Body Transformation with my PALs

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  1. Body Transformation with my PALs

    Hey in a thread in the main supplement section I said I would do a log and here it is.

    I am using the Body Transformation Stackk by PAL which includes Leviathan Reloaded, Incarnate and the new Anabolic edge. Link: Body Transformation Series Stack By: Palo Alto Labs

    Age: 23 College student
    Height: 5'10-11

    Weight: Have been consistently at about 181lbs. Took a week off to recover and go a little slack on the diet so this morning I was 184.8 lbs, but mostly water and glycogen from eating a large amount this weekend.

    Bf%: 3 point Caliper 10-11% ( May get to use a dexa machine this week not sure)

    Diet: This will be a Recomposition log more than anything. I am very light weight wise for where I have been in the past up around 200 being the norm the last few years even getting up to 220.

    I don't do well with carbs from my experinces in the diet realm and I feel 100% better when on a low carb diet. I will continue my normal Low carb eating with a cyclic touch of eating a few more carbs almost exclusively from Oats on workout days and avoid any carbs as much as possible on non-training days. Vegetables won't be counted in my carb intake.

    Max Lifts as of about 2-3 weeks ago:

    Bench: 325 lbs
    Squat: 360 lbs No belt
    Deadlift: 405 lb Chalk only Mixed Grip


    Consist of 2 Heavy days; one for upper and lower, along with 2 full body circuit days with 20-30 min cardio after these two workouts.

    Will also throw in some interval training once or twice a week.

  2. Day 1: Took soages as directed. Starting with 1+1 on the LR


    A1. Bench Press 245x 4,5,4 225x 6 (Cold in the garage gym and No spotter, got bailed on)
    1 minute rest
    A2. Wide Grip Pullup bw x 8,8,8,6
    2minute rest abd back to A1.

    B1. BB Row 155x 6,6,6,6 Focused on techniwue, will go heavier next time
    1 minute rest
    B2. Ring Flys Bwx 8,8,8,8
    2minute rest abd back to B1.

    C. DB Curls. Held at top position squeezing throughtout alternating motions. 25x 8,8,8

    Not a bad first workout.... I had a crazy chest/tri/bi pump much like a NO pump but with more density, if that makes any sense. Interesting will keep an eye on this.

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  5. Day 2 & 3

    Day 2:

    Weight: 184.0 lbs

    Got really busy with school and other errands had to push my workout a day. But took all my dosage. Still at 1+1 with Levi will be going up soon. I am not very sensitive to stims so I havent felt too much

    Loving the BA tingles though haha they sneak up on you.

    Day 3

    Weight: 182.8 (Losing all the glycogen and water)


    Full Body Circuit Day 1

    12-15 Reps

    A1. Pushup with feet elevated bw x 15,15,15
    A2. Sandbag Front squat 80lb x 15,15,15
    A3. Inverted Row (Fat Grip) bw x 15,12,12
    A4. Romainian Deadlift 115lb x 12,12,12
    A5. Leg raises (Romain Chair) x 15,12,12

    2 minute rest repeate A1-5 3 times

    15-20 Reps

    B1. DB Shoulder Press 25lb x 20,18
    B2. Leg Extensions 60lb x 20,20
    B3. Chinup bw x 10+3+2, 9+4+3
    B4. KB Swings 45lb x 15,15
    B5. Crunches x 20,20

    20 minutes of steady state cardio

    Whew, circuits are a killer for me. Hopefully this stack will help. I feel great afterward though, like I worked really hard. Felt a good pump today on the chins as well.

  6. Day 4

    Day 4 -

    Weight: 181.2 This is more than likely the baseline as I continue to eat around 40-60 carbs per day, less even on non workout days. My body loves low carb, I feel better and have no "side effects" of low carbs. Been keeping protein at least above 200 but usually around 230-250 at my best. I really have not been very hungry since starting Levi which I like! No real cravings for bad foods. I think the log helps a lot too, dont want to let PAL or yall down!

    Workout: Legs

    The 1s are 4-6 an 2s 6-8

    A1. Squat 275x 5,6,5 225x 10
    A2. Leg Curl 60x 8,8,8,8

    2minute rest repeat 3-4x

    B1. Deadlift 275x6,6,6,6* Used mixed grip on sets 3 &4
    B2. Step Ups 40x8,8,6,6

    Seems a lot easier when I write it out. It was tough and again got bailed on by my cousin so squats were alone, no spotter so didnt go all out....but very close.

    * The last set of Deads I was DREADING and tryin to rationalize only doing 3 sets but then I set up and banged them out better and faster than all precious sets!! Not sure if that was all mental or a lil help from the supps, somethin too watch. Also my body was wrecked from this workout but mentally after I finished the deads I felt like I could do more so did a few Sandbag cleans and was toast.

    Also busted out the Chucks for the first time to workout since I found an old pair in my closet this weekend and I realy loved it. Squatting and Deadlifting felt much more....stable.

    2 minute rest repeat 3-4x

  7. Day 5

    Weight: 180.1

    Seems I may have been carrying a lot more what and glycogen than I realized! Sore as hell from yesterday, which is interesting since I don't hardly get sore anymore and this is actually my second week to use this template, used the first to guage weights and Excercises.

    Went to the University gym where I hadn't been in a long time. Also havent done a ton of running and def no sprints, which I love. Been doing a lot of "iron cardio" to keep weight and somewhat VO2 in check.

    Have upped Levi to 3x a day and will soon be up at 4.


    Total Time: 23:14 1.0% incline Kcals burned: 300 (according to treadmill)

    4 minute warm up

    5.0 mph 1 minute - 11.0 30 sec x6
    4.5 mph 1 minute - 11.0 30 sec x1
    4.0 mph 1 minute - 11.0 30 sec x 2
    4.0 mph 1.5 minute - 12.0 mph just 50 seconds

    3:14 cool down

    Took 1 Tab of Levi and 3 caps of Incarnate 20minutes before. Plus about 3 scoops of Xtend prior and finished after.

    At the beginning of HIIT had some nice TINGLES! They have subsided from initial few days, even then not much.

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  9. Bump for day 5 edited page
  10. Day 6

    Wow my legs have been sore all day long. Took a recovery Epson Salt bath which felt bomb and helped some aches I had been having. Diet was a little more lax the last 24 hours but nothing over the top bad. Saturdays are usually my day to relax on the diet a bit.
    I did have some really good muscle pancakes made with egg whites, oats and cinnamon mmmmm mmm.

    Hit the gym today and had to change the workout a bit. Worked out all upper body and some legs with sandbag and KB work. Just went out and had fun today. Sometimes thats the best workouts. Hopefully ill be less sore and be able to do some sort of cardio tomorrow.

    Notes: So far I am liking this stack. I am optimistic that it will get better and better as it really builds up in my system. I get an amazing pump in the gym it seems and its all over. My chest looked crazy today. Also vascularity was increased during the workout today as my arm/bicep vein is almost visible from armpit to forearm. Really looking forward to this week.

  11. Day 6

    Rest Day still pretty sore. I am feeling good on this stack as far as feeling. I feel like I have a slight pump in all day in my arms and especailly my chest. My chest seems fuller and a litle bigger already.

    Question to the lurkers, particularly PAL reps, what are some particular things I should be looking for as far as teh stack such as strength, how i should feel, pump, etc...just to get an idea of what to focuson adn grade throughout this stack.

    Looking forward to the new week and seeing how things
    continue. If I like the gains I will probably continue with another bottle of each.

  12. I have one of the loneliest logs lol Ill keep it up though for the lurkers
    Head Purus Labs Rep
  13. Day 8

    Workout #5

    A1. Bench Press 275x 4 245x6,6,6,5
    1 minute rest
    A2. Wide Grip Pullup bw x 8,8,8,9
    2minute rest and back to A1.

    B1. BB Row 185 x 6,6,5,6
    1 minute rest
    B2. Flies 40 x 8 50 x8,8,8
    2minute rest and back to B1.

    C. EZ Bar curl 70x10 50x12, 8
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  14. Day 9

    Workout 6

    A1. Pushup with feet elevated bw x 15,15,15
    A2. Sandbag Front squat 80lb x 15,15,15
    A3. Inverted Row bw x 15,15,13
    A4. Romainian Deadlift 115lb x 15,15,13
    A5. Leg raises (Romain Chair) x 15,15,15

    2 minute rest repeate A1-5 3 times

    15-20 Reps

    B1. DB Shoulder Press 18lbx 20,20
    B2. Leg Extensions 70lb x 20,20
    B3. Chinup bw x 8,7 arms were still done from Monday
    B4. KB Swings 45lb x 20,20
    B5. Crunches x 20,20

    20 minutes of steady state cardio

    Had MUCH greater endurance on this workout I felt like I would finish off the tank and as I rested someone put a little more in. Moved up some reps and some weight. And the cardio was a breeze I felt great during ti when I usually feel rundown and ready to be down. Also did some faster runnin on some parts......I think somethign may be starting to happen.

    I also am starting to appear sligthly leaner.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  15. Day 10

    Weight this morning: 180.6

    I woke up and put on my shirt this morning and I was amazed at how tight it is feeling all throught hte chest/shoulers and arms. I have a nice constant pump thats more pronounced everyday, like just short of a full flex. Similar to the feel of how Epi or Var makes you feel all the time.
    The best part is that I had under 40 carbs yesterday and my workout was a lactate acid inducing circuit followed by a 20min run that should have me feeling flat!

    I hope this keeps up. So far I am really impressed with this stack looking forward to really seeing what it can do.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  16. Glad your liking this stack too. I too am on this stack and am loving it. I added prime about 5 days ago so i'm hoping to make some serious gains in the weight room in the next few weeks

  17. That does sound like some serious stuff! And serious cash, but hey I can't talk my supplement bill is over the top
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  18. IN!

    Good luck with this, man. I've had awesome results with both LR and AE. Done logs on both of them.


  19. Woooo sorry I'm late!!!

  20. Great stuff bro, my first log was lonely, but its a good log keep it up, il be here supporting, feel free to hit me up with any questions etc, take care buddy...Russian

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post
    That does sound like some serious stuff! And serious cash, but hey I can't talk my supplement bill is over the top
    Indeed some serious cash. This is my first time using any supplements besides simple protein and vitamins... so I'm still going through a little learning curve to figure out what I solely need. For my second month I think I'm only going to stick with prime and incarnate... I'll let you know how it goes though.

  22. Alright. That's more like it!! Haha Thanks for stopping in guys. Russian good luck with your run as well, you are shredded ha...

    Update after leg workout!
    Head Purus Labs Rep
  23. Day 11

    Weigth this morning: 180.0

    Workout #7 LEGS 6:00 PM

    A1. Squat 275x6,6,6,5 Tough stuff!
    A2. Leg Curl 70x 8,8,8,8

    2minute rest repeat 3-4x

    B1. Deadlift 275x6,6,6,6 Normal overhand grip throughout
    B2. Lunges 80lb Sandbag x8,8,8,8

    I have the normal Love/Hate feeling for leg workouts, though I have grown to LOVE deadlifts. However, try hitting them alone, in a makeshift garage/shed gym with one wall as a tarp in the winter and doing them takes even more dedication! BUT oh do I love the blasting a great leg day!


    Had an increase of weight and or reps on all exercises. This weeks workout was night and day better somehow. I felt my workout endurance was definitely increased. My bodyfat is definitely down some as well!

    These weights seem a tad low even to me, but if you take into account I had about 30-40 grams of carbs all day before that it's respectable!

    One thing unrelated to the stack that I want to vent is that 180 feels oh so small to me after being 200-210 for most of my weight lifting life. Though I now move some of the same weight now and maybe a little more than at 200 the weights feel soooo much heavier lol
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  24. Day 12

    Rest day from weights. Took in mor carbs today because I knew I'd be playing basketball. Which I did for over an hour and a half. I haven't played but once this year and any endurance type training has been non-existent to say the least!

    Even so I was able to fly up and down the court being my hustling self (read as making up for lack of offensive talent ha) and I had amazing endurance capacity for having not done a thing in this regard lately. Everyone else who some regularly play were done and I wanted to go one more. It was like I had several winds to continue. Iike this!
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  25. Day 13

    Weight: 177.6!! Whoa this is on the smaller end of what I have ever been, but unlike the past I actually still look like I have size and strength is still there. I have been static in my weight for a long time now so this is def from the stack. Hitting the gym later with an update.

    My patellar tendon is Definitely inflamed today but that happens when I start doing a lot of cardio but it usually goes away.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  26. Nice job on the drop in weight! About 1.75lbs per week! Great job!

  27. ahhhhhhh how'd I miss this, sorry im late, im INNNNNNN!!!

  28. Hey guys, my computer is in the shop right now with a virus so that's the lack of updates. I'll update my workout from saturday and todays cardio and impressions hopefully tonight while I'm cramming for a BioChem test. If not 100% tomorrow! I'm typing this on my iPhone and that gets old for long posts Haha.
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  29. Update Finally!

    Alright Everyone sorry for getin off my log got busy with school and coming back home for the holidays, but I am back!

    Day 13 Workout:

    A1. Dip bwx15,15,15
    A2. Overhead Squat 12lb (Hardcore! lol)x15,15,15
    A3. T-Bar Row 45lb+bar x 15,15,15
    A4. DB SLDL on Bench 40x15,15,15
    A5. Romanian Twists 28.5X 12 25LBX 12,12

    B1. BB Overhead Press 45x20,20
    B2. Burpees bwx 15 2nd set KB pulls x20
    B3. KB Swings 28.5x20,20
    B4. Bicycle Crunches 20,30

    C. Sandbag Clean + shoulder press combo 80x6,6,6

    Day 14

    Rest Day/Study Day

    Weighd in around 180 afetr a little Carb up meal Saturday night.

    Day 15

    No weight update. Went to bed at 4:30 studying for this test which I went hardcore all week after and in the end it was 99% the same as last years test I studied for 2 hours
    At least I know ill do well.

    Workout: Upper Body

    A1. Bench Press 255x6,4,4 (I was alone or this would have been better, have to be safe!)
    1 minute rest
    A2. Wide Grip Pullup bw x 10,9,8,8 Nice!
    2minute rest and back to A1.

    B1. BB Row 195 x 4, (A little too aggressive) 185 x6,6,5 (Used straps)
    1 minute rest
    B2. Flies 50x8,8,8,8
    2minute rest and back to B1.

    C. Just had some fun with the arms, lots of DB curls, few chin ups.

    Notes: I look leaner than I have in...maybe forever while also keeping my muscle mass and strength intact. When i went down to 174 a few years ago it was from endurance training and I lost crazy a mount of muscle with and looked bad lol.

    Vascularity was insane on this night like all up my arm and into my shoulders, maybe even more than on Epistane! Lovin it.

    Day 16

    Spent the first day back home from college today. Diet was kept pretty clean, its harder at home with my mom cooking and brother loving junkfood!

    Hit my old YMCA gym up for a workout and walked in and remembered why i made my own garage gym (Curls in the squat rack anyone?)

    Decided to just wing it today:

    A. Breathing Squats 225x20 whoa haha that was all the Squats for me. Kinda tweaked the back a bit

    B. Pushpress 135x 8,6,6

    C1. Romanian Deadlift 135x15,15 superset with
    C2. Push ups BWx 20,20

    Cardio: 30 minutes 15% incline Alternating: 2 min 2.7mph 1 min 3.7
    Burned a little over 300kcals

    Vascularity again evident and had the vein going that goes horizontal across the bicep

    I wont have any real weight updates as the scales at my home havent been calibrated or changed in like 60+ years haha. I may try to hit up the medical style one at the gym but may hurt consistency.

    Day 17

    Woke up this morning and hit 3.3 miles on empty stomach low impact cardio. Felt great. Will hit the weights late afternoon with one of my best friends so look for that update as well!

    WHEW! Any questions?
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  30. Great drop in weight bro, awesome!!!


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