AE's Gaining Gold and Keeping the Joints working (sponsored)

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  1. AE's Gaining Gold and Keeping the Joints working (sponsored)

    Let me first thank RR and Controlled Labs as well as CC and Forged for this opportunity. What a wonderful day it has been. I returned home from work getting ready to change and head to the gym, and I was greeted with 2 packages from my friend the UPS man. 1 CL's golden gains and one joint supplement by forged. It is friggin Christmas.

    Here is a bit about me:
    33 years old, 6' 208lbs. Been on a lean bulk the last month and a half, and up about 7-9lbs depending on the water

    Current supplements (changed a bit recently for $$$ reasons):
    Orange Triad
    IBE Reverse
    White Flood
    Bulk Fish Oil

    About 3 weeks ago, decided I wanted to go back to powerlifting and am scheduled to compete again in October, so I changed the split a great deal, and have seen phenomenal results thus far.

    Sunday: Heavy chest/Tri's
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: Upper Chest
    Thursday: Back (focus on deads)
    Friday: Shoulders
    Saturday: Legs

    Also, 7 days a week I am at the gym very early in the am (prior to 5am) for cardio. Right now it has been approximately 40 minutes of reclined bike as the treadmill has screwed up an already bad ankle.

    So here is how today went

    Seated Military press (10 sets) 255lbs 2 reps
    BTN press (2 sets) 175lbs 5 reps
    Reverse peck deck (12 sets) 3 giant sets 4 weights each 90,75,60,45lbs
    BTB BB shrugs (8 sets) 405lbs 5 reps
    Incline Bench leaning laterals (5 sets) 20lbs

    Half way through the workout I started drinking the GG. Interesting flavor, not so much Apple Pie IMO, more fruity. Taste is fine, and mixes fairly easily. The only issue from day 1 was you can tell that there is an oat content. It was a tad grainy, however, if you have ever used oats, than no real surprises there.

    Really looking forward to seeing how both of these together work in. Tomorrow with legs will be an interesting challenge. Will be posting pics in a few minutes as well, as I am curious how this works with the lean bulk.
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  2. If anyone knows how to resize the pics, please let me know. Struggling mightly
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  3. Hopefully these work

    Taken a few days ago
    Attached Images Attached Images    
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  4. Just an update from the morning. Hit the bike at an incline of 6% for 40 minutes. Feels much better on the bike than treadmill, as it allows me to walk without a limp afterward. Will be heading back this afternoon for legs
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  5. A bit late of a response but here was leg day

    Back Squats 10 sets: 2 sets @ 315
    Front Squats 5 sets: 155lbs
    Leg Press 5 sets: 495lbs

    Seated calf raises 7 sets: 2 45's 25 reps per set
    Standing calf raises 10 sets: 110, 80, 50lbs in giant set form

    Felt good, and started with the Golden Gains 3/4 way through the workout. Felt good and not as fatigued
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  6. Did my normal bike routine this am and will be heading back by 1pm for chest/tris

  7. In!!! This is looking great so far...

  8. thanks man, and thanks for the GG.

    HEre was todays Chest/Tris day

    Flat BP (10 sets) 335lbs 2 reps
    Incline BP (5 sets) 295lbs 2 reps
    Floor Press (8 sets) 300lbs 1 rep (i was dying at this point)

    Reverse grip 2 hand pulldowns (5 sets) 110lbs
    2arm db extensions (5 sets) 85lbs
    CG BP (5 sets) 255lbs 3 reps

    I actually used a sample of BSN's volumaize intra workout, which pushed the GG totally post. Saw nothing from volumaize btw.

    Some thoughts
    Ankle is still struggling, however tenderness in my right elbowis not as bad so maybe the Forged is working. Also, on the GG front, my recovery seems pretty good, not sore from leg day at all
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  9. man I wish my GG came already! I am so excited to try it. I love apple pie flavored stuff!

  10. the flavor is interesting, it is not so much apple pie, but more so very fruit like
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  11. ok, somewhat abbreviated today as had meetings after work which just suck

    hit the bike for 40 minutes early this am, god mondy mornings suck

    got back to the gym around 4:30 for back

    BB Rows (8 sets) 245lbs 5 reps
    Wide grip chins (5 sets) bw
    HS tbar rows (6 sets) 3 45's
    BTN NG pulldowns (5 sets) 195lbs
    Hyperextensions (5 sets) 45lbs plate

    Felt good, however here in Pa we are hitting 92 degrees, and the gym didnt have the air on. Whoa!!!

    Overall feeling pretty good. No major joint issues, although my ankle certainly likes to let me know it is there.

    In terms of GG, started drinking 3/4 of the way through the workout, and felt good with it. The flavor is starting to work for me now. Not gonna lie, the first day the flavor was a tad disappointing.
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  12. like GFH, the flavor will grow on you. play with the water / scoops to find your sweet spot

  13. That's my plan. I actually just had some on my off day as an afternoon snack. Quite enjoyable.

  14. Love the PL'ing-induced camel traps, AE!

  15. Thanks man. I actually got stopped at walmart while out with my daughter about my traps. Guy wanted a break down of all the exercises I do.

  16. Just a little aside, it has been 5 days with GG and I am noticing some stomach discomfort, and greater frequency running to the toilet. In fact, just had to (and I mean had to) use immodium. Might be the Concentrate.
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  17. Chest and Bi's

    Had a ral nice workout today, coupled with a little incline pr

    Incline BP (10 sets) 315lbs 3 reps
    Flat BP (8 sets) 315lbs 2 reps (I was spent)
    Incline flys (5 sets) 75lbs

    Hammer curls (5 sets) 55lbs
    BB curls (5 sets) 115lbs
    Hero curls (5 sets) 60lbs

    Felt very good. In terms of joint issues, feel great outside of the ankle, which is still tender and a tad unreliable. Drank GG totally post workout. All things are a go there, if I could just get my stomach to tolerate it
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  18. Just got back from a a back workout where I should have gotten a DL pr but lost focus and blew it

    DL (10 sets) missed 450 2x however blew up 425 for an easy 2
    Weighted chins (5 sets) 35-45lbs
    1arm cable rows (5 sets) 100lbs
    BTN pull downs (5 sets) 190lbs
    2arm seated cable rows (5 sets) 225lbs

    Felt great, just lost focus, also forgot my ipod as I was rushing from a meeting at work and it totally threw me off. Son of a @#$%^

    Feel great otherwise, still slight stomach discomfort from GG, however immodium is a sweet thing
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  19. Had a great shoulder workout.

    Seated MP (10 sets) 255lbs 2 reps
    BTN PRess (5 sets) 175lbs 5 reps
    BTB BB Shrugs (8 sets) 405lbs 8 reps
    Reverse Peck deck (8 sets) 90-45lbs
    Side cable laterals (5 sets) 40lbs

    Felt great, really never got tired and stayed strong pretty much throughout.

    Joints feel great!!
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  20. Leg day

    Damn do I hate leg day, but feeling good afterward. It seems that 1. squatting in my wrestling shoes seemed to give more support, 2. the joint support is qorking well, and 3. my ankle as a result of the previous 2 seems to be better (somewhat)

    Back squats (10 sets) 365lbs 3 reps (deep ones)
    Front Squats (5 sets) 175lbs 5 reps
    Leg press (5 sets) 495lbs

    Stiff leg DL (5 sets) 185lbs
    Seated leg curls (5 sets) 130lbs (favorite ham exercise)

    Seated calf raises (5 sets)
    Leg press machine calf ext. (5 sets) 495lbs

    Felt strong throughout. Am sipping GG right now. I have noticed that I am staying fairly strong throughout the workouts, not fatiguing as easily.
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  21. got back from chest day, got fatigued early in the workout which is not typical for me

    Flat BP (10 sets) 355 2 reps (struggled)
    Incline BP (8 sets) 305 2 reps
    Floor Press (8 sets) 275 5 reps

    Close grip BP (5 sets) 225lbs 10 reps
    2arm reverse pulldowns (5 sets) 120lbs
    2arm db extensions (5 sets) 90lbs

    I am completely wiped out, in fact, I feel like I could take a nap. Put up decent #'s, however not too sure if fatigue was holding me back (most likely)
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  22. Try drinking the GG slower to avoid GI problems. YOu don't have to chug it all post workout

  23. Will do. Thanks RR

  24. Great log. I hope you can tolerate the GG.

  25. thanks SS, seems to be holding better now. Just might have taken my body some time to adjust

    Here is my back workout from today.
    Weighted chins (5 sets) 45lbs
    Barn doors (5 sets) 110lbs
    Rack pulls (6 sets) 515lbs
    BB Rows (5 sets) 225lbs
    Front pulldowns (5 sets) 240lbs

    Felt good, very strong (for me). All things moving along nicely. As requested by RR, sipping my GG right now
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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