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  1. What do they have you dong as rehab for it?
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  2. well basically im just doing a lot of activation excercieses to get the muscles firing correctly. The physical therapist said my lower right back and hamstring arent firing in snyc with my glute. Im always getting stim, ultrasound and some massages on it. I havent been strecthing it really cuz it really isnt there yet but i think im making some progress. Im gonna call my physical therapist monday. Ill post my bicep workout from today tommorow with my chest workout. Had some sweet pumps today and weighed in at 224!!!

  3. If you want excercises speciffically or anything like that just let me know. I tore my other hammy up terribly last year and had to get an MRI and some real serious help to fix it. Unfurtunatly i have a lot of experience in the area.

  4. So today was a terrible lift. My triceps were fatigued, the gym i worked out at didnt have a 30 degree bench, i didnt eat a whole lot all day and i was light....220 thats SHI*TY!!!Im so pissed off after lifting today. Im gonna post my lifts from the last two days and pictures and measurements tommorow i think. So hopefully that may get me some more attention. Ive also decided to take mass fx and restore over christmas break starting decemeber 13.

  5. Close Grip 50-15 60-15 70-15 80-6 90-3 1:30
    Incline Cable 20-15 40-15 50-12 60-6 Drop 30-10
    Seated Alt Db Curl 25-10 30-10 35-10 40-5
    Rev Curl 40-15 50-15 60-15 70-5 Drop 40-5 30-5 20-10
    Forearm Db 35-10 40-15 45-8

    Incline Barbell 135-13 155-10 185-6 175-6 165-7 160-7 3:00
    135-10 135-12
    Crunches 60 60 60 60
    Db Press 40-15 50-15 55-8 45-10 40-12 1:00
    Dips 10 8
    Side Raises 10 15 15-12 20-6 Drop To Holds 2:00
    Flys 30-15 35-15 40-7 2:00
    Twist Crunches 50 50 50
    Seated Twists 30 30 30
    Terrible Workout. Didn’t Eat A Whole Lot Felt Sick, Triceps Tired, Bench Not 30

  6. Thats the workoust from the last two days....yesterday was aweful. And im feeling a little sick today. FU*K


    So today i weighed in at 225.5. This was a good weigh in but i was very bloated. All i did today was some hip mobility excercises and hamstring activataion stuff. No real lifting. Its really a pain in the butt to see other guys especially those who play my position able to lift legs. Overall though the hamstring is improving.

  8. So heres my dreadful looking pics. This is how u look after a football season and not being able to do cardio.....I took these at 9:00 being very bloated. Body fat somewhere between 15 and 20 and im weighing 225ish in these pics..
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  9. In the above u really cant tell cuz my nipples are hard but i have some pretty nasty gyno in both my pecs from puberty....

    Heres todays workout. It was pretty good prob a 3 out of 5. My delt and right hand were bothring me for some reason.

    TOWEL PULLS/ PEANUT 10 10 10
    REV LAT PULL DOWN 100-15 115-15 130-15 145-15 160-7 4 HALFS 2:45
    CRUNCHES 60 60 60 60 60 60
    T BAR ROW 45-15 65-15 75-15 75-15 85-6 DROP 45-8 2:45
    REV CRUNCH 20 20
    REV FLYS 30-15 30-15 40-15 50-15 60-14 40-15 R REAR DELT HURTS 2:00
    HIGH RIASE 45-15 55-15 65-15 70-10 2:00
    TWIST CRUNCH 50 50 50
    TWISTS 30 30 30
    PLANK 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:00

    Oh and heres what i did yesterday...
    ICE 15 MIN

  10. Hey man - seems like you need more nutrition. i'd add in some more breakfast - at least 2 cup of oatmeal (real stuff, not sweetened packs- add Splenda if you want sweetness)
    also add some nonfat cottage cheese at bedtime - again add splenda and vanilla if you want it to taste like dessert.

    Good luck bro - sure you'll do well!

  11. You mean in addition to what i listed already i guess.... Its tough cuz im in college and really never in my room. I recently added a scoop off casein protein before bed and have been eating 12 or so egg whites. Instead of the oatmeal im eating a thing of specail k cereal rite now about two hours after breakfast. I cant really get my hands on oatmeal in the morn so i guess cereal is the next best thing. Thanks for the help...its just real rough being in college. Im going home for an entire month in two weeks and im going to try to put together a diet of the best foods and stuff i should be eating cuz ill be able to cook and grocery shop....

  12. My hamstring is feeling pretty painful today. Yesterday the trainers had me doing some reverse flexion stuff and backwards step ups. I had done some PT the day before and and thats the first time i did so much in two days. Im hoping the pain is just fatigue of some sort and not extra damage of any kind. All i did today was get stim and ice the hammy. The pain actaully got much worse after the stim which ussually doesnt happen. Hopefully itll feel better tommorow. I kinda ran out of body parts to train and didnt really do anything today. As for tommorow im planning on doing biceps and abs. I know i did back yesterday and fatigued my biceps already but well see how they feel tommorow.

  13. Today was a bicep workout and it didnt go as well as i would have liked. My biceps were pretty shot from doing back two days ago. The hammy is a little painful today and i cut the rehab excercises in half hopefully itll feel good tommmorow. I need it to get better. heres the workout....weighed in at 222.1 today and i wasnt bloated at all.

    KNEELING 100-15 120-13 100-12 90-12 80-15 1:30
    STAND ONE ARM PREACH 30-12 35-7 40-2+10 25-12 1:30
    WIDE GRIP BARBEL 50-12 70-7 55-12 2:00
    CABLE HAMMER CURL 30-15 40-11 30-2 20-5 12-Oct
    FOREARM CURLS 55-15 75-15 85-15
    SIDE FOREARMS 10 15 12.5-5 15-15
    CRUNCHES 60 60 60 1:30

  14. Today was sick workout!! Got some PRs!!! I did lose some mental focus towards the end of the workout and started conversation but it was awesome. The hamstring is ok, it should feel good tommorow but well see....I dunno why the RPM does this to me but about 3 hours after i take it i have the jitters real bad and my mind is racing its a really weird feeling....

    FLAT DB PRESS 40-15 60-15 75-15 90-10 100-7 110-5 3:00
    ALT DB PRESS 45-12 45-12 50-12
    MAX PUSH UP 26 16 20
    SKULL CRUSH 55-15 60-10 65-10 70-8
    DECLINE FLYS 25-15 30-15 35-14
    SEATED DIPS 20 15

    Not to bloated today weighed 224.7...

  15. so sore today prob just gonna do some abs and hamstring stuff...

  16. The last two days my left pec/ armpit has been pretty sore ever since lifting chest. Hopefully theres no damage there and just bad soreness from it cramping after my lift. If the pain persists maybe ill take some extra days off between now and my next chest lift. Dont want another injiury!!! Today im gonna be lifting back.. My abs and rehab went pretty well last nite and my hammy doesnt feel to crappy today. So that means im making some progress. I start 4 weeks of PT a week from tommorow....

  17. Todays workout was pretty good...did back. I weighed in at 223.6 and was pretty bloated so thats not good. Gotta increase my calories. My left pec is also still pretty dam sore which is not good at all. My hammy is def making progress tho, knock on wood... Did get a bit distracted though towards the end of the workout by talking to someone..

    TOWEL PULL/ PEANUT 10 10 10
    WIDE GRIP LAT PULL DOWN 100-15 115-15 130-15 145-15 160-15 170-15 2:30
    T BAR ROWS 45-15 65-15 75-15 85-11 2:40
    SHRUGS 60-20 70-20 80-20 2:30
    REV FLYS 40-15 50-15 60-15 40-15 BETTER FORM
    HIGH RAISE 45-10 65-10 WRIST HURTS

  18. what I did when i couldn't train heavy was add some bodyfat, it takes a lot more to get it off because youve slowed your metabolism down by adding it, with that said your not doing a bodybuilding show , model shoot, etc and as long as you do your cardio to keep your speed up adding a few lbs to keep size is fine/ especially for football.

    My old training partner was like 6 ft 240 at 21. incredibly strong and fast for as big as he was. reminds me of Brock lesnar a bit.

    keep us updated on how you got your arm well

    when you say 45 you mean 45 per side correct?

    This is how I write numbers in my log as well. APR50 50 % off
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  19. As for the forty fives...thats just overall weight, not per side. The shurgs were db shrugs though...probally should have written that down. As for training heavy im making some real good progress right now with high volume and high reps and keeping the amount of excercises low. Its not that i cant train heavy but i really cant sqaut, deadlift or do cardio now because of my hamstring injury. The chest seems to be getting better and im probablly gonna hit up a big chest and tricep day on thursday or friday.

    Im still real young and my metabolism runs pretty fast, but without being able to do any cardio my body fat will prob go up. Im starting PT next monday for four weeks and hopefully thatll help me leg get back.

    Im also starting mass fx and restore this weekend i think so well see some good gains from that. Ill post some picture this weekend when i go home and ill see if theres any progress so far

  20. I forgot to mention this...but i measured my arms last nite and my right bicep is a little over 16.5 and my left is like 16.2. My forearms are way off and my left is a little over 13 and my right is a little over How do u measure ure chest though? should i be flexing and blowing out my lats or just relaxed?

  21. Really kinda frustrating day today. Noticed that i have definitly put on some body fat since summer...kinda sucks considering my leg is hurt and theres basically nothing i can do about it. I worked out abs today and really all i can do is cruches becuase i really cant incorporate my hamstring... Im thinking of maybe trying an epistane pulse sometime after im done with mass fx, restore, RPM to cut down..

    At the same time i dont feel i weigh anywhere near where i wana. I have lost a ton of weight by not being able to clean or squat or lift any legs for about 9 months. I pray that this winter break will get my hammy back and ill make some great progress and start running!!!!

    I know the epistane thing is kinda outside the realm of this thread but i feel like i deserve to be on the feild and am gonna do whatever it takes to show up as an animal in April for spring ball.

  22. Arite so heres my last two lifts....Yesterday was an awesome bicep workout and boy are they hurting today. Today was a chest workout and it wasnt a good one. I was light, unfucused(just had two finals) and i had to leave early. Ever since i stopped taking OSTEO SPORT my shoulder has started hurting again and my left pec is not feeling good. Its got that tired feeling that is not good. My triceps were also shot today for some reason. Im gonna take a week off before my next chest workout. Im not quite sure why my tris were dead today but they felt like absolute crap

    heres the biceps 225.2

    LYING CABLE CURL 12.5-20 12.5-20 17.5-20 25-15 27.5-11 1:30
    PREACHER CURL 45-15 50-15 55-13 60-9 DROP 40-4 1:30
    ZOTTMAN CURL 20-20 22.5-19 25-15 20-15
    4 PART WALL CURL 10-50 OR SO
    ROPE CURL 2-Oct 15-2 20-2
    PLANKS 1:00 1:00 1:00
    SIDE PLANKS EACH 1:00 1:00 1:00
    CRUNCHES 60 60 60 60

    Then todays terrible chest

    Bench press 135-13 185-10 230-8 225-6 220-7 215-5 185-8 165-6 and thats it....oh and i weighed 222.7 what the hell?

  23. Im really pissed about my chest and it hurting...ive been there with pulled muscles and this is gonna suck. I felt today though that i look the biggest ive ever look. Please let the chest be better in a week or so!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Im so pissed about my chest...its sore up high by my clavicle, in the middle at my armpit and an inch and a half above my nipple. Im so upset about this....stupid dumbell press!!!

  25. Left pec super sore....def wasnt ready to lift yesterday even though it felt fine at first. Gonna need some serious time off from my chest...Today will just be abs and hamstring rehab. Its prob gonna hurt even worse tommorow...this is gonna suck....first day where it feels ok im gonna do max push ups and shoulder and tricep stuff..


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