, Measurements, Weight, and pictures. The more I start doing the more I will add as I do it. If you want a quick peek at what i was doing in earlier cycle, I have a brief description of myself on the workout logg Pizza's Home Delivery Log Mass Fx/ Novedex vs. Mass Fx/Hx2

    I was gonna see if I could have gotten moved to here but here is the link instead. My new cycle will begin monday 8-17-09 this is my last week of mass fx/novedex and I wanted to talk brefiely on this and if any 1 has questions on the first part of cycle, before I start new one please let me know.

    Monday workout and Diet
    Chest and Tri
    Bench Press
    145 warmup 15 reps
    195 10
    215 7
    235 5
    235 3
    255 1

    Superset incline fly with decline fly
    40lb each 4 sets at 15 reps

    145 12 reps
    195 7
    195 7
    195 5 I think i was doing my incline to fast with not enough rest. shoulder was be bothersome

    Flat bench fly's
    25 15 reps
    35 12 reps
    40 10 reps
    40 10 reps

    tri extensions
    55lbs 15 reps
    55 lbs 15 reps
    65 12 reps
    85 7 reps

    Weighted Dips
    15 free weight
    15 free weight
    45lb hanging 7 reps
    45lb 7 reps
    finished with 12 reps free weight
    Cardio I played a couple of games of racquetball

    Today 8-11-09 will be back and bi's I will push to do more..
    Also I will continue to do different workouts and idea's and continue to push myself harder while cycling.

    Yea my chest Day It was good but wasn't the Best. right now im in the works to try to find a new chest routine and bump of my chest Game.. but for now i gotta focus on my back since it is for today.. I will make this a damn good workout..

    Mass fx been feeling pretty damn good.. I've noticed a lil change in workout(agrssion) not crazy though just pumped and excited.. Each day I try to focus on the agenda at hand.. Novedex on other hand libedo has dropped but i was taking 4 pills a day on it and have dropped it back to 2 in which i noticed a big drop off.. If you have questions on this fee free to ask and if you would like me to try different workouts let me know..

    My goal right now in my workouts is to do half heavy lifting and other hald high intensity.. if thats possible..=)

    Monday's Diet Anabolic Diet that is.=)
    4 eggs with cheese melted over top and 2 pieces of salami

    2 string cheeses and 4 slices of salami

    10 oz of sausage and mixed with green peppers

    2 bags of pork grinds

    before workout bout 6 slices of salami

    string cheese and a ribeye

    My dosage for mass fx follows as 1 pill in morning, 1 before lunch, 2 before workout and now novedex is 2 before i sleep.

  2. Tuesday Diet and Workout For starters
    Back/ Bi's
    Laying row (machine) but use free weights
    45lb 12 reps
    45 11 reps
    35 15 reps
    35 12 reps

    superset face pulls with siting rows
    80lb at 15 reps on each 4 sets

    pull ups 3 set free weighted
    12 reps
    9 reps
    8 reps

    under hand pullups
    12 reps
    10 reps
    7 reps

    romanian deadlifts
    20 reps free wieght
    25lb 15 reps
    25lb 15 reps
    25lb 15 reps

    hammer curls wih bar
    20lb each side 15 reps 4 sets

    incline db curl
    20lb 15 reps
    25 12 reps
    30 10 reps
    30lb 10 reps

    Burnout on preacher curl
    30lb on each side wide grip 8 reps
    droped to 20 on each side 9 reps
    10 lbs on each side finished with 10

    Played couple games of racquetballs for cardio..

    Workout went great.. I woulda posted last night but had to go back to job to finish other stuff i goty loazy on.. but when i got home layed out after taking novedex.


    2 hebrew nashionals beef franks
    with cheese melted over top and 1 string cheese

    5 slices of chicken breasts with 2 string cheeses

    5 slices of chicken breasts with melted cheese over top

    2 string cheese and 3 slices of lunchmeat chicken slices

    5 eggs with melted cheese handful of pork grinds and a bowl of steamed veggies

    Feeling good as the weeks coming over, but im more excited to start the new one.. but I tell you what Ive been feeling good while doing this workouts. Before the mass fx i was just pushing along neither umping the weight or striving to do harder but ever since I've been on this cycle.. I've been itching to push more.. go harder and litterally going to full extent.

  3. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzathehut View Post
    Before the mass fx i was just pushing along neither umping the weight or striving to do harder but ever since I've been on this cycle.. I've been itching to push more.. go harder and litterally going to full extent.
    That's what I like to hear pizza dude! MFX is working it's magic, the drive to push on and on.

    I have to ask though, how do you have the energy to get through the day on that diet? I'm a small person and I think I'd be starving by the end of the day. There is no way I could workout, I'd be too weak.

  4. first 2 weeks through the diet was rough.. but as each week comes along i try to add more meat and my body is now getting adjusted to it.. Yea some days I feel week when i do I up my dosage though.. Example If i only get in a lil protein and food.. Half the day I will add maybe 5 more slices of meat or actually go out and get me more food.

    But I was thinking and wasn't sure of laying of the anabolic diet since i have dropped 15 pounds in bout 6 or 7 weeks now of this diet. Wasn't sure to continue this while on mass fx/Hx2?

    What do yall think? should i go back into massing it up and consuming a good mixture of protein and good carbs together or will this kinda mess up my body since ive been on this diet for 6 or 7 weeks.

    Yea mass fx im really feeling it.. and im glad I have done this and tell you the truth im excited to switch too hx2 and hopefully Give some feed back on this to help other people in the future..

    Like I said any questions please give me a shout and im rdy to do what i can to make this Log help any one that is following!

  5. Wednesday and Thursday Was off days, Family business good thing it picked up bad news nobody spending..=/ but enough on that sob story lets get to the real deal here.. wednesday was good just didn't work out work related, now Thursday on the other hand.. im not sure what the hell happened. All day was kinda groggy slow moving and just didnt give a **** all day..

    my girl came by my sex drive was shot to ****, nothing motivated me and i past out at 10 o clock.. any ideas what this may have been.. (novedex, mass fx or the diet itself?)

    I cant say the least right now.. but I am up at its 7:35 eastern time and What i did i got up at 5 in the morning ate me 4 eggs scrambled with a chunk of butter.. waited bout 45 min and went to gymm to get me a brief cardio(basketball and speedbag with a lil punching bag routine) and did bout 60 hanging leg raises and 100 decline sit ups. Now im at the shop rdy to finish up some work..

    Tonight after work I'm going to finish SHoulder routine and I will post when I complete what i do. Tomarrow will be legs and sunday a full force cardio training consisting of sprints, box jumps, and running the block. This is my schedule for the rest of the week and Monday I will start the Mass fx and hx2..

    If yall Don't mind should i start a complete new log with the new product or continue with this update through?

    o btw my diet consists of the same food.. thats all i really bought for the whole week was eggs, butter, porkgrinds, couple of pounds of chicken breast lunch meat, and couple pounds of cheese with 2 ribeyes for 2 nights of better eating. Through in veggies from time to time.. not sure on anabolic diet i can eat veggies because of carbs but i feel like i needed it to clean out whats going on in the inside..=)

    But next week im bumping up the dosage in food wise because i feel like im not getting the right amount of food intake for one this workout and 2 the cycle im on.. I would like the get the most out of it on the next 4 weeks.. U know the first 4 weeks was really a trial run to see how to post logs and what i need to do. With ya'lls help i could become the best..=P

  6. Dont give up on my log, been busting ass at work.. but today im getting off early and its my day off. So what im doing is going home and doing a break down of my previous cycle and I started my new cycle of mass fx and hx2. So i will have 4 weeks to go through this.

    I will post my thoughts on my first cycle and whats been going.. Work has been good but bad.. good been busy but bad Cant get money from any 1..=/ and help not showing up..=/ but enough of that.. i'll be home at 5 eatsern and post what i need to get up to tell all on my previous cycle and start this new one today..

    I hope it helps any 1 thats taking a look! Take care!

  7. Monday's Workout
    Chest/ Tri
    bench press
    25 reps 95 lbs
    15 reps 145lbs
    6 reps 195lbs
    4 reps 195 then dropped down each 25lb till i got to bar and finished burnout

    Super set Flys with pushups
    35lb flys at 13 reps
    then dropped and did incline pushups 12 reps
    did 4 sets

    Decline DB press
    3 sets of 55lbs 15 reps

    3 sets of layed down over the head chest exercise
    at 55lbs 12 reps

    free weight dips
    3 sets of 15 reps

    skull crushers
    50;b with ez bar curl
    12 reps 10 reps 10 reps

    2 sets of tri extensions
    60lb at 12 reps

    But here is the thing.. I have just started mass fx/ with HX2 Monday 8-17-09
    I finished first cycle of mass fx and novedex.. im loving the mass fx and right now i had a few people at the shop some customers asking if im hitting the gym harder and it feels like im filling up. my moods been good.. not agressive. But ive been feeling sure of myself. NoVedex on the other hand, maybe it was me doing to much at first shot 4 pills a day and my libido dropped off and my gym experience was feeling lil shot..

    But when i dropped the novedex back to 2 pills a day and bout a week later I was raging War at the gym.. i had felt better than i ever had. I twas like the gym didnt hacve anything on me. and my ambition there i did not want to stop.. myabe some pople at the gym thought i was on gear or something.. But i was rockn!!

    Now im waitging for this mass fx and hyperdrol x2 to get pumpn so i can comment on this and see what happens.. i am doing 1 dosage of each morning and lunch and then 2 dosages of each before workout.

    Hopefully yall seen my pics from previous cycle and what i'll do if you didnt catch it throw another pics shortly. But i am going to have before and after pics and in 4 weeks im hoping.. no wait i will have a transformation with this! LEt me keep rocking.. if you have questions on what im doing please give me a shout..

    Btw my diet im having second thoughts on.. Anabolic diet is kinda wearing thin on me.. maybe ive been on it for so long.. but enrgy is starting to slow down.. hunger is spiking and eating schedule been off past week or so.. i have got to think of a new eating habit and wing myself off this diet.. maybe to come back at a later time.. I've been on the diet for bout 8 weeks now and ive lost good amount but now that im hitting gym hard.. i might not be getting the nutrients i need to fill out the way i want to.. any deas?

  8. Tuesday
    Back and bi's

    pullups 4 sets of free weight
    12 reps
    8 reps
    8 reps
    6 reps

    superset lat pull down with sitdown cable row
    110lb lat pull with 120 lb sit down cable row
    4 sets of 12 reps

    lay down back pulls inner grip (machine)
    25 at 15 reps
    50 at 12 reps
    75 at 9 reps
    burnout 75 at 7 reps 50 at 8 reps 25 8 reps

    stiff dead lifts
    145lb at 15 reps
    4 sets

    this week is feeling great! im feeling the best i have in past 2 weeks.. so i know this week and next weeek will be great. libido not down at all! mood is fine, still on edge sometimes buty nothing out of ordinary. Feeling pretty damn good about myself and im rdy to keep it moving. Im definatly feeling something positive out of the stack i did and well doing now..

    Cant saying anything on hyperdrol x2 right now but maybe in a week or so i will have something different to say..=) Lets see how the rest of week goes!

  9. Wednesday
    My off day.. but im prob going to take dog for run.. but other than that.. im a sit my ass at home.. been busting ass at work and gym.. body aching right now. sore but also feel lil aches couple of spots.. so today im just resting.. let body cool down and eat me some damn food

    Monday and tuesday diet was garbage. Lunchmeat, eggs, cheese, and prokgrinds was mainly waht it was.. and dinner was just fried porkchops.. 2 nights in a row! what 2 days of crap.. but workout good! lol

    So wednesday.. i had 4 eggs scrambled with chees, bacon, and ham. snacks.. couple of string cheeses.. lunch nice spinach salad with feta cheese, olives, artichoke hearts, chicken breast, oil and vinegar and radishes. snack again was string cheese. dinner i got me a whole baked chicken with skin buttered carrots and buttered string beans.. Time to sit and eat.. and if u wanna talk send me a message and i'll be sure to bull**** with ya.

    Im hear to make this log right and show u this mass fx and hyperdrol x2 Work brotha.. Time to get **** rockn in the right direction!

  10. Now I wanna watch Spaceballs dammit lol.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  11. hahaha.. **** old one but still gotta buy it..=)

  12. Its Thursday and getting through work right now, planning my workout.. today is shoulders and abs! also some racquetball! But just wantesd to post starting monday I will be quitting the anabolic diet for a little bit.. My energy level has been dropped off for 2 weeks now.. ive been trying to keep it up and now its getting lil hard during work.. because if i didnt go to grocery store to add up then the shops round here are rest that will not accommodate the diet..

    some days i might not get my proper nutrition, so until i can get myself more situated then I gotta lay off. Plus lil consumtion of food and as much I workout or try to atleast feel like i might be hitting a plateau.

    I will be working out a meal diet for monday and post it before i do to make sure its right..

  13. Thursday
    Shoulders High repition with low weight
    front shoulder raise
    20lb , 15lb, 10lb
    8 reps on 20
    12 reps on 15
    20 reps on 10 1 set and i completed 4 sets of this

    Lay down behind back fly's
    same as frotn shoulder raise

    sit down side lateral raise
    same as other 2.

    To finish off a did a power burnout.

    dumbbell shrugs
    85 lbs 15 reps
    95lbs 12 reps
    100 lb 10 reps
    110lb 6 reps
    then dropped back down from 95 8 reps
    85 10 reps
    75 15 reps

    played 2 games of racquetball!

    I was feeling good after wards.. Diet was ****ty all day though.. didnt ge tmuch to eat.. so Friday i got stocked up and i plan on not missing a beat on the food I have in stored.. Belt kinda weak all day cause of lack of nutrtition you would say.. but before i went to gym.. I had me some mozzarella balls and 4 sccoops of peanut butter to get something oing.

    but at gym it was all good till the 2nd game of racquetball and my energy just got depleted! but Friday will be cardio training and sunday be my leg workout..

  14. Had to work all weekend but got off on sunday afternoon and running short on time, Legs i didnt get to finish for the week but i did play 2 hours of flag football Sunday though.

    I know it wasn't a true training but hell i was tired. But Monday is here and it's time to start the regiment now! Cant wait for tomarrow the gym is holding a body fat percentage tomarrow. So i will be able to tell yall what my body weight is at.. this will be the first time for me knowing it so not sure what to expect.

    now i can set another goal after a cycle and work harder each week.

    Also im starting a new diet.. no more anabolic diet because the effects. lost good amount of weight but the sacrafice of how i felt and the energy level was low.. I will go back to high protein and lean foods and just watch what i eat.. i pretty much got the ground off and now its to hold my own.

  15. Continue Cycle of Mass Fx right now and this is my first week into Hx2 maybe to soon to see how i fell and whats happening.. but tonight when i hit the gym, i will see how I hold my own. Tonights workout is Chest. but i've noticed im filling out. not as much cutting but more getting beefy. got some good feedback yesterday from football.. as far as reaction time and solid.

    One good thing i ran into a guy 2 times the size of me but i felt more of a rock than him and put his ass on his back. which had people doing double takes.. i dunno is its mass fx or just confidence spurted through me.. but damn i was pumped fromn them on.. now i wanna become more of a rock!

    I'm going for strength trainign and quickness! everyday I will be pushing the limits of what i can do!

    Lets see how this week turns out!
  16. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzathehut View Post
    Continue Cycle of Mass Fx right now and this is my first week into Hx2 maybe to soon to see how i fell and whats happening.. but tonight when i hit the gym, i will see how I hold my own. Tonights workout is Chest. but i've noticed im filling out. not as much cutting but more getting beefy. got some good feedback yesterday from football.. as far as reaction time and solid.

    One good thing i ran into a guy 2 times the size of me but i felt more of a rock than him and put his ass on his back. which had people doing double takes.. i dunno is its mass fx or just confidence spurted through me.. but damn i was pumped fromn them on.. now i wanna become more of a rock!

    I'm going for strength trainign and quickness! everyday I will be pushing the limits of what i can do!

    Lets see how this week turns out!
    Alpha Male bro!!

  17. yea **** feeling good! Just feels good to feel like you on top of the world! head dont go to big though..=) but everyweek I try to push my self to next level. and if i feel like one week wasn't good next week in my brain is gonna be twice as hard..

    But it keeps me going and keeps me striving for better

  18. Monday's Workout
    Chest Tri
    Warmups i hit the punching bacg and speed bag for a lil bit to get the body in motions. then did 4 sets of free weight pull ups and pushups.

    Incline DB
    started with 60lbs did 12 reps, dropped to 50lbs and did 8 reps, dropped to 40 and did 4 reps.. completed 1 set did this for 4 sets

    Flys machine incline and pushups superset
    50lbs of 12 reps incline fly's and 12 reps of pushups did 4 sets

    bench press
    135 15 reps
    225 3 reps
    225 1 reps
    then right after the 1 reps 225 dropped to 135 , did till failure which was 11

    Chest fly with incline pushups superset
    12 reps of 55lbs and 12 reps of incline 4 sets

    free weight dips 4 sets of 15 reps each

    over the head tri extend
    60lb 12 reps 4 sets

    diamond pushups till failure each time for 3 sets

    when i finished my whole workout i tried to finish it up with 1 min of straight pushups and i got to number 5 and my arms just went out. So i figured i was done..

    I figured i had a damn good time with chest yesterday..

    I came off the diet monday(anabolic diet) and i felt better getting what i needed.. I drank my protein shakes twice a day. had me salad with chicken breast for lunch.. breakfast had eggs and bacon.. snacks was protein shakes.. dinner i had me a nice hearty sandwich.. Roast beef, lettuce, mustard, peppercini's, tomato's, and bana peppers. with a side salad with oil and vinegar.

    Each day is getting better.,. but my only thing is trying to incorporate cardio.. this is my biggest problem. I'm trying to wake up at but crack of dawn to get running in but when i get home after work all day and then lifting at night.. come morning time i feel so grogggy... Any 1 have any idea's for morning to get my ass up or is it straight will power you need?

    o btw today is back and bi's and today the gym is holding body fat percentage, so im waiting to see were im at.. lil nervous cause if im high then my ass will be on cardio like nobodys business
  19. jim623
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    I can't help you with the mornings bro, I'm the same way. I've tried it hundreds of times, I don't like mornings. I go for a run after my wo, it's tough but it's got to be done. On off days I just walk around the hood.

  20. u know i was hoping for that magic stuff what was it the magic pill that handles all that..=0
    ur right it's just gotta learn to break through it.. I'll start doin them runs afterwards. like u said its got to be done!

  21. Just got home. didnt get a chance to do back and bi's.. =/ had a late customer opening a new restaurant and stayed with them for a while.. so what i did though since they were still holding it.. i did go to gym but after 2 hours with a customer and so forth i just wasn't rdy to hit the gym hard.. but i did get my body fat percentage done though..

    She did a 3 point test. Triceps, then put arm round back and got the behind back or shoulder blade i assume, and the upper side chest just before armpit and shoulder. she did not do my stomach and legs which i thought u had to.

    I weighed in at 175 today and age 26 and by whatch she did i am at 8.35%
    Wednesday usually my off day but i will go in and do my back and bi's. i'm a get me some running in today.

    since i know right now i am at 8% body fat now I wanna strive harder to keep and or to make it better. this gives me a great confidence boost.. Hoping thats its true. but one day i wanna do a real test. First thing first just take each day and push for excellence each time

  22. It's Saturday 8-29-09
    thursday and friday did back/bi's and shoulders.. Sunday comes legs. 2nd week of Hx2. Been feeling really tired and been waking up late. later than normal. Not sure if it's the heat at shop with no ac. or my libido has been dropping off..

    yea kinda just been blah even at the gym.. it's weird its like i get there i got motivation half through and then like all of a sudden i mean instantly i dont feel like working out. never has happened to me. Any ideas? this weeks workout has been one of my laziest weeks in a long time.. were it's just really a up hill battle.
    But i think many things could of played with this.. im a finish out the week on legs.. and see what follows on the next week.. im a have a set plan..

    Moving my workout around.. trying to switch up my routine.. and see if that helps..

    Thinking of doing couple of supersets through workouts, keep myself moving non stop . and also having to do high reps low weight.. when doing heavy right now. shoulder and leg not aggreeing with me right now.. a liot of popping going on.. which never happened.. lol seems im falling apart.. but it only really started this week.. LEts see how the next week progresses,.

  23. I work from 8 to 5 everyday. workout after work monday,tuesday, thursday, friday. preworkout is assault. i go to sleep round 10-11:30 depends on what i'm doing. Eating i was on anabolic diet. I was thinking it was that because energy level dropped off and past week or so myabe longer i havnt been working out good and through the day been lethargic.. so no sure whats it from...

    What i'm doing im gonna try to eat more through the day and more vegetable. try to bring calorie intake to 3k or lil more.. i know past week or so i havn't gotten to 3k maybe 2k to 2500 probably. Today im hitting the gym do to Chest.. im going to do this week lil different.. Monday Alergies got the best of me..

    this week training will involve



    bi's and tri's


    If i know i can't do it on the weekend i will incorporate legs and shoulders together. i wanna get more cardio in my workouts. So i figured dropping to one body part and afterwords start running or more punching bag exercises. just been juggling a few things.. See which better suits me..
  24. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Lethargy can come from not eating enough, or (when taking anabolics) from the anabolics working too well. The latter works by storing more energy and nutrients into muscle than usual, which leads to less being available to the brain.
    Thanks for jumping in here sinner.
  25. jim623
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    Any updates bro?

  26. hey.. sorry for the long update.. just getting back into town. I got away on business for company to learn some new restaurant equipment. But which was a good thing, i was able to get out a lil bit. think about restructuring my diet and working out.. i took a workout relaxation! Monday is starting new.. I have redone a new eating schedule(food intake) Workout Schedule, and Workout It self.. I wanted to come back out on monday with a new me. Past 2 weeks hasn't been the best feeling and workouts so im took it easy and plus had this trip to do.

    But i've started eating better and more and my results on the issues have been declining.. i mean i feel a lil here and there but nothing to bad. Just need to keep it up.. but I got this list i am going to shoot over tonigt when i get home!

    Don't lose hope on me just yet, had me a lil time to regroup and think it over. Maybe a lil rest and evaluating what was wrong made the difference. But tonight will be a complete turnaround and when i post it give me your thoughts so i know im heading in right direction.. I think it will be for the better and get this rockn. I can finish this stack up rest and repeat and know what i did wrong and what i did right!

  27. I'm Back! Feeling better than ever.. except the allergy part..! but hell i get over that!

    But i Took a few days off and other days was slammed at work.. was slow for like a month or 2 and then and went crazy just past few weeks.. but hell lets get to the good stuff!

    Feeling Good. Feeling a lot better then the last two weeks. I think i needed the rest and regroup myself. But now yesterday when i went to the gym to do chest i blew that **** out the water! The routine here as follows and Eating has never been better. I reconstructed my diet.. Same as anabolic diet but i know what i did wrong and it's working sweet. and ive been getting Lots of compliments from the past 5 weeks. From size, and the shape of my body whats its turning into.. this weekend im going to send pics through to show whats i have been doin..

    The best part is seeing results and it makes u go 10 times stronger each time!

    But Mondays Workout
    Monday: Chest
    Incline DB w/ incline fly's Superset
    Started with 50lb incline and ran over to fly's and was at 45 Did each one 12 to 15 reps and did 4 sets

    135lb 15 reps
    185lb 9 reps
    205 4 reps
    205 3 reps
    Then did a burnout after 4th set 205 3 reps, 185 5 reps, 135 11 reps

    Superset hanging leg raise, decline sit ups, oblique side crunches and incline pushups. did 3 sets about 12 to 15 reps of each one

    machine bench press but inside grips and regular fly's superset
    105 lbs 15 reps and 15 reps at 45lbs 4 sets

    ended with doing pushups till failure

    Now today i am doing back. and Im going full force today.. And im rdy.. I think im back in action and my time off let me feel it all over again


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