Running through walls, killing babies, and taking over sorority houses

  1. Running through walls, killing babies, and taking over sorority houses

    Welp..figured id jump on the DTHC bandwaggon and give it a go. I am gonna log this cuz it wil lbe my first real log and I look foward to doing it.

    Just got my bottle of DTHC, NP's Ultimate MassPump Stack, and I got a bottle of RPM.

    Currently taking:

    Mono Creatine

    Training- 5 day, 2 off..usually changes depending on how tired I am that day, but pretty much stays the same every week

    Tue- Shoulders
    Wed- Arms
    Thur- Legs
    Fri- Back/ light bi

    Currently going for a recomp, taking in about 2700-3000 Calories a day.

    Protein- turkey, chicken, tuna, nuts
    carbs- wheat bread, oats, nuts
    fats- nuts, evoo

    Ill post up a more detailed writeup later when I get back from the gym but Im excited because I just got the packages at work :bruce3:

    Hitin back and Bi, gonna dose 2 DTHC when I get home, 4 RPM, and then go for the 3-3-3 dosing on the nutra stack. Ill post a writeup when I get home!
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  2. Diesel Hard Test Core?

  3. haha..sorry i did that on my phone..yea thought id go with diesel hard test core heard it was more hardcore than the original.

  4. "Running through walls, killing babies, and taking over sorority houses"

    Enjoy the ride brotha
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  5. well didnt get to update as planned, spent a weekend snowboarding in vermont (left my log book there too like an idiot) but anyways..

    Friday I dosed 1 DTHC at around 4 when I got it, and then the recomended dosage of the NP stack.

    Worked back/ bi's- holy fukin pump! I could barely finish sets as the pump was so bad ( but i loved every second of it).

    didnt get around to logging my workout but yesterday was shoulders

    dosed 1 DTHC waking up around 10 am, the next one around 3 pm, then the last one at 6 PM. Havent really noticed anything yet in terms of aggression or any of the other sides.

    Had a pretty awesome workout- these numbers are by no far high but ive been taking it light on my shoulder since i broke my collar bone awhile back

    DB arnod presses- 15x 30, 12 x 40, 12 x 40, 10x 45, 8 x 50

    BB Military Press- 15 x 90, 12 x 135 12 x 145 10 x160 8 x 180

    Side Lateral Raise- 3x20x12

    DB Shrugs, 3x70x12

    foward raise w/ 45 plate- 3x 12

    had a pretty narly pump goin on in my shoulders and tri's, i looked huge.


    6:30 AM- 1 DTHC Upon waking
    7:30 AM- 2 Egg 6 Egg white omlete with onions, pepers, about 2 oz of sausage, and handful of fat free cheddar cheese with salsa

    11:00- 1 DTHC

    11:30- chicken wrap with low fat cheddar cheese, franks red hott, lettuce and pickkles on wheat- my favorite
    1 tuna fish sangy on wheat with lettuce and onions

    thats it for now.. gonna take DTHC at 3 as well as 4 RPM, the NP stack and hit the gym up.

    I feel like I could move to 4 a DTHC a day because Im not really experiencing anything from Ill most likely do that tommoro.

  6. @ 220lbs, you should be taking 6-8, man. Wooowoooooo!!!! I was 167lbs when I took DTHC and took 6.

  7. I love DTHC, the aggression is awesome in the gym, I feel more confident in my selling abilities at work, and libido is out of this world (It was already through the roof, but now it is getting crazy)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    @ 220lbs, you should be taking 6-8, man. Wooowoooooo!!!! I was 167lbs when I took DTHC and took 6.
    It depends on the person though. I don't remember off the top of my head, but Chuck weighs a decent amount, def more than me and he only doses DTH around 2-3 a day I believe, yet Trip and I who are closer in weight frequently go 4 or more.

    I say just keep easing into it and stepping up. Once it starts to hit it is easy to titrate up or down to find your sweet spot.
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  9. hmm word... yesterday I had a pretty lacking chest workout, but i got a rediculous full body pump today..wierd

    logs at my house but basically went like this

    flat bench- 15 12 12 10 8
    flat flys- 15 12 12 10
    cable fly 15 15 15
    incline cable pull? idk what this is called lol- 15 15 15
    pushups 3 sets of 15
    decline DB bench- 15 12 12 12

    did some HIIT for 20 mins and i was drenched.

    Took 2 DTHC before my omlete this morning.. gonna take 2 more at 11:30..and then If im not feelin anything im gonna take 1 at around 3, or see what the deal is with me taking 4.

  10. Interesting title

  11. yea..cant wait to see if these actually make that title come thru..just took 2 more dthc, which makes 4 for the day.

    lets see what happens!


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