Mass FX and Lean FX *My First Log*

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  1. Mass FX and Lean FX *My First Log*

    Sup guys. I've been a lurker for a while and need some motivation, so I figured you guys would help me stay dedicated.

    Some background:

    Body Fat guess 13-15. Most fat on my gut and legs.
    I'll be doing HST on 3 days a week

    Haven't lifted seriously in around 6mos. Been cutting for a month.
    I hope to recomp.
    I'm taking in around 2500 calories and may adjust depending on how hungry the Mass FX makes me lol.
    I'll be eating good fats and getting around 40-50g of protein and 40-50g of carbs per meal. 4 meals and 2 snacks a day.

    I'll post up some measurements later today. I will hopefully get my shipment Wed. So I'll start then.

    Post up and keep me dedicated, I know the AX reps will .

    *Edited to add*
    Other supplements
    Whey shake PW.
    Some EGCG.

    *Edit for measurements*

    Arms: R-13.625" L-13.125"
    Stomach: 34.5"
    Calves: R-15" L-14.75"

  2. any pics?

  3. Pre-Stack Pics

    Sorry if it is crappy quality. I will post pics after I finish in as close conditions as I can get. As you can see I need to lean out and put some muscle on which is why I am recomping. I don't have enough posts to post pics or links so you'll have to click on my profile and look at my gallery.

    Maybe a Mod can post these up for me.

  4. good luck i'm close to the same as you 6' and about the same weight

    i had great results with my massfx original and powerfull stack

  5. I just saw your pix...i believe you should do good on this. ill stay for the ride.

  6. Day 1, 2, 3

    Day 1
    Got my box of goodies. Took one MFX one LFX. I'll be dosing MFX 1x4 and LFX 1x3. On workout days MFX 1/2/1.
    Felt hot flashing within about 45 min of dosing.
    Not much other to report. Sleep was the usual 8hrs straight.

    Day 2
    Workout day. Slightly easier to do the weight I did 4 days prior. Just now recovering from the DOMS of my first workout in 6-7mos.
    Pump was nothing unusual. Definitely feeling a thermogenic effect. No nausea like some others have described.

    Off day. Little to no DOMS. This is the great part. My 2nd workout in 6-7mos and hardly a sore muscle. Believe me I didn't take it easy yesterday. Managed to keep my diet clean on xmas.

    I have measured and don't really put much stock in these being just 3 days in.

    Starting weight 167.5

    Day 3: 165.5 *I had some caffeine yesterday so I attribute this to water weight*
    Stomach: 33.5" *Again probably water weight*
    Arms: Same

    I'll update the measurements and weight every 3-4 days.

  7. alright i want you to stay dedicated as on my way to accomplishing a long awaited goal of 160lbs, 10% bf. im 5' 10". trying to prepare for track im going to be doing the 100m and the 200m dash. ill keep a well kept eye on this log!



  8. looks good man, stay after it, and im in for the ride. good luck

  9. Day 4 and 5
    Had a migraine on day 4 and went to a bowl game on day 5 so I couldn't workout. The migraine was a hunger migraine due to the increase in hunger due to the MFX. Diet was really low intake due to being at the bowl game basically all day on day 5. I have been experiencing some sinus drainage that is irritating. It isn't a cold but at least one other person on the AX sponser forum is experiencing similar sides. Nothing extreme but just something to maybe expect. Weighed in at 164.5 on day 4 or 5.

    Day 6
    Worked out. Weight was a little easier to put up and went up a little on squats to stay at the 10 rep HST block. Noticing some leaning out in my arms and legs and chest. My stomach will be the last place I lose it probably lol. Also noticing some increase in vascularity, maybe due to MFX maybe due to leaning out some. I am starting to feel the MFX kick in, slight increase in libido. Weighed in at 170.5 PW and I didn't quite get enough water today so I'll probably be up at least a pound next update. After my pump goes down I'll post up some new measurements. Also noticing a slight increase in pumps that I must attribute to the MFX.

    Some hoser said I looked skinnier. I guess I'll take that as a compliment right now lol.

    Now I'm off to eat some PW jambalaya. MMM chicken, shrimp, brown rice, diced tomatoes MMM

  10. so far its looking good.

  11. Thanks man. I'm gonna get a month pass to the gym tomorrow so I can hit up the treadmills cuz it's too cold to go pounding the pavement.

    Got to add:
    This stack is saving me some money on my heating bill. Got some thermogenic effect going that made me turn down the heat about 7 degrees.

  12. lol on the heating bill part.

  13. Measurements:

    R arm: 13.75
    L retarded arm: 13.125
    Stomach: 34"

    Weight 172

  14. Day 7
    DOMS is hardly there. Not much new. Today was an off day.

    Day 8
    Workout day. Pumps are ridiculous now. Not painful or crampy in any way just a great pump. I am around maintenance on calories so I haven't noticed any more significant strength gains.

    Day 9
    Off day. Just a little soreness in my legs, nothing unbearable. My sinus drainage seems to be going away. Nothing noticeable in the mirror. I put an old pair of jeans on and they are not as tight as they were a couple weeks ago. I don't have an accurate way to measure my fat ass or legs so I'll try to use those jeans as a judgment for fat loss in that area lol.

    If any of you have any particular questions, post them up. I am sure I am missing something you guys might be interested in.

    I'll try to post up my weight tonight. It seems to be fluctuating some.

  15. what kind of training are you doin?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    what kind of training are you doin?
    I'm doing HST.

    I start my 5 rep block Monday. I finally got into a routine of going MWF. I'll start up some cardio Sat. I'm doing free weights if you were wondering.

    I'm not a really strong guy. I have an athletic background in baseball, and played other sports growing up. I am not skinny as hell as you can see by my pics, but I seem to have a hard time gaining muscle but when cutting I don't seem to lose much muscle. I'm not sure what body type(ecto, etc.) I would fall under.

    Weight tonight: 169.5

  17. Sorry for the time between updates. Not much has changed. Haven't missed a workout, but I did have some sinus issues flare up again. I am now clear of that completely.

    Today is Day 15. Worked out and again had great pumps. Noticing some more leaning out. Weight is still around the same as are the measurements. The measurements are staying close because I am losing some fat while gaining a little muscle. I think you'll be able to notice this in my post log pics. I got about 50 minutes of 65% cardio in on tues. and plan on doing that 3-4 times a week here on out.

    I'll post up some measurements tomorrow after my pump goes down.

    Shoot me some more questions if you got 'em.

  18. well keep goin at it bro

  19. what gym you working out at? jw

  20. I got some free weights at the house. I can't stand having to wait at the gym for equipment. I did get a one month pass to planet fitness for some cardio.

  21. Up to day 19.

    Weight: 168
    R Arm: 13.725+
    L Arm:13.25
    Stomach: 34"

    I think I was probably closer to 17-19% body fat starting this log. I have lost a lot of fat in my legs. I wish I took pics of my legs prior. My back is leaner. My chest has leaned up a little too.

    My strength has went up some but I am a around maintenance calories so I didn't expect too much in that category.

  22. looks like uts doing good. how you feeling?

  23. I feel a little more aggressive. Definitely from the MFX. My sinus issues are basically gone. Hunger is pretty good. I don't have any problems getting to sleep even when dosing before bed. No trouble dosing on an empty stomach. My muscle stamina seems a little better. I don't really see any reason not to run this stack again.

    Hopefully you'll see some difference in the pics. Like I said, I am losing fat while gaining a little muscle so the weight and measurements are a little deceiving.

  24. subd. good luck man.

  25. thanks man.


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