Getting Bad Ass in the Jungle log(unsponsored)

  1. Getting Bad Ass in the Jungle log(unsponsored)

    Well first off I'd like to say hi to everyone on AM. I am looking forward to getting to know a few of you over the next 8 weeks. I will be stacking ALRI's Jungle Warfare with Bad Ass Mass while clean bulking for the next two months.
    My Background

    I am a 21 yr old male from Canada.I am currently going to University working on a Geology degree. I have been lifting weights for 6 years, 3 of which I have taken pretty seriously. Eating healthy is a second nature to me, as my mom is a personal trainer and father is a registered nurse, and have influenced me from a young age. I am just getting back to the gym after having my appendix taken out 3 weeks ago, so figured it would be a great time to start this stack as I have some specific goals in mind after not working out for close to a month.

    For the next two weeks I will be easing back into the heavy lifting. I personally prefer lifting really heavy weights with low reps for putting on size. So I will be doing a modified 5x5 training program starting in 2 weeks...until then i will be keeping the reps in the 8-12 range so as to not get a hernia. I will try to log every workout and note any personal bests that I may achieve.

    My current weight is 190.5 as of this morning. And I am guessing that my bodyfat is around 12-14%. I will be taking before pictures this coming weekend as my parents are coming down for a visit, and are bringing my camera and my bodyfat calipers. So for diet I am going to start with

    285g protein
    355g carbs
    106g fat
    and adjust from there so as to gain about 1-1.5 pounds a week.My main sources of food will be:
    extra lean beef
    cottage cheese
    whey protein
    brown rice
    Peanut Butter
    Green Beans
    Vitamin C
    Fish Oil
    FLax oil
    Desiccated Liver Tablets
    also have been taking SP250 and SizeOn for my creatine and preworkout sources but may switch brands once they are done.
    The JW and BAM will be done in this protocol:
    Weeks 1-2: JW
    Weeks 3-4: JW + BAM
    Weeks 5-6: JW + BAM
    Weeks 7-8: JW + BAM
    Weeks 9-10: BAM


    My goal is to gain 10 lbs of lbm over the course of this log while staying around the 10-12% for bodyfat wise.I will be taking my weight once a week as well as progress pics everyonce in a while As well as reporting:
    side effects:
    and anything else I can think of or ppl ask for. Alright time to get started!!!!Wish me luck!!!

  2. Day 1

    So today was the first day of JW and BAM so nothing really to report today.I would also like to mention that this is the first time I've used any supplements of this nature. So am really excited to see what they can do for me.

    My workout today consisted of chest/tri's:
    Incline Bench: 185x12,185x12,205x10,225x8
    Incline DB Flies:35x12,35x12,35x12
    Cable Flyes:45x12,45x12,45x12
    Close Grip Bench:185x10,185x10,185x10
    Cable pushdown:225x12,225x12,225x12
    As I mentioned in the above post I am just getting back to the gym after a surgery so won't be lifting heavy for another 2 weeks or so. At that point I will be doing a 5x5 based program that I've used in the past to good success. But other than that the workout went good today...felt strong but didn't want to hurt myself so kept the reps high. Got a pretty good pump as well.

  3. Day 2

    Well I was pissed off all day today and took it out in the gym. Had a really good Back/Bi's workout. Got an amazing pump, probably from the amount of food ive been eating and the higher reps. Tried to really focus on the mind muscle connection today and it worked out great. My workout was as follows:

    Lat pulldown: 225x12, 225x12, 225x10, 225x9
    Closegrip cable row: 250x12, 250x12, 250x10
    T-Bar Row: 90x15, 90x14, 90x12
    DB curl: 40x12, 40x10
    Cable Curl:50x12, 50x10, 50x9

    I enjoy the pump from high reps but i can't wait to get back to throwing some bigger weights around.

    Mood: pissed off all day, not related to JW
    Strength: felt strong but didn't want to injure myself
    Sleep: had a great sleep last night which is rare..but had trouble waking up...didn't feel like getting out of bed
    Side effects: slightly lethargic this morning?

  4. Day 3

    Day off from the gym today. Really sore from the last couple days.

    sleep quality:really deep sleep again which is weird?

  5. Day 4

    Had a unbelievable day! Cooked up about 4 pounds of chicken and 2 pounds of extra lean beef, as well as a whack load of brown rice and steamed broccoli. So im set for the next couple days. Went to the gym mid afternoon and killed shoulders, traps and calves.Felt so good to have my old intensity back so i tore it up!


    Seated BB military press- 135x15, 135x14, 135x13
    DB Lateral Raises- 40x12, 40x12, 40x10
    Seated DB lateral raise- 40x10 drop set to 20x15
    Bent over lateral-40x15, 40x15, 40x13 These were super setted with
    Front Raises- 30x15, 30x15, 30x15
    Db Shrugs- 90x15, 90x15, 90x15 super setted with
    Farmer Carry-60lb dumbells each hand walked length of gym and back = 1 set
    DB Calf raise-40x15, 40x15, 40x15, 40x15

    Now this is way more volume than I usually use but I'm not going to failure and the reps are high with light weight.

    aggression:really high in the gym
    intensity:through the roof
    sleep quality:really deep sleep again which i am really enjoying

  6. Good log so far.. sub'd.

  7. Day 5

    I am gone out of town till sunday so won't have anything to report till then. I hit snooze 4 times thisaggression:really high in the gym

    intensity:day off from the gym but really wish it wasn't
    sleep quality:broken sleep and weird dreams...really lethargic this morning

  8. oh I will also put up some pics on sunday or monday as I will have my camera with me again.

  9. Day 8

    Got back from my trip yesterday so spend the remainder of the night cooking and relaxing. Today I hit the gym hard and crushed my chest...had a good workout. I also took some pics yesterday so I'll try and figure out how to put them up.


    Flat Bench- 225x10, 225x10, 225x10 drop set to 135x 11
    Incline Bench- 175x12, 175x110, 175x9
    Incline Flyes- 45x11, 45x10, 45x9
    Cable crossover- 45x12, 45x12
    Pushups- 35, 33

    Last week of light lifting. Super pumped.

    strength:feel really strong but haven't had a chance to test it yet
    pumps:crazy pumps happening
    intensity:im in the zone!
    sides:couple pimples developing on my back and get lethargic in the morning
    sleep quality:i'm sleeping really well which i like...but any suggestions to get rid of the lethargy in the morning?

  10. [email protected] bro youre a beast, log lookin good

  11. Day 9

    Thanks panther I hope to be a beast by the end of this!

    Trained back today, and felt pretty good.
    Reverse grip lat pulldown-205x14, 205x14, 205x12
    Reverse grip bentover row-175x12, 175x12, 175x12
    Lat pullup-10, 9,7
    Closegrip cablerow-225x12, 225x12, 225x110

    strength:feeling strongggg
    pumps:average today
    intensity:can't stop me!
    energy:not much today
    sides:skin is definitely more oily than normal
    sleep quality:had a horrible sleep last night so it probably is what effected my energy levels today
  12. Mid morning snack/preworkout

    Name:  before and after's 008.jpg
Views: 151
Size:  197.3 KB

  13. 6 whole eggs + 150 grams lean ground beef with two slice of cheese and 2 slices of whole grain bread yummmmmm

    Now its time to kill shoulders and arms in the gym. Feel like a pyscho today so we'll see what happens!

  14. Day 10

    So I was in a rush to get to the gym and make it to class on time so I utilized some giant sets and little rest time to get a quick shoulders and arms workout in. The pump was sick!


    Seated DB press-75x15, 75x14
    Tricep Pushdown-105x12, 105x12
    BB curl-80x14, 80x12
    Did each of those exercises in a row then 90 sec rest then went through them again.

    Db lateral raise- 35x12, 35x10
    Closegrip pushup-33, 29
    incline seated db curl- 25x15, 25x13

    Same thing did two giant sets with this group then had to get to class...pump was nuts but i felt really rushed. Oh well next week Ill start throwing some heavier weights up.

    libido:really high
    strength:felt strong
    intensity:im in the zone
    sides: oily skin
    sleep quality:had a deep sleep with weird dreams last night

  15. I dont see your starting weight anywhere man! please post it

  16. Day 11

    My starting weight was 190.5 and I am now up to 192.5. So I'm up 2lbs so far! And I haven't even started moving the big weights yet! Look out. Today wasn't a workout day as I was driving 7hrs to be home for feb break. Will be hitting legs for the first time since my surgery tomorrow...will keep ya posted.

    libido:really high
    intensity:wanted to rip my stearing wheel off a couple times when I got stuck behind some slow drivers lol
    sidesily skin
    sleep quality:sleeping great still
    Aggression:thought I'd add this one because i have noticed more aggression and irritability the last couple days...i like it!!

  17. Your rear double bi is wicked nice hardness.

  18. thanks somewhatgifted....trying to get those lats wider and the chest bigger

  19. I can tell by the pics you have a strong shoulder press, strong triceps and upper chest. THis means your shoulder probably dominates over your mid and lower chest and hampers its growth. This is tough to over come but you can re-train yourself to hit the lower portions and your lower chest will blow up and your lifts will increase.

  20. you hit the nail on the shoulders really dominate the lift and im really trying to focus on using my chest to press or fly but having trouble.any suggestions?


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