Bassgod's Pops His Sponsored Log Cherry With IBE and FORMEX!

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  1. Bassgod's Pops His Sponsored Log Cherry With IBE and FORMEX!

    First I would like to thank Iron Lungz and IBE for giving me this wonderful opportunity. For those of you who may not know, IBE has came out with a very innovative(go figure ) product. It's called Formex. It is Formestane, but it is Formestane Methylcyclopentylether(MCPE). It's the first oral version of Formestane that should actually do what it claims it can. It is "the next generation aromatase inhibitor/pro-anabolic compound."

    Serving Size: 2 capsules
    Servings Per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving: 50mg

    Ingredients: Formestane MCPE
    Other Ingredients: Maltrodextrin

    Suggested Use: Take 2-4 capsules daily for optimal results. Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24 hour period.

    The capsules are yellow in color and size 00 I believe? At any rate, they're fairly small and won't be hard to take everyday. As you can see by the picture, the bottle/label is pretty sick looking. My initial thoughts when receiving this today were "HELLLL YEAAAA!!!!" LOL. I can't wait to take my first dose tomorrow morning! Let's see what this can do!
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  2. 1st on this

  3. Here's the official write up:


    IBE Formex (Formestane MCPE: 25mg per capsule)

    -Rapidly Decrease Estrogens
    -Skyrocket Testosterone Levels
    -Ferociously Increase Libido
    -Greatly Increase Free Test Lower SHBG
    -Block 5a-Reductase Activity Prevent Hair Loss
    -Ether Technology Prevents Rapid Degradation

    Product Overview
    The same company that brought you new innovations like acetylated resveratrol, 2-bromomelatonin, and Epistane IBE is proud to announce its latest innovation: Formex. The wait for the most potent anti-estrogen ever to hit the market is over. Formex is a revolution in the battle against estradiol because it utilizes one of the most potent second generation steroidal aromatase inhibitors and supercharges it by rearranging the 17B-hydroxyl group to give you the longest lasting, legal anti-estrogen. This rearrangement, called methylcyclopentyl ether (MCPE), is what allows for the incredible increase in bioavailability, allowing for a smaller dose with much greater testosterone boosting and estradiol reducing effects. Don't waste your money on regular formestane, which hastily breaks down in the body, experience IBE Formex and take your body to the next level!

    What is actually in Formex?

    Formex contains the MCP ether of formestane. The chemical name is 4-hydroxy-17B-(1'-methoxy)-cyclopentoxyandrost-4-en-3-one. As you can see Formex is not methylated as many of the harsher oral prohormones have become recently. The chemical structure is below:

    Why would I use Formex over traditional compounds like ATD?

    It actually puzzles us why ATD is such a popular compound for use in PCT. Although ATD inhibits aromatase activity it actually acts as an antagonist for the androgen receptor. What does this mean for you? It means that ATD literally prevents testosterone from binding and eliciting its anabolic effect! This is a terrible idea for use in PCT. Formex on the other hand elicits just enough of an anabolic effect that it does not suppress, yet also decreases estrogens, prevents hair loss and other unwanted androgenic effects by blocking 5a-Reductase, and decreases SHBG to raise your test levels higher than any other PCT product available!

    Is Formex better than regular Formestane?

    By far! IBE has corrected the problem with traditional formestane products; low bioavailability. With Formex you can now rest assured that your liver is not rapidly degrading your anti-estrogen before it ever reaches systemic circulation. How does this work? Formex resists biodegradation with a dual shield. The first defense is evasion. Typically when something is ingested it is carried through the stomach and into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed and brought into circulation for processing. The vein responsible for this is the hepatic portal vein (HPV). As the name implies it brings blood directly to the liver for processing and is the site of regular formestane biodegradation. However, there is a loophole in this defense. The more lipophilic (fat loving) a substance is the lower the chance of it entering the HPV and the greater the chance of it entering lymphatic circulation. Since ethers cannot Hydrogen bond and a hydrocarbon group has been added, it becomes much more lipophilic. These substances can enter lacteals, make their way into the lymphatic system, bypass the liver, and reach systemic circulation before ever seeing the first sign of hepatic metabolism. This means not only can you get greater estradiol suppression but for a much longer period than before. The second defense is the MCPE in the 17b position. This group protects itself from cleavage because it is large and bulky and repels the enzyme responsible.

    What can I expect with Formex?

    With Formex you can expect to feel your libido skyrocket and visibly see your boat dwindle away. Plus, Formex is not only an anti-estrogen but it also has mild anabolic properties that allow for strength and muscle gains, as well as a heightened ferocity in the gym. On cycle you can expect to see a hardened physique and greatly reduced risk of forming estradiol-induced gynecomastia.

    When should I use Formex?

    Formex can be used anytime that you would like greatly increase your testosterone levels, decrease levels of estradiol, and increase athletic performance.

    ON CYCLE: It can be used on cycle to reduce the bloat associated with aromatizing compounds or to prevent estradiol-related gynecomastia. Formex can also be used in PCT to prevent valuable testosterone from converting to estradiol. It is important to understand that the dosing regimen for Formex is much different than traditional formestane. Since it lasts longer in the body, it requires less frequent doses. In studies of cycloalkyl ether derivatives of estradiol, researchers found that these highly lipophilic substances were capable of being stored in fat and create a time released effect. Other studies have shown that formestane given parenterally at a mere 250mg inhibited the activity of aromatase >85% for 2 weeks! Since Formex enters systemic circulation similarly to formestane given parenterally you can achieve maximal results without the use of transdermals or injectables.

    BRIDGE: One of the most effective uses for Formex is using it as a bridge between cycles. No need for a full, all out PCT between cycles, use Formex while recovering and prevent muscle wasting, while keeping libido elevated.

    Formex can be used as a standalone product to help maintain your gains throughout the year, decrease fat accumulation, keep you shredded for the summer, or give you the extra boost you need whether it be in the gym or the bedroom!

    TRT: Formex can provide valuable protection against gynecomastia for those on TRT. The risk of gynecomastia while on TRT is greatly increased as the body adjusts to its surroundings by increasing circulating levels of CYP (aromatase) to combat the rapid rise in testosterone levels.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tim1985 View Post
    1st on this
    Niiiiiiice! It should be a good one bro

  5. Beginning Stats:


    BF% 13ish?

    Training Program: Modified DC Training

    Moderate carbs, trying to keep them low during the day. Carb cutoff at 6pm. Only eat sugary or starchy carbs first thing in the morning and post-wo. Protein will be high(300g) and fats will be moderate as well. Meats, fish oil, milk, EVOO, etc.

    Add some LBM while decreasing body fat at the same time, while also gaining strength. Yea, I ask for a lot, so what?

    Staples: Scivation Xtend, Fish Oil 6g/day, Whey, Liquid CLA 3.5g/day, 1-Carboxy 1.4g am and before bed then an additional 1.4g pre-wo, green tea extract 1,000mg 3 times daily with meals.

    I'll be noting libido, vascularity, weight, strength, reps, overall mood/feeling, side effects(if any), etc.

    Starting pics will be up tomorrow around noon since I have the day off

  6. In on the form!

  7. Awesome that you got it so quickly!

  8. post some before pictures, and save some space for after pix

    good luck

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Antonek View Post
    post some before pictures, and save some space for after pix

    good luck
    I'm sure he will; it was part of the requirements for logging. Just give him some time.

  10. In like flynt. Is this a standalone cycle, or PCT?

  11. In on this !!

    Good luck BG

  12. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    In like flynt. Is this a standalone cycle, or PCT?
    Standalone bro. Libido should be jackedddddd up! haha.

  13. Good luck with this and looking forward to hearing the results

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    Awesome that you got it so quickly!
    I know man, it was a VERY nice surprise coming home after a hectic day at work, and seeing a package from IBE at my door step.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Antonek View Post
    post some before pictures, and save some space for after pix

    good luck
    Thanks for telling me, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Pics will be up later today. Last night was kinda crazy as my son woke up screaming at 3am and didn't go back to sleep til 5am. So i'll post 'em up later today. It's a part of my agreement with Iron and IBE, so they'll be up I assure you. Hey Iron, am I allowed to take my first dose or do I have to post up pics first?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Good luck with this and looking forward to hearing the results
    Glad to have you bro. I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling the results!

  17. Metal of the Day: PANTERA - A New Level. I will be taking my training and intensity to a whole new level with Formex!!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pantera-A new level[/ame]

  18. Subbed. I have 2 bottles on the way. I'm looking forward to it.

  19. In! How are you going to be dosing this? I'll be setting up my log shortly

  20. Great job getting that log up! I'll be following along!

    Recomping, huh? you have all the same goals as I do.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by PhysiqueFreak View Post
    In! How are you going to be dosing this? I'll be setting up my log shortly
    I'm pretty sure we have to dose 50mg(2 caps) everyday for 1 month.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by bassgod272 View Post
    I'm pretty sure we have to dose 50mg(2 caps) everyday for 1 month.
    OK, that's what I thought.

    Here's a link to my log, stop in:

    PhysiqueFreak takes it to NEW levels with IBE's Formex (sponsored)

  23. Subbed, good luck.... IBE makes some good stuff this should be great!

  24. Here are the starting pics. My legs suck, I have no abs, and definition is declining, lol. Hence why I am trying to recomp.
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