Getting Jacked Even at Night!

  1. Thumbs up Getting Jacked Even at Night!

    I thought I would write a brief review on how I felt about USPís Jacked. First of all Iím no beginner to the PWO supplement loaded with stimulants and other ingredients that leave me feeling cracked out. What I expected from Jacked what they advertised (isnít that what we expect from all supplement companies??). I definitely wasnít looking for a supplement leaving me feeling like a junkie on the streets looking for my next fix. I took 2 scoops at 9:30pm, which tasted like an unsweetened Gatorade or a flat lemony soda, and was in the gym ready to go at 10pm. I experienced a phenomenal workout! I had intense focus and an extreme clean feeling of energy along with a great pump in my body parts worked. Not once did I get the jitters, gut bomb, or crack head feeling I get from other PWO supplements.
    Secondly I was worried about getting to sleep after my workout since I occasionally workout at 10pm and expect to be asleep by around 12:30. This has been a problem in the past with other PWO supplements I have tried and for some reason even caffeine free supplements have kept me from getting my well deserved muscle building sleep. I found this to soon be a myth and no longer a problem with taking Jacked. My intense energy and focus subsided soon after my workout and left me feeling back to my normal state of mind ready for a great nights sleep.
    My overall opinion on Jacked is EXCELLENT!! It delivered what it said and didnít leave me crashing in the end or buzzed out of my mind to where I canít sleep until 2 in the morning. IMO it has held up its end of the bargain by ďLiving up to the hypeĒ. I would definitely recommend this to my lifting buddies or anyone else I come across looking for a great PWO supplement. Thanks USP!!!

  2. must be nice. i ordered mine at just after noon on wednesday and haven't even received it yet. everybody else seems to be getting thiers

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