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  1. East Texas Style feat- Nettle & Prime

    Hello everyone, this is my first time logging stuff online, so I'm pretty excited to get to it:
    About me:
    I am 21 y/o, 6'3" & 1/2, and between 188-192 pounds (do not know body fat %). I have been lifting since I was a freshman in high school (2001) and starting lifting routinely last July. I was always very skinny growing up (around 150) until I started lifting and got to the weight I am now. I have used a few different routines including basic volume training, GVT, and most recently DC training. I really just try to lift as hard as I can all of the time.

    Bulk Nettle (weeks 1-4 & 9-12) Dosed at 1500 or 2000 mg
    ATD (weeks 1-4 & 9-12) Dosed at 25 mg every night
    Blue Up (weeks 1-4) Dosed at 2 per day
    Prime (weeks 5-8) Dosed at 6 per day, 5 days a week
    Bulk 1-Carboxy (weeks 5-8) Dosed at 1/3 tsp before bed

    Creatine Mono
    Bulk P-Slin (post w/o)
    Fish Oil
    Coconut Oil

    Stuff I rarely use:
    White Flood
    Cordygen V02

    I think I eat pretty good, lots of greens, veggies, fruits, lean chicken, tuna, salmon, beans, eggs, cheese, rice, whole grain breads and pastas. I'm not going to list every meal though. Also I try to limit my carbs after 6 P.M.

    Work Out Protocol:
    6 Day Split
    1. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back
    2. Biceps, Quads, Hams, Calfs
    3. Just Cardio
    4. Heavy Upper Body
    5. Heavy Lower Body
    6. Just Cardio

    Days 1 & 2 are EDT style
    Days 4 & 5 are mostly compound lifts (i. e. Clean & press) & body weight stuff (i. e. Push ups)
    On cardio days I will let y'all know how much I ran, and an approx time
    Also I do an ab workout every other morning

    I look forward to hearing anything ya'll on AM have to say or advice you have to give me. Oh and I will try to get some current pics up soon...

  2. So today was the first day. Took 500 mg of Nettle upon waking up and 500 mg at lunch, and two Blue Up before lifting.
    The Work Out
    Incline DB press & Bent Rows for 20 minutes
    I got 101 reps @ 60 lbs on the Incline Press & 105 reps @ 120 lbs on the Rows.

    DB Shoulder press & DB extensions for 20 minutes
    I got 59 reps @ 45 lbs on the Shoulder presses & 70 reps @ 55 lbs on the Extensions.

    Pull ups for 5 minutes
    I did 28 pull ups

    I also did a 5 minute walk/jog/sprint after lifting

    After thoughts
    After completing the work out I consumed 20 grams of Dextrose, 30 grams of Waxy Maize Starch, 10 grams of Luecine, and 5 grams of Creatine Mono (this is my typical post work out drink) Then about 15 minutes later I had a protein shake with around 60 grams of protein. Another 15 minutes later I took one serving of bulk p-slin and after 30 minutes I ate a full plate of rice, potatoes, and chicken.

    I still have another serving of nettle to take and the ATD tonight. The workout today felt really good and I already look forward to tommrows little leg and bicep workout.

  3. Alright guys, had a great breakfast this morning, followed by a pretty good workout:
    The Work Out
    Barbell Lunges & Hammer Curls for 20 minutes
    I got 112 reps @ 90 lbs on the lunges & 72 reps @ 35 lbs on the curls

    Stiff Leg Deadlift & DB Calf Raises for 20 minutes
    I got 93 reps @ 135 lbs on the SLDL & 128 reps @ 55 lbs on the calf raises

    No jog or anything after the workout

    After thoughts
    I think I had a fairly good workout today, my hams are sore and my lower back was too but only right after I finished the workout. After I consumed the same post workout drink, followed by a 60 gram protein shake. I am about to consume a serving of pslin and eat a big lunch consisting of: a chicken breast, rice, freshly picked mustard greens, and some carrots.
    I took the first ATD last night with my last serving of the nettle and a bioperine cap. I can't wait to start seeing the results in a few weeks.
    Oh yeah, and today I tried one scoop of Jacked pre workout and it does taste pretty good, i can't compare it to sierra mist or anything like that bc I have never had one, but it wasn't bad. I did notice an increase in my performance though today which I can attribute to it. I might try another scoop or two before my run tomorrow, but I will probably just stick to a few Cordygen V02 for my pre cardio.
  4. Pics

    Here are two pictures of me, I know they are not impressive but I try...
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  5. Man I woke up this morning and I have the worst DOMS that I have since I can remeber. My upper body feels more sore today than it did yesterday, and my both of my legs are completely sore. This morning I ate a banana, tsp of coconut oil, a 30 protein drink 30 minutes after waking up. In about two hours or so I'll have a few scrambled eggs with two peices of whole wheat toast covered in salmonella infested peanut butter. And laster today I got a short run, maybe 2 or 3 miles straight, then I'm gonna do a short ab/core routine after. I'll keep you guys posted...

  6. Run

    I just finished up my little run today. I took three Cordygen V02 30 min pre run.
    The Run
    I warmed up with a 7:15 mile, then after a 2 min rest I ran 10 50 yard and back sprints all under 20 seconds, resting the remaining minute until starting on the next one. Once I completed all 10 I did a 1/2 mile cool down.

    After the run I did an ab routine consisting of 10 minutes of swiss ball crunches, ball reverse crunches, and DB side bends with a 45 lbs DB. And then I did two 2 minute planks to finish it off.

    After Thoughts
    Post run I changed up my first drink. I opened up a Dymatize Flud (waxy maize) fruit punch flavored and mixed it with the usual 10 grams of Leucine and 5 grams of creatine mono. Then I just had a 30 gram protein drink, and now I am waiting on my lunch which is: a chicken breast, red potatoes, and some rice.

    I will try to get some more veggies and greens in today, along with an apple and maybe an orange or some fresh squeezed orange juice. No I think I just might juice some carrots and yams in a little bit. I am looking forward to tomorrows w/o- probably some clean & press, deadlifts, pull/chin ups, push ups, and some bench dips. Have a good day...
  7. So tired...

    Alright so today I did a ton of upper body stuff, it went down like this:
    The Work Out
    Clean and Press (all the way up and down) w/ Bench dips & push ups for 15 minutes
    Clean & press @ 100 lbs for 48 reps and 58 dips along with 57 push ups (legs 1 1/2 feet off ground)

    Deadlfit for 3 working sets after two 205 lb warm ups sets
    245 for 11 reps, 260 for 6 reps, 260 for 5 reps

    Pull ups/chin ups and resistance band side/bent laterals for 15 minutes
    53 total pull/chin ups and I just did 5 side/bent laterals slowly after each pull/chin set

    I did a short 3 minute cool down walk/jog/sprint after

    After Thoughts
    I was dead tired after this one, but I think I did a really good job today. I was extremely pumped up with two scoops of Jacked 30 minutes pre workout. The clean and presses took a lot out of me and I took my time getting to the deadlifts after them. I was so pumped though when I was doing the deadlifts, I didn't want to stop doing them, but I had to proceed with the workout. I followed it up with the usual post workout procedures, and now I am waiting on my chicken breast, greens, and rice- I just took a 1/4 tsp of pslin. I am really enjoying this so far- and tomorrow I got some lower body stuff to get to, probably just some squats and power cleans. If anyone has any advice or anything just let me know...
  8. Leg Day

    The Work Out
    Squats- warm up w/ 165 & 185
    Working sets- 215 for 10 reps, 235 for 8 reps, & 245 for 5 reps

    Calf Raises- 165 for 3 sets and 20 reps

    Power Cleans- 105 for 5 reps, 125 for 5 reps, and 150 for 3 reps

    Box Jumps (24 in) 3 sets of 5 jumps

    After Thoughts
    I felt really good today after this one, of course I was beat after doing those power cleans. Today was the first day that I had done them for a few months, and I thought that my form was really good. I would have liked to go heavier on squats but I wasn't really in the mood. Tomorrow I got a little run and some abs to do...
  9. Cardio

    Today was just a light and easy cardio/abs day. My legs were pretty sore this morning so I did not want to go to hard

    The Work Out
    1/2 mile - jump rope until I messed up 5 times
    repeated 3 times - total time of 20 minutes

    After Thoughts
    I felt good after the short run and jump rope. Today I ate a ton after: wheat pancakes, eggs, and a banana. The last few days I have been axing out stumps and I can really feel it in my shoulders. But tomorrow I still got a bunch of upper body stuff to do. I think I going to bump up my dosage to 2 total grams a day of the nettle root starting tomorrow.
  10. Upper Body Day

    Today was a pretty tought upper day, here is what I did:

    The Work Out
    Flat DB Press and DB Row for 20 minutes
    Flat DB Press @ 75 lbs for 65 reps & DB row @ 55 lbs for 78 reps

    Reverse Grip Bench Press and Upright Rows for 20 minutes
    RGBP @ 110 lbs for 75 reps & Upright Rows @ 75 lbs for 81 reps

    Pull Ups for 5 minutes
    30 total pull ups

    3 minutes jog/walk/sprint

    After Thoughts
    I was kind of upset following the DB presses, I struggled for the last 5 minutes to get the weight up and only got like 6 reps during that time. The rows were to easy, I think I should have used like 65 lbs for that one. The RGBP and Upright Rows were pretty good, I will go a bit higher on the weight with those next time too. I got two more pull ups in the 5 minutes this time than I did last time, so that pretty good. Tomorrow I am upping the doage to two grams a day on the nettle root from the 1.5 grams I used for the first seven days. I might go to some supplement shop down in Houston tomorrow to pick up a different flavor protein powder since I am getting tired of chocolate and the unflavored stuff that I have a ton of. All in all a good day of lifting today and tomorrow will be a lower body day along with a little biceps.
  11. Lower Body Day

    Jeez I was sore this morning, my back, shoulders, and especially my chest were burning...

    The Work Out
    Barbell Step Ups (24 inches) & Reverse Grip EZ bar curls for 20 minutes
    Step ups @ 85 lbs I got 90 reps (45 each leg) & curls @ 60 lbs I got 86 reps

    DB Stiff leg deadlift & Single leg standing DB calf raise
    DB SLDL @ 65 lbs per DB for 85 reps & calf raises @ 45 lbs for 89 reps per leg

    After Thoughts
    Today went really well although it was cold and windy outside with a real light misty sprinkle of percipitation. I was worried that I might slip when doing the step ups but luckily I did not. Pre work out I finally took a full serving of Jacked and I could tell a differnce. I was not really winded until the final few minutes of lifting and I felt a nice pump through out the session. I weighed in this morning @ an even 190, so I am up two pounds in a week which is good. Today I am going up to two grams of nettle for the day and I will be making the trip down to Houston in a little bit (gf's sister's b-day party/night out) so I will tell the gf to stop me by a supplement shop to see if they have any good deals on some flavored protein powder.
  12. So tired...

    Ok sorry I did not update yesterday, I was out all day. I did not get a chance to do any cardio, but I still did do like 20 min worth of ab/core stuff.

    The Work Out
    Alt DB Clean & Press & Push Press for 15 minutes
    Clean @ 55 lbs for 23 reps & Press @ 65 lbs for 49 reps

    Deadlift - Warm up sets of 165, 205, & 255 - Working set @ 275 for 8 reps

    Pull/chin ups & Diamond push ups for 10 minutes
    48 total pull/chin ups & 41 total push ups

    After Thoughts
    I still cannot believe that I got that 275 for 8 reps on the deadlift. The most I had got at 275 was 3 reps and today I almost triples that. I was so pupped up, it could have come from the Jacked? After that though I was really fatigued and kind of just pushed myself as hard as I could go for the pull ups and push ups, which did not amount to much. I did get some new protein powder at the shop, some no name stuff that the owner gave me a good deal on. I do not even remember the name brand right now, but it's a meal replacement. It was so cheap I just could not pass on the deal, so I picked up a few of them. I also picked up my favorite peanut butter in the world, "Power Butter", in the four pound tub. This stuff is so good if havent tried it. I wish nutra would carry it so I could have a study supply. The last one pound jar I had was stretched out to last me like a month, I wonder how long I can make the four pound tub last? Well all in all it was a great day today for me, and tomorrow I got legs so I'll let y'all know how it goes...
  13. To cold...

    This morning was really cold outside (where my squat rack is) but it was leg day...

    The Work Out

    Squats - a few warm up sets - 1 working set @ 215 for 20 reps

    After Thoughts
    It was too cold for me to really do anything else today, so I just did what I could and called it a day. The one set was really hard though, that is the most I have ever got on a 20 rep set. Now my knees kind of hurt though, not too much, just a little bit of pain. I think tomorrow I am going to go really lite on the cardio, probably just do some slow jogging or walking for a while. I never get sore joints like this, even while doing heavy squats and deads, I think that the ATD is kicking in, maybe? I'm still eating really good, got some homemade oatmeal bread, chicken, & greens coming up in a little bit.
  14. A short run

    No more knee soreness today...

    The Work Out
    2 mile jog/ very slow pace, just under 20 minutes
    20 minutes of ab/core stuff

    After Thoughts
    I felt good this morning and went on the early jog in the freezing weather. My knees felt nice after the run, so that is good. Tomorrow is going to be the same workout as day 1, so I can see if I have improved (which I am pretty sure I have) or got weaker. I think I am going to bump up the incline db press to 65, and the bent row to 130, but I do not know about the other two. I'm excited about tomorow...
  15. Day 13

    Today was an upper body day

    The Work Out
    Incline DB press & Bent Rows for 20 minutes
    Incline DB press @ 65 lbs for 94 reps & Bent rows @ 130 lbs for 96 reps

    DB shoulder press & DB extension for 20 minutes
    DB shoulder press @ 45 lbs for 76 reps & Extensions @ 60 lbs for 76 reps

    5 minutes of pull ups ( I did these different than regular pull ups, I held onto the bar while it is racked on my squat rack and put my feet on a bench and pulled up, I haven't done these in awhile so I didn't add weight)
    I did 54 reps in the 5 minutes

    After Thoughts
    So I got the percentages in total work this time. A .825% increase in total work in the Incline DB press, .95% decrease in Bent Rows, 28.8% increase in DB shoulder press, & 18.4% increase in DB extensions. I think that these are all good, except for the obvious bent row lift. I think I should have only jumped up 5 lbs instead of the full 10 that I added. It was noticably more difficult this time around. I was most proud of the way I was knocking out the shoulder presses, last time I was fatigued a lot from the incline press, but this time I wasn't as tired. Just finished my post work out meal, some whole wheat pancakes and eggs, it was so good.
  16. Lower Body day

    So today I did legs & some biceps

    The Work Out
    Lunges & Hammer curls for 20 minutes
    Lunges @ 95 lbs for 122 reps (61 pre leg) & curls @ 40 lbs for 79 reps

    Stiff leg deadlift & DB Calf raises for 20 minutes
    SLDL @ 145 lbs for 93 reps & DB CR @ 60 lbs for 130 reps

    After Thoughts
    My percentage increase were up all pretty high on the total work done today, compared to the last time I did this workout. Lunges increased by 15%, Hammer curls by 25.4%, SLDL by 7.4% (the hardest thing I did today), & DB CR by 10.8%. I also weighed in this morning at 192 lbs, up by 2 pounds from last week. I saw that sale on Prime this morning at Nutra, and I'm contemplating pick up some. I might also have to get another Jacked (I am starting to become a pretty big fan of this), and some other essentails that I can use. I also got a flag football game today in Houston with one of my friends that plays in a league, he asked me if I wanted to play and I said sure. So I will be down there until it is kinda late tonight.
  17. Little Run

    The Work Out
    3 mile run/walk - 5 min run then 2 min walk for 3 miles- elapsed time 29 min
    Short ab/core workout

    After Thoughts
    This morning it was really cold outside, but I felt like doing something that took a bit longer than my last few runs. I really liked the pace I was able to hold on for the 5 min run stages, and the 2 min walk really helped me do that. I did not get to eat that much so far today, had lots of work to keep me busy and away from the table, sucks. But I hope I can get some more food tonight, maybe get some scrambled eggs or something in a little bit. Tomorrow is going to be an upper body day, some clean & press, deadlifts, and pull ups. I think I going for reps on the deadlift, I might try to rep out @ like 225 and see how many I can get. I'll post on that tomorrow.
  18. Upper Body

    The Work Out
    Clean & Press, Bench dips, & push ups for 15 minutes
    Clean & Press @ 110 for 39 reps, 96 total push ups & dips

    Deadlifts @ 225 for 21 reps

    Pull/chin ups & resistance band side laterals for 15 minutes
    70 total pull/chin ups

    After Thoughts
    I don't know what happened today, I felt really sluggish, even after my first set of the clean & presses. I really had a hard time with the clean & presses, and it carried over to the deadlifts. I thought I was going to get closer to 25 reps, but I only got 21. I did a good job with the pull/chin ups, they keep feeling easier & easier. I felt hungry all day, but I didn't eat that much. I am about to put in an order from Nutra, probably just like the Prime deal and some other essential stuff. Tomorrow is a lower body day, I think I am going to do a few heavy sets of squats...
  19. Lower Body...

    The Work Out
    Squats - two warm up sets then 4 sets of 3 @ 255 lbs
    Calf Raises - two sets to failure @ 185 lbs for 22 & 12 reps
    Front Squats - two sets of 12 @ 125 lbs

    After Thoughts
    My quads were dead after this one, I am still almost limping around here. I hate front squats badly, but I just felt like doing them and I might start doing them more frequently. I placed more order w/ Nutra on the Prime, so I think I am going to extend the Prime out to 6 weeks @ 6 caps a day. I also just picked up some extra creatine mono, alcar, & digestive enzymes. I got some potatoes, backed chicken breast, homemaid bread, and some homemaid tomato soup for lunch. Tomorrow is going to be a cardio day, I think I am going to do some sprints...

  20. Hi there.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete
  21. Cardio Day

    Hey CT- funny thing I popped 4 V02 this morning 30 min pre cardio

    The Work Out
    30 minutes of 50 yard sprints w/ short rests in between
    Short ab/core routine

    After Thoughts
    I felt like I could have went longer on the sprints, but my knees were bothering me again. I saw some of my friends that I hadn't seen in a few weeks and they remarked that I looked leaner than the last time they had seen me, then I told them that I was up a few pounds since then. I don't know if they believed me but it was the truth. I got a busy day ahead of me today, lots of painting and stuff, so I don't know if I am going to be able to eat a bunch but i'll try. Tomorrow is upper body day so i'll keep ya'll posted...

  22. How's the v02 treatin ya buddy? Log looks real good so far by the way!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  23. How's the strength thus far and do you contribute it to the supplements?
    Also, how's the weight gain thus far?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---
  24. Upper Body

    Hardknock- my strength is up & my endurance is way up as of now, I can attribute some this to the nettle root. I have put on around 6 pounds so far in almost three weeks, which is real good for me. And I'm not eating so much that I would put on a bunch of fat, I think I'm eating just the right amount.

    The Work Out
    Flat DB Press & Bent DB Row for 20 minutes
    DB Press @ 75 lbs for 76 reps & DB Row @ 60 lbs for 73 reps

    Reverse grip bench & Upright Rows for 20 minutes
    Reverse grip @ 120 lbs for 72 reps & Upright @ 80 lbs for 82 reps

    5 minutes of the chair pull ups w/ 20 lbs added resistance for 35 reps

    After Thoughts
    Today was a real good day, all of my % changes were up enough for me to be somewhat satisfied. My DB press was up 16.9% (real happy about this one), DB Row up only 2.1%, Reverse grip up 4.7%, and the upright row up 7.9%. I was almost exhausted after the DB press & row today, but I just had to keep pushing. I didn't weigh in until after the workout and I was still up 6 (to 194) pounds for almost four weeks. I will weigh in on Monday morning to keep it official, I hope I am up to 195. Tomorrow is a leg day & biceps...
  25. Lowe Body

    The Work Out
    Step ups & Reverse Grip curls for 20 minutes
    step ups @ 95 lbs for 88 reps & curls @ 65 lbs for 93 reps

    DB Stiff leg deadlifts @ Single DB One leg calf raise for 20 minutes
    DB SLDL @ 70 lbs for 86 reps & Calf raises @ 50 lbs for 89 reps

    After Thoughts
    I was beat after this one, and my knees were kind of hurting too. But all of % were positive: a 8.5% increase in the step ups, 10.7% on the reverse curls, 8.2% on the stiff leg deadlift, & a 7.9% on the calf raise. Today I ate extremely good, had some chicken, potatoes, peas, & home made bread for lunch. And then some egg burritos for dinner like an hour ago. I had yet to notice this until now but I got a lot of acne built up on the back of my shoulder and on my back too. I got to weigh in tomorrow morning first thing, I hope I am around 195 again. Then I got a little bit of cardio to do.


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