first cycle log: Epi meets GVT

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  1. first cycle log: Epi meets GVT

    Alright guys, Iím pretty new here but Iíve been reading furiously the past few weeks and Iím getting ready to kick off my first cycle.

    The stats:
    Age: 22
    Height: 5í11Ē
    Weight: 180
    BF: 8-9%
    Years training: 2

    Goals: gain ~8 lbs lean mass, maybe drop 1-2% BF but the priority is on gains as this is my first cycle. I wanna bring up my shoulders as well.

    Current lifts (all latest 5RMs):
    Dead: 355x5
    Squat: 250x5
    Bench: 195x5
    Bent BB row: 180x5

    Epistane 30/30/40/40mg, will ramp up first few days

    Support/random supps:
    2 servings cycle assist/day, preloaded 1 wk
    4g taurine/day
    High dose fish oil: 20-30g/day
    Cinnamon extract
    Whey/Casein/Casein hydrolysate

    Tamoxifen 20/20/10/10
    Suppress-C 2 pumps 2x/day starting day 1 PCT and running the bottle
    5g Creatine/day
    5g Fenugreek/day- I have a ton sittin around so why not

    Iíve read lots of conflicting views on when to start cort control in PCT, so unless someone can give me a concrete reason otherwise Iím just gonna start it on day 1.

    Everything look ok?

  2. Training:

    I’ll be doing German Volume Training, with a slight modification to emphasize shoulders a bit more than the original program did.

    I also figured the high reps plus supersets is good for getting the heartrate up and helping a recomp effect, and GVT has been reported to cause some good gains anyways. It will be:
    Day 1: Chest/back
    A1. flat bench 10x10
    A2. Bent BB row 10x10
    B1. Incline Flyes 3x10
    B2. WG pullup 3x10

    Day 2: legs
    A1. Back squat 10x10
    A2. Leg curl 10x10
    B1. Seated calf raise 5x10
    B2. Weighted sit ups 5x10

    Day 3: off

    Day 4: shoulders/arms
    A1. BB military press 10x10
    A2. hammer curl 10x10
    B1. Dips 3x10
    B2. Lateral raise 3x10
    C. Leg raise 3x10

    Day 5: off

    Day 6: repeat

    I might drop the leg curls as squats hit my hams pretty hard as well. I’ll try it for a session or two and judge from there.

    I’ll also be doing 20-30 mins fasted cardio 2 days a week (most likely off days) and 20 minutes of cardio after 1-2 sessions per week. I’ll get some BCAAs in before any morning cardio.

    Diet: This is the one area I’d like the most help on. I’ve never found an eating plan for gaining mass I was satisfied with. My maintenance is approx 2700-2900 cals.

    Berardi’s massive eating made me put on too much fat. The anabolic diet didn’t give me great gains due to lack of PWO carbs. Carb cycling has been the best so far, but my gains have been pretty slow since I started. I’m thinking of carb cycling, but having more high carb days. Im hoping the cinnamon extract, R-ALA, and megadose fish oil can help with nutrient partitioning.

    Something like:
    Training days:
    400g carbs, 300g protein, 75g fat, 3475 cals

    Off days:
    150g carbs, 300g protein, 150g fat, 3150 cals

    Should I eat more? My goal is lean gains and while I’d like some recomping to happen, I’d rather not sacrifice gains to try and lose fat. Basically, I’d be happy with just not gaining any fat.

    I’m just waiting for my tamox to arrive, then I’ll start my week of preloading and kick this bad boy off.


  3. Reserved for before pics

  4. Reserved for after pics/final writeup

  5. Quote Originally Posted by crowpass View Post
    glad to have ya along man. Got my tamox 2 days ago, started preloading then, gonna kick this thang off monday!
  6. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Good luck mate I'm enjoying E-stane at the moment, epithio compounds are nice!

  7. subbed i've been liking the epi

  8. sweet guys glad to have ya along. How are you two eating/training on it? Either of you running logs I could check out by chance?

    I decided to add a natty test booster to PCT cause I have the cash to spare and extra test is like Megan Fox and nakedness; more is never a bad thing. Anyone know if staring at her for 10 mins a day counts as a natty test booster by itself? NP was out of DTH so I thought I'd try act X.

    I'm doin one more light training day tomorrow to get a feel for the weights I'll wanna use, take the weekend off, and hit it fresh monday.

  9. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out for you!

  10. Good Luck bud.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  11. took my first dose of 10mg today to ease into 20mg tomorrow for my first workout. Didn't notice anything, but didn't really expect to yet.

    Hit the blackjack tables today, and left +$350. Paid for my entire cycle and then some

    took some before pics, I'll get em up in the next day or two when I get my camera back from my friend who helped me take em. I'll also get an official starting weight tomorrow morning. I have one of those tanita scales that measures BF% too. While it might not be 100% accurate, it will give good relative bodyfat readings I can use to gauge fat vs LBM gain as this goes along.

    Feelin rested and ready to kill chest/back manana!

  12. Nice job on the Blackjack tables! Only time I ever played I left up $150 Trick is don't ever return to give them their money back!!

    Good luck on the cycle and I'm interested to see how the GVT works for you. Thinking of giving it a shot.

  13. Sub'ed

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jordinator View Post
    Nice job on the Blackjack tables! Only time I ever played I left up $150 Trick is don't ever return to give them their money back!!

    Good luck on the cycle and I'm interested to see how the GVT works for you. Thinking of giving it a shot.
    i may or may not count cards haha... my local casino has a sidebet thats ridiculously awesome for a basic hi-low counter. If you know there's a lot of 10's coming you can make an a$$load of money. back to business...

    Starting weight this morning:
    177.8 lbs, 10.1% BF

    First day of training: chest/back. All lifts controlled, 3-4s eccentric.
    A1. Bench: 115x10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10
    A2. Bent BB row: 115x 10-10-10-10-10-10-10-9-8-8
    B1. WG pullup x 8
    B2. Incl flye 30x10
    After the set of flyes my left shoulder was bothering me so I went to pec-deck and lat pulldowns for the last 2 sets.
    C1. pec deck 80x10
    C2. lat pd 150x10

    All in all, not bad. I felt like a small girl only loading the 35's up for bench and bent rows, but since I got (almost) all reps imma bump bench to 125 next week and bent rows to 120.

    Once I'm done eating tonight I'll also post my food for the day as a sample workout day diet.

    so far so good, lets keep this epi-traine rollin!

  15. How long have you been working out bud?
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  16. 3 years, but I didn't learn how to really eat until about a year ago. Most of my gains have been since then.

    I normally train around 6-8 reps so it feels weird going so light all of a sudden...

  17. How long are you resting between each set during the 10x10?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jordinator View Post
    How long are you resting between each set during the 10x10?
    90s between each set of each exercise, exactly as poliquin recommends. 60s for the accessory work.

    Here's today's diet to give you guys an idea of what I'll be eating on training days:

    8:00- 15g pepto pro shake
    8:30- breakfast- 1 egg, 1 cup egg whites, 2 cups FF milk, a bagel, and 4g fish oil
    10:30- beta alanine/electrolyte/simple carb drink
    10:45- 50g maltodextrine/25g WPI shake
    11:00- hit the gym
    11:30- start sipping on 30g pepto pro throughout the rest of the workout
    12:15- finish workout, 30g WPI shake
    1:15- 6oz chicken, 1 cup of rice, teriyaki sauce, 2 cups FF milk
    4:00- 5oz beef jerky, 1 oz almonds, 1 banana, 4g fish oil
    7:00- 6oz beef, 1 oz almonds, 4g fish oil
    10:00- 1/2 cup FF cottage cheese, 20g chocolate casein, 1 tbl natty PB, 4g fish oil

    totals: 3400 cals, 93g fat, 302g carbs, 335g protein.

    I'm not normally this anal about food, I just measure EVERYTHING for a week when on a new eating plan to make sure I can accurately eyeball my meals for the rest of the plan. I'll also be sure to bump calories as my weight goes up, 50 cal/lb.

    Feelin good so far. Should get my camera back tomorrow night so I'll have some starting pics for you guys.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by spadesofaces View Post
    Here's today's diet to give you guys an idea of what I'll be eating on training days:
    Not a vegetable in sight

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Coachese View Post
    Not a vegetable in sight
    I'll be honest- i dont eat a lot of veggies. Normally I do a lil better than this, like some asparagus or broccoli with dinner, but I really just don't eat a lot of veggies. To me its like flossing- I know I should be doing it every day, I just never do.

  21. almost forgot- total stats for the day:

    weight: 178.4 lbs (+.6), 10.2% bf (+.1%)

    A1. Back squat: 175 lbsx10-10-10-10-10-10-9-8-8-7
    A2. Leg curl: 120 lbsx10-10-10-10-10-8-9-8-7-7
    B1. Standing calf raise 80x10-9-8-8-7
    B2. High decline situps +25x 10-10-10-9-9
    On the calf raises I hold the peak contraction for a second, do a 5 second eccentric, and hold the stretch for 3-5 secs

    diet macros: 3409 cals, 96g fat, 298g carbs, 340g protein

  22. Im in.

    I like the way you have things set out - look forward to following your progress.

  23. Really curious to see how this works out for you because I have been curious about this for a while. Three things kep resonating:

    1 - is it a good means to promote bodybuilding goals - proportion and symmerty? Don't misunderstand. It probably does a great job of tearing down muscle fibers. But because each workout only uses one (or two for large groups) exercise per body part, isn't it only stressing the muscle (most of which have more than one head) from one angle?

    2 - What's the fomula for the right diet and rest? These aspects are so much more important to growth than the actual workout. Here, they have to be super-solid due to the level of demands on the body.

    3 - Is GVT a lifestyle or a temporary undertaking? If lifestyle, it's probably too extreme for normal humans to sustain for years. If temporary, I wonder how the body reacts to a "normal" routine afterward.

    Hope it works, so please keep us posted.


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