I ran this stack at 4 pumps 5/2, and 4 pills of DTH a day for 3 weeks. Im stopping now because for whatever reason, be it diet, nature of my training, or whatever, my recovery all over is starting to slow down. Im taking the rest of the week off for some light cardio and good eats. Anyways, heres a basic, unbiased review.

Starting Weight - 162
Ending Weight - 168(today)

This is definite lean again and not bloat or fluctuations by the way. Taken similar times of the day, no change in diet, and progress was at a constant rate.

Starting Numbers
315x5 on Squat
110x5 on DB press
(These are my "big lifts" I do consistantly enough to measure progress on)

Ending numbers

You can blame the not hitting 10 on DB press on me.

The only thing I dont like about the whole stack was showering daily. Its a chore, and the ladies need to smell my masculinity amirite? (Joke for the humor impaired.)

I realize this is probably a pretty crappy review but just thought Id throw it up anyways.