True Protein's Gemma/Pea Isolate

  1. Thumbs up True Protein's Gemma/Pea Isolate

    In an effort to reduce the amount of animal proteins/fats in my diet, I decided to try True Protein's Gemma Isolate.

    Overall Impression

    Not bad...especially for the price. I was worried that it would tear up my bowels like other cheap proteins but it has not done so at all. Taste is not bad but not anywhere near as sweet and yummy as Muscle Milk. Texture varies based on water/milk amount added.

    I have gone through 5 pounds of the Natural Chocolate with Aminogen and have re-ordered 15 more pounds of Orange Juice flavor.

    I give it a thumbs up..especially for those seeking cheaper alternatives to whey iso or who want to reduce animal protein intake without sacrificing total protein intake.

  2. I had some of this awhile back and I really liked it too. Although I think mine was just the vanilla flavor.

  3. thanks for the review, I'm thinking of trying it. I think with aminogen it could be a great protein, especially with some casein thrown in.

  4. The Orange flavor is pretty good as's the premium, non-natural orange.

    I do wish they would put the nutritional info on the bags though. The exact macros I am getting from each scoop are kind of hazy.

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