Blowing up on 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol-3-hydroxyimine aka THE ONE!

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  1. Yes I tend to read that site often. The wife gets onto me with a sincerity when i get onto that site due to reading for hours! I wish I could buy the Anabolic Book thats on that site, but seems as if its online only. (shame) So I think my next project is going to print out the whole darm thing, then put it in a binder notebook for a study at will purpose!! Makes me wish i had a degree in ergogenics lol
    Good Day to All !!

  2. ha ha ha, i remember when this came out.

    i bought a bottle from nutra, came with free 2nd gear. the one at 4 caps e/d wasn't much, great recomper, i liked 2nd gear more so.

    that was prob the best ai product i've used. man it was good.

    anyway, this needs to be released again. cel had it, i now wish i had ordered 4 bottles of this on my rep order instead of pmag an stanodrol. well, this ans alpha one.
    so stupid...



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