Bassgod Ups His Mass With MassFX V3!!! SPONSORED!

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  1. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassgod272 View Post
    DAY 6: chest,delts,abs,cardio
    Strength was down quite a bit this session and I felt really tired and just fatigued in general. Intensity was up at first, then significantly declined as the workout went on. My delts got a very good pump though, so that's good I guess. My diet wasn't the greatest today and I didn't even break 200g protein prior to my workout. I'm sure that had something to do with the strength and energy decrease.
    Overall, still a quality workout, you're right though, your car can only go so far a 1 gallon of gas. MFX is just the octane booster to make it go faster.

  2. DAY 7: Back/Cardio

    Rack Deads - 135x10, 225x10, 390x9(+10lbs hit 385x10 last time), 390x8

    Seated Machine Rows - 220x5, 240x5, 260x13(+1rp), 270x11(+1rp)

    WG Lat Pulls - 160x10, 190x8, 210x15(+3rp), 220x11(+5lbs and 1rp)

    DB Rows - 80x10, 100x10, 120x12(+2rp), 120x12(+3rp)

    Hyper Extensions - BWx15, 25x15, 45x15, 45x15

    Rear Delt Flyes - 80x10, 110x10, 140x21(+6rp), 150x20(+5lbs and 5rp) Not sure why, but during these last 2 working sets the intensity button slammed the fckn on! Beneath the Sky started blasting, I got very focused, and just went out of control. I even yelled out "c'mon, don't be a btch!!" during the last set lol. I may have went a little crazy for a second, but I literally felt like a machine, a beast. Just really powerful in general. It was awesome

    20min Treadmill at 104bpm

    The fuel to my FIRE!!!
    [ame=""]YouTube - Beneath The Sky - 7861[/ame]

  3. jim623
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    Trying adjusting the timing of your pre-wo dose a bit. If you you're dosing 45 minutes before your wo, try dosing 1 hour before, maybe it'll kick in at the right the time. Feel free to make these timing adjustments to see what benefits you the most.

  4. DAY 8: Legs/Abs

    Squats - 135x8, 225x6, 335x9(+10lbs), 235x22(+2rp)

    Leg Extensions - 110x10, 210x8, 270x11(+1rp), 240x21(+1rp) These last 2 sets felt ridiculously heavy. I actually had to rest pause a couple times to get the 21 reps on the last set. It wasn't that hard last time.

    DB Lunges - 25x10, 35x10, 45x15, 45x15 - I really effin hate these. My grip fails before my legs do, that's why the reps aren't going up. I need a substitute for them that I won't dread having to do every time I do legs. Any suggestions?

    Leg Press w/ Feet High on Platform - 347x10, 437x8, 527x15 Did these to work the hams more. Wasn't feeling it too much though. I probably won't try it again. I'll just do SLDL next time.

    Smythe Calve Raises - 100x15, 190x12, 290x18(+10lbs and 2rp), drop set to 190x15(+2rp), drop set to 100x16(+3rp)

    Upright Cable Rows - 110x10, 150x8, 190x12(+1rp)

    Machine Crunches - 60x20, 70x20, 80x40, 80x40

    The Fuel for Squats.....
    [ame=""]YouTube - NEW!! Job For A Cowboy - Constitutional Masturbation HD[/ame]
  5. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassgod272 View Post
    DAY 8: Legs/Abs
    DB Lunges - 25x10, 35x10, 45x15, 45x15 - I really effin hate these. My grip fails before my legs do, that's why the reps aren't going up. I need a substitute for them that I won't dread having to do every time I do legs. Any suggestions?
    I use lifting straps for these.

    I also have this problem with DB shrugs.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jim623 View Post
    I use lifting straps for these.

    I also have this problem with DB shrugs.
    Hmm, good idea. I really should invest in some straps anyway. Deads, bb rows, etc would all benefit from them.

  7. Count me in, sorry I am late.
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  8. DAY 9: Arms/Cardio

    Tri Pushdowns - 110x15, 160x10, 220x11(+1rp), 220x11(+1rp)

    Machine Tri Extensions - 60x20, 110x12, 170x22(+3rp), 175x19(+5lbs)

    Skull Crushers - 30x10, 50x10, 70x13(+1rp), 70x12

    EZ Cable Curls - 80x12, 120x10, 170x15(+3rp), 180x10(+10lbs)

    Machine Preacher Curls - 80x8, 100x8, 115x14(+3rp), 115x15 with 2 forced. Not sure why, but these were sending a very sharp pain up my forearms. That's why I didn't go heavier.

    Concentration Curls - 30x8, 35x8, 40x15(+3rp), 45x11(+3rp)

    DB Wrist Curls - 20x20 These were killing my wrist, so I only did 1 set.

    20min Treadmill at 110bpm

    My arms were ridiculously pumped after this session. They stayed that way for about 30-35min afterward too. MFX V3 FTW!!!

    Metal of the Day:
    YouTube - suicide silence - something invisible

    That fueled my EZ Curls


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rah22491 View Post
    Thanks man

  11. DAY 11: Legs/Abs/Cardio

    Leg Press - 437x10, 617x10, 847x10(same), drop set to 747x11, drop set to 437x15
    The 847 was making my knees hurt, so I decided to do a couple drop sets to make up for not doing the last heavy set.

    Toe Press - 347x25, 527x12, 727x20(+5rp), 747x18(+20lbs and 3rp), drop set to 527x16, drop set to 347x19

    Horizontal Leg Press - 290x8, 310x8, 370x16(+5lbs and 1rp), 275x25(+10lbs)

    Seated Calve Raises - 96x15, 116x12, 136x27(+8rp), was all pumped so I quickly loaded on 186 and repped it out 15 times. Kind of the opposite of a drop set. My calves are really responding well to this new routine. I'm loving it!

    Seated Leg Curls - 85x10, 110x8, stopped there cuz I didn't want to irritate my left knee.

    SLDL - 135x10, 225x10, 225x10, wasn't really feeling these that much in my hams, more so in my back like regular deads. Maybe I was doing something wrong cuz this was the first time i've ever tried these.

    Machine Crunches - 60x40, 70x40, 80x50, 80x50

    20min Treadmill at 112bpm

    The MassFX is treating me very well thus far. Intensity is up way high toward the end of my workouts. Maybe I should take the caps 2hrs pre-wo? It's really weird that it would take so long to "kick in." I didn't wanna leave the gym last night. In fact, before and AFTER cardio I was very tempted to do my chest/delt session lol. I had already been there and hour and 1/2 and my fiancee wouldn't have been very happy with me if I was at the gym for 3hrs lol. I decided to just go home.

    YouTube - Lamb of God {Hourglass}

  12. looks like a killer leg wkout bro.on the sldl i like to stick my ass out and rock back a little on my heels. if you drop it well below ur knees you should feel a nasty pull in ur hams. mine will lock up on me occasionally sending my ass to the ground lol.

  13. DAY 13(yesterday) - Chest/Delts/Abs/Cardio

    Flat DB Press - 75x8, 85x6, 100x9(+5lb), 100x8(+5lb)

    Inc. DB Press - 65x10, 75x10, 90x8(+5lb), 90x7(+5lb and 2rp)

    Inc. Smythe Bench - 110x10, 160x10 then quit. This was hurting my shoulders soooooooo bad. Never doing those again.

    Inc. HS Bench - 226x14(+4rp)

    Cable Crossovers - 55x10, 65x10, 75x9(-2rp), 75x9(-2rp) I super set these with Inc smythe bench cuz I was pressed for time, so that's why the decrease happened i'm sure.

    DB Mil Press - 55x8, 60x8, 65x12(+2rp), 70x8(+5lb)

    Smythe Mil Press - 100x9, 120x9, 150x9(+1rp), 150x9(+1rp)

    DB Laterals - 25x10, 30x10, 35x9(+5lb), 35x9(+5lb)

    Skipped abs didn't have time.

    30min Treadmill at 116bpm. My waist is getting larger, so i'm adding 10min more of cardio per cardio session.

    YouTube - Cannibal Corpse - No Remorse (metallica cover)
  14. jim623
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    Workouts are looking great bass. Steady increases in weight and rep.
    Have you changed your pre-wo dosing time?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jim623 View Post
    Workouts are looking great bass. Steady increases in weight and rep.
    Have you changed your pre-wo dosing time?
    Thanks bro. Yea, i'm taking it about 1hr and 20min pre-wo. It's helping me more that way. The alpha male aggression is REALLY starting to come out now, like hardcore. Strength is continuing to increase as well, I feel great on this stuff and i'm VERY surprised to have gained like this from a natty T booster. This trumps t-911 and DTHC from my experience. I've also neglected to mention that i've gained 2lbs thus far. Pretty nice in only 2 weeks

  16. DAY 16: back/cardio

    Rack Deads - 135x8, 225x8, 395x9(+5lbs and 1 rp), 400x11(+10lbs and 3rp) I hit 8, thought I was done, took a sip of my monster, then something just clicked with my mind and the song that was playing on my zune. I got this crazy rush of aggression, stormed over to the bar and banged out 3 more crazy intense reps.

    Seated Machine Rows - 220x7, 240x5, 270x14(+10lbs and 1rp), 275x11(+5lbs)

    WG Lat Pulls - 160x6, 190x6, 225x10(+15lbs, hit 15rp with 210 last time), 225x10(+5lbs)

    DB Rows - 80x10, 100x8, 120x14(+2rp), 120x13(+1rp)

    Hyper Extensions - BWx10, 25x10, 45x15, 45x17(+2rp)

    Rear Delt Flye - 80x10, 110x10, 160x18(+10lbs), 165x18(+15lbs)

    25min Treadmill at 112bpm

    YouTube - Slipknot - Psychosocial

    Noticing a little bit of acne popping up. Not digging that, but i'm acne prone, so it's to be expected with a natty T booster. That's the only side to speak of right now.

  17. Numbers continue to be very strong. 2 weeks in and the more reps/pounds are coming with each and every workout.

    For you:
    God Forbid: War of Attrition
    YouTube - GOD FORBID - War Of Attrition (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  18. DAY 17: Legs/Abs

    Squats - 135x8, 225x7, 345x8(+10lbs), 240x20(+5lbs)

    Leg Extensions - 110x12, 210x8, 270x13(+2rp) this felt heavy as fck, 245x25(+5lbs and 4rp) my quads were burning during this set

    DB Lunges - 25x10, 35x12, 45x14, 45x15

    Smythe Calve Raises - 100x19, 190x12, 290x20(+2rp), drop set to 190x16(+1rp), drop set to 100x23(+7rp)

    Upright Cable Rows - 110x10, 150x8, 190x13(+1rp)

    Hanging Leg Raises x20

    Machine Crunches - 60x40, 70x40, 80x40, 80x40

    YouTube - Hatebreed - Destroy Everything live

  19. DAY 18: Arms/Cardio

    Tri Pushdowns - 110x12, 160x10, 220x15(+4rp), 225x10(+5lbs)

    Machine Tri Extensions - 60x15, 110x10, 180x22(+5lbs and 3rp), 185x16(+10lbs)

    Skull Crushers - 30x10, 50x8, 70x14(+1rp), 70x14(+2rp)

    EZ Cable Curls - 80x10, 120x10, 180x13(+3rp), 185x12(+5lbs and 2rp) I puked after this last set of curls lol. Haven't done that in a while.

    Machine Preacher Curls - 80x8, 100x6, 115x12(-2rp), 120x15 with 3 forced. After these my bi's had a sickkkkkk pump!

    Concentration Curls - 35x8, 40x8, 45x13(+5lbs), 45x13(+2rp)

    25min Treadmill at 106bpm

    Had an awesome session last night. My intensity was probably the highest is has been since I started this new training program. I loved it!! 2 thumbs up for MassFX V3!!!

    What really got me going.....!
    YouTube - Lamb of God - Redneck

  20. DAY 19: Legs/Cardio

    Leg Press - 437x10, 617x8, 847x11(+1rp), 857x10(+10lbs)

    Toe Press - 347x20, 527x15, 747x20(+2rp), 752x18(+5lbs)

    Horiz. Leg Press - 290x5, 310x5 At this point my quads/hams were killing me in a bad way, so I stopped. I just trained legs 2 days ago, so I just didn't give them enough time to recover.

    Seated Calve Raises - 96x20, 116x12, 156x20, 166x16

    Skipped Seated Leg Curls

    Rope Crunches - 60x40, 70x40, 80x40, 80x40

    15min Treadmill at 101bpm Stopped at 15min because my legs were burning. I couldn't afford to over train them and not be able to train them wednesday.

    Metal of the Day:
    YouTube - Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (music video)

  21. DAY 20: chest/delts/abs/cardio

    Flat DB Press - 75x10, 85x9, 100x10(+1rp), 100x7(-1rp)

    Incline DB Press - 65x10, 75x8, 90x10(+2rp), 90x8(+1rp)

    Inc. HS Bench - 190x10, 200x10, 226x16(+2rp), 236x12(+10lbs)

    Cable Crossovers - 55x8, 65x8, 75x11(+2rp), 75x11(+2rp)

    DB Mil Press - 55x9, 60x8, 70x5(+5lbs), 70x7(-1rp) Don't think I rested long enough between sets.

    Smythe Mil Press - 100x10, 120x10, 150x9(same), 150x9(same)

    DB Laterals - 25x9, 30x10, 35x9(same), 35x9(same)

    Machine Crunches - 60x40, 70x40, 80x40, 80x40

    25min Treadmill at 101bpm

    [ame=""]YouTube - In Flames - Bullet Ride.[/ame]

  22. DAY 21: Back/Cardio

    Rack Deads - 135x10, 225x6, 405x9(PR!), 405x7

    Machine Rows - 220x6, 240x6, 275x14(+5lbs), 280x12(+5lbs and 1rp)

    WG Lat Pulls - 160x8, 190x8, 225x13(+3rp), 225x13(+3rp)

    DB Rows - 80x10, 100x10, 120x15(+1rp), 130x12(PR!)

    Hyper Extensions - BWx15, 25x15, 45x16, 45x16

    Rear Delt Flye - 80x10, 110x12, 170x20(+10lbs and 2rp), 170x20(+5lbs and 2rp)

    25min Treadmill at 97bpm

    Motivation for DB Rows!!
    [ame=" lated&pvnpos=4"]YouTube - The Haunted - "Bury Your Dead"[/ame]

  23. DAY 22: Legs/Abs

    Squats - 135x10, 225x8, 345x10(+2rp), 245x20(+5lbs)

    Smythe Calve Raises - 100x15, 190x15, 300x21(+10lbs and 1rp), drop set to 190x16(same), drop set to 100x25(+2rp)

    Leg Extensions - 110x15, 210x10, 270x15(+2rp), 250x22(+5lbs)

    DB Lunges - 25x12, 35x15, 45x20(+5rp), 45x20(+5rp)

    Upright Cable Rows - 110x12, 150x10, 190x16(+3rp), 190x16(+3rp)

    Machine Crunches - 60x40, 70x40, 80x55(+15rp), 80x55(+15rp)

    Motivation for Lunges!! God knows I need it! LOL
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Autumn Offering - Crown Yourself King[/ame]

    My calves were sooooooo effin pumped after the drop sets. They felt huge. I tried to take pics cuz they were looking badass too, but it's hard trying to pose, turn around and take a pic of the back of your legs haha. I tried like 10 times and the pics were blurry. I'll have to get my fiancee to take some soon. Only 1 more week left of the MFX V3
  24. jim623
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    I have to call this run a success.
    Would you recommend MFX V3 to others?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by jim623 View Post
    I have to call this run a success.
    Would you recommend MFX V3 to others?
    Hell yes I would! The strength gains alone are ridiculous! Literally every single session I gained reps, weight, or both! I also gained 3lbs of body weight as well. The aggression in the gym is insane as well. Couple that with my music and i'm ready to take on anything Muscle hardness is also apparent. They feel fuller, harder, and last night my fiancee commented on my quads being really hard and I wasn't even flexing

  26. 3lbs on the scale, increased weight on pretty much all exercises, harder looking muscles (probably from dropped bodyfat), and fuller looking muscles? Sounds like it worked pretty well for ya bassgod, thanks for the great review!
  27. jim623
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    Awesome BG, with another week to go I'm sure you'll add another pound or two on the scale.

  28. Day 23: Arms/Cardio

    Tri Pushdowns - 110x15, 160x10, 225x14(+5lbs), 225x13(+3rp)

    Machine Tri Extensions - 60x20, 110x15, 185x16(+5lbs), 185x16(same)

    Skull Crushers - 30x12, 50x8, 70x17(+3rp)

    Reverse Grip Bench - 185x10 Tried these as a new tri exercise. Wasn't feeling it, so i'll stick with skulls next time.

    EZ Cable Curls - 80x12, 120x10, 185x14(+5lbs and 1 rp), 185x16(+4rp) These last 2 sets KILLED my forearms. A sharp pain kept pulsing through the outer part of my forearms where the bone is. This has given me problems in the past, but has been fine recently. Last night it was bbbbaaddd.

    Machine Preacher Curls - 80x10, 100x8, 120x18(+5lbs and 6rp, but the last 3 were forced), 120x18 w/ 3 forced(+3rp) These also hurt my forearms pretty badly.

    Concentration Curls - 35x8, 40x8, 45x15(+2rp), 45x14(+1rp)<---Had to help my left arm just a tiny bit to fully complete the last rep on this set.

    13min Treadmill because I was pressed for time.

    My tris were looking sick and the pump in my bi's was crazyyyyy. They stayed pretty full until I went to bed about 1.5hrs later.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Rob Zombie - Superbeast[/nomedia]

  29. Workout looked solid. I love the pump i get from mass fx, definitely stays with you for a good length of time. BTW, rob zombie is the ****

  30. Impressive the whole way. Looking forward to seeing your final week and how that goes, and of course your final review.


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