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  1. Where's that update, Jon?
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    I'm off to Chinatown for the August Moon Festival today...will update tomorrow

  2. Workout 7

    2 scoops Purple InTrain (PIT) consumed during workout

    20 minutes stretching & warmups
    40 minutes taijiquan / baguazhang
    40 minutes meditation & iron palm training
    45 minutes weight training
    10 minute cooldown

    5x5 CG Bench Press
    5x5 Weighted Inverted Rows
    3x12 Weighted Dips
    3x12 EZ Bar Curls
    Max pushups & chinups

    I had a friend come over and lift with me yesterday. This was our workout. It was a basic, fun upperbody workout that left me pretty darn sore today. Usually I workout alone, but it was nice to have somebody spot me for those close grips. We did alot of dropsets, and pretty high intense sets: low rest, switch offs and all kinds of fun stuff.


  3. The August Moon Festival was a blast. Took the train into Chinatown around 10am, and had to leave by noon! It was very humid that day, almost 100 degrees, with crowds of people. I did however manage to get some cool pictures. As for the food, it was flowing plentiful! Had me some duck, tea, rice, eggrolls, even some sake and whiskey LOL. It was basically a 3 block party, lots of merchants and restaurants. Think of combining July 4th with a Flea market

    here is a video of my teacher doing his shuia jiao (throwing) demonstration

    Here's the entrance to Boston Chinatown "The gate"


  4. Dupe post

  5. nice pics RR- looks like a good time for sure!

  6. Dropsets are killers. Shock therapy for muscles!

  7. any updates on this log?

  8. Been lifting and training steadily since.

    I still have a half bottle of Purple InTrain left. LOL! I've been using AT LEAST 1 scoop per day.

    I've been hitting it hard and reached a PR on my deadlifts the other day. The day after squat day, no less.

    Going into the gym to do push tonite. Will update later!

  9. Nice work RR - keep hitting it


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