Hi i am interested in purchasing the above cycle but had some queries.

    If your taking it for the 1st time is it ok to take as a stack or introduce the diff supplements one by one.
    I only ask as these are new supplements and to ensure your body is comfortable with them......

    the supplements
    hyperdrol x2
    stimulant x
    lean fx

  2. from my personal experience, nothing compares to ECA. you see results FAST

  3. Samosa:

    Stack It. If you haven't downloaded the Xtreme Cutting cycle pdf from the company's website you should. They give you all the info you need on the dosages. I'm currently taking this same exact stack and having awesome results. I have a log FatboySlim-How To Get Shredded w/ Anabolic Xtreme(unsponsored)

    I'm very pleased with the products and my results, but I have also maintained a clean diet. Good luck

  4. much appreciated

    thank you

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