Havoc write up

  1. Havoc write up

    Last week on Havoc and great results!
    I will posting before and after pics when I get my points, so hit me up and let me get some more points please.
    Did a 4 week cycle, and gained a total of 15lbs.
    Started weight was 178 and finished at 193lbs, weighing in the mornings.
    Strength went through the roof, besides bench. Bad shoulders kept me from going too heavy. Gained a sloid 1 1/2" on arms, and calves. Neck also gained a solid 1 1/4". Legs gained about 1 1/2". I will rate Havoc about 8.9, the only down fall was my joints where dry as hell! Besides that love it!

    If yall can help get some more points, i will diff. post pics. Probably be some of the better pics of Havoc. Now lets hope I can retain a lot of my weight for summer time. Probaly in May or middle of May going to do a stack, once again try to shoot for 205lbs!

  2. 4 week Cycle:

    Week 1: 20 mg
    Week 1, day 4: 30 mg
    Week 2: 30 mg
    Week 3: 40 mg
    Week 4: 50 mg

  3. Food:

    Calorie in take: 6000-6500
    4 meals and 4 shakes a day
    Protein: 350-450 g
    - took a lot of bromelain to help with digestion

  4. Work Outs:

    6 days
    Super Heavy till failure

    1. Chest, back, abbs, calves
    2. Biceps and tri, abbs, calves
    3. Traps and delts, abbs, calves
    4. Legs
    5. Chest, Biceps
    6. Back, Tri, legs

  5. Supplements:

    3 joint cares
    Milk thristle
    fish oil
    multi vitamins
    A LOT of caffeine and uppers

  6. how much BF did you put on? How tall are you, how old are you?

  7. Did not gain any body fat, actuall cut a lil around the stomach.

  8. 6000-6500 cals damn thats high!

    can't wait for the pics!
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  9. pretty sick that you were eating 6000 cals and cut fat...this stuff must be potent

  10. what kinda PCT did you run....or are running. I'm pretty interested in havoc or the ONE by AN.

  11. Manchu is my lil bro he is [email protected] huge now compared to the size he was a few months ago, I can attest to his solid gains. Im up next for a havoc cycle to see if I get as good of gains. Will post pics and logs as soon as I begin my cycle next week or so.

  12. need help with posting pics, cannot figure it out

  13. if you have pictures on your computer already, then make a photobucket account. Upload the pictures there and you'll get a link to post pictures on forums for each picture you uploaded. usually its [IMG]thenpicturelinkherefromuploade dsite[/IMG] to post a picture on a forum.

  14. i have my pics, tring to post them from a ulead photo explorer

  15. where do i get a photobucket?

  16. photobucket is a website. go to photobucket.com

  17. downloaded photobucket and just recieved my before pics via email and sent them to photobucket but they are not showing up. they where sent sent to me with a zipped folder

  18. i will finish some time tomorrow

  19. It's a lot easier if you go to a free picture sharing site and upload it.

    ImageShack.us works very well. They even give you the link to use to post them on forums like this one....

  20. hey man im at about the same weight and everything as you. I just purchased havoc and was wondering if you would write me and let me know about what you did to get the gains you got and just give me some pointers.


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