stane it time!

  1. stane it time!

    to today I started my Epistane cycle 20/30/30/40 my starting weight is 159.5 got sick so weight dropped but now I'm good to my goal is to bulk as much as I can support sups are protein powder omega 3's liver sups and joint sups not that my joints are bad but it's just a good thing to have I will post my workout in a lil I dont think I can do it in one cycle but I would like to get to 175 I will be happy with 170 though :bb2::bb:

  2. 1 week update not much to say weight is 160.8 strength is the same so it's time to bump it up to 30mg

  3. save........

  4. fyi this is IBE Epistane

  5. whats the progress man? how are your workouts lookin? any pics?

  6. so I've got pink eye!!!!!! so I cant work out now so I stopped the cycle I will pick it back up in about 2 weeks ..I only did 20mg for 1 week man I am pissed


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