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  1. hamstring is feeling a little tired and painful rite now sitting down. I hope no damage is just sucks being back at school now and not having constant supervision while working out. maybe the pain is just scar tissue breaking down...well at least thats what i hope.

  2. The hamstring is not feeling good sitting here writing this....i felt a tiny twinge on my last set of single leg bridges in my bad hammy on the inside. Its feeling like crap now, but hoepfully its just fatigue and wont be here tommorow.....It hurts a lot when pushing real bad. Hopefully its just from walking around a lot and sitting on hard ass chairs. Ussually i just workout and then go home and lay on the couch. I doubt it tho..hope i not back to square one.

  3. When waking up this morning the hamstring didnt feel all that terrible. Like it doesnt hurt walking around or squating or anything...just when pushing back behind me. After last mondays workout which was the same as yesterdaysi didnt try and push back behind me. The hammy may have felt the same that day, but who knows. Im just hoping it heals up. Today is gonna be an off day and tommorow is gona be chest and shoulders.

  4. wow, weird already met my goal of making it to 235 and its like 110 days in or so.

  5. im subed looks like a nice journey

  6. sorry bro, havent posted in a long time..gonna start it up again in four weeks when summer starts

  7. i just read your whole log. how are you injuries doing? my chest injury is exactly the same as yours but i havnt done a single chest workout the last three weeks. when i injured it i actually heard a crackling sound come from my chest, like it was tearing! Pushups are no longer painful, but they were last week. I think my chest injury is worse than yours. Hows it doing? how long did it take to fully heal?

  8. hey sorry actually bout to start this log up again next week for the summer. I recovered from my pec injury and am gonna max tommorow on bench actually at 300-3 hopefully. Mine didnt crack just felt very sore instantly meaning a muscle pull. you may have had a muscle tear which is way more serious bro and may need some doctors help... Theres gonna be a lot of scarring to so ure gonna need some way to break that up. Mine still botheres a little but is relativly ok. My hamstring is still f-ed up tho and hopoefully i will finally get some physical therapy this friday. I tried to play through spring ball and it was still painful and i couldnt sprint well at all.

  9. i'm pretty late, but consider me subbed.

    will go back and read it all when i have time.

  10. just realized this is a somewhat closed log...

    i'll be here when you start it up again.

  11. yeah i think my injury might have been a pull, possably a tear. but after that last post i had a full chest workout with zero pain!!! so it took about 3 weeks of no chest workouts at all to completely heal! How long did yours take? I hope it wasnt a tear and there is no scar tissue. Just trying to guage it by what other say right now. I dont think i need to see a doctor due to it feeling about 98% right now!

  12. ure gonna have scar tissue no matter what bro. Just take a baseball or softball and roll on it on a wall to get the scarring out. it should hurt like hell. I honestly still feel my injury now months later, but i get through my workouts fine i just dont do flys ever or squeze the pecs too hard with dbs.

    hey texan!! just in time im starting the new log training/rehab today ill put a link in tonite!

  13. nice...

    if you're really concerned about scar tissue, look up A.R.T. chiropractory.

  14. yeah A.R.T. is good but not if ure particulary flexible. The guy will have a real tough time breaking scar tissue if your flexible. The absolute best thing for scar tissue is something called GRASTON which i got last summer after ART didnt work. Graston is getting it wed to hopefully fix up my hammy.

  15. i'm not particularly flexible so it still works for me haha

    i'll have to google graston

  16. graston is a super painful massage with metal tools basically. u need a prescription to get it ussually from a PT

  17. sounds fun...i love painful massages...they put me in heaven.


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