Mass FX and Lean FX *My First Log*

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  1. Good stuff. Glad to hear you liked your cycle.

    I've really enjoyed the leaning effects that come with massFX. It seems they helped you out as well.
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  2. Post Log pics are up in my profile gallery. I can't post links yet so you'll have to go through my profile.

    My new phone doesn't have a timer or zoom or flash so I will try and get hold of a digicam this weekend. Otherwise the biggest difference you can see is between "PostLogFront2" and "Front_12-22"

  3. i cant find you pics for some reason!

  4. Check your PM. I sent a direct link.

  5. where the pics at im interested as i just bought a bottle of lean fx and dthc

  6. You have a PM as well

  7. wow pimping. no lie you can really tell the difference. Thats ****ing awesome. good work. Thank you for sticking with your log. there is alot of peeps who start but dont finish. keep it up and stay here and learn as much as you can. cant wait for your next log.

  8. Thanks bro. I didn't know if you guys could tell much from the pics. The one thing I did learn is I had a lot more fat on me than I thought. I probably wouldn't have stayed as disciplined if you guys had not kept up with the log.

  9. no i could really tell the difference on your stomach. you start getting that v line by your obliques. i want to get on this supp now.


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