Body Transformation with my PALs

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  1. sweet deal, thats what i figured the package to last for. any reason why you didnt add DCP? I have also heard that was another good adition to LR

  2. Well I got the stack when it was discounted heavily so I went a little into my pockets to even have the stack so adding something else would have put me in a debt hole fast.

    Also I wanted to see how the stack performed on its on, though I love DCP and will maybe uuse it over the holidays.
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  3. Day 20 & 21

    Rest days and watching Football. Don't have my computer back yet so no real updates or notes on these days. I have the last two weeks of school which will be insane so I'm going to change to 3 Full Body days a week to cut down workout time for study time haha... Also probably throwing a little of my old pal Ephedrine in for the extra kick. This week will pretty much use up my stash with the Levi done on Thursday I think and AE by Saturday (going up to 6 a day to see if it makes it better).
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  4. Day 22

    Had a big ass Vertebrate Morphology Lab Practical on Circulatory System + Nervous and I have a big paper due Tuesday at 1245 (or today since its like 2 AM lol) So a little strapped for time as I will be for most of this week and definitely next with finals.

    Weight: 185 (Water and glycogen and overload from Thanksgiving break at home : hopefully not too much if any fat gain as I really hit some cardio and weights) Going to really get after a low low carb diet the next two weeks and get down low as possible finising strong because I more than likely will start 1-T for the break where I can give it most of my focus.

    Crunched for time workout:

    Power Clean 135x 5,5,5,5
    Squat 255x8 (Lower back still felt tweaked and may keep me away form squats for a little bit ) I did it over the break squatting it feels like a sharp quick pain on the left side of my spine.
    .....Did sandabag front squats which hurt only every few but not as much and i could bail if it got bad.. 80x10,10,10

    One leg supine hip extensions bwx 10,10,10,10 I really like the feel of these felt it a lot in my hammstrings, need to get the hams stretched out more they are tight.

    Bench Press
    225x8+2,7+3 205x8+2,7+2 A little disappointed but not bad. The cold hurt them a little it think as well as no spotter being safe. My chest was PUMPED LIKE CRAAZY ALONG WITH TRIS though. It was a littel crazy how full they were. So i enjoyed that!

    Alternating DB Row 60sx 10,10,10

    Push Press 115x10,5 + Mountian climber pullups 10

    **Got late had to hit the library but this stack plus the workout I had more energy after it than I have had all day!**

    I am going to take some pictures of my "garage" gym for yall to see the enviornment I am working with which I love. Im sure the AM community would enjoy it. It was worth every penny, just need to get the 4th wall up instead of having a tarp on it
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  5. Day 23

    Decided to hit the cardio hard today. Havent eaten any carbs other than whats in the bell pepper i used for my omelet this morning and yet i feel great and felt great doing the cardio,

    Stepmill (this thing is brutal)

    20 iminutes intervals of 50 steps/min for 100 seconds then 100-120 steps a minute for 100 seconds, but didnt always make it the whole time at the top speed ha.

    Burned: 264 kcals
    Distance: 2.02 miles
    Floors: 98


    13 minutes Intervals of 4.5 mph for 2 minutes then 30 seconds at 12.0 mph about 3 minutes at 4.0 for about 3 min

    Burned: 160kcals
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  6. Day 24

    **So I had a feeling my home scale sems to be not very accurate. I had my suspicions but I messed around with it and weigths were all over the place. So I weighed at the Univeristy gym on their big springless scale that I have used in the past and seemed to be very accurate, unfortuanately it kinda throws out my old weights but at least i have pics and a semi accurate bf% to give you guys**

    Weight: 188 (With shoes that weight about 2lbs and with two meals in me so I am guessing closer to 185-186)


    Chinups bw+25 x 8,7,6
    (no rest)
    Dips bw+25x 10,10,10

    High Pulls 105lbs x 8,8,8
    (No rest)
    Reverse Flyes 30lbs x 10,10,10

    DB Curl (pyramid down) 50x5,40x5,32.5x6,25x6

    Jacknife Sit ups 25lb x 10,10,10

    Dont have tons of time during deadweek so keeping them short and simple for now.


    Strength: Seems to be stayin consistent and in somecases like curls increased over my normal baseline, especially at this weight.

    Vascularity: INSANE. My vascularity was off the chain today on the curls. I was shocked by it honestly. I always just ok vascularity but this has brought it out more than ever (naturally ).....Its even slightly above what it was on my Epistane cycle and thats saying a lot.

    Libido: Seems to mildly increased on this stack. Nothing crazy like test but defintiltely something there.

    Fat loss: From the mirror and vascularity I think i have definiely leaned out since the beginning of this stack. My diet has been about 80% on point maybe slightly less with the Thanksgiving holiday so that owes some to it as well.

    Just a few thoughts....Very close to the end pf my run I think basically ends Friday. Have a few incarnate left over for some reason but not much.
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  7. awesome job bro, good luck with finals!!

  8. nice bro..waitin in the mail for mine :-)

  9. Day 25

    Almost took it easy today and rested but I was like no way! Got to finish strong! haha

    Went to the gym at 10:30pm an did HIIT cardio on the treadmill

    5 minute Warm up
    1 minute 4.7mph + 30sec 11.0 mph 9 times
    1 minute 4.7mph + 40sec 12.0 mph 1 time.
    3 minutes cool down

    Kcals: 320
    Distance: 2.20 miles
    Tme: 23 min

    Went downstairs and did 2 sets of Front squats with a 25lb plate held out at arms length for 10 reps. (More of an Ab/Delt workout than legs)

    Feel great!

    A little disappointed that the ride is more or less over tomorrow with a total of: 3 LeviR pills and 12 AEs (So ends Saturday) and enough Incarnate to last till Monday.

    However, stay tuned for the bulking up part of the Charger series with 1-T that may start sooner than I planned because I cant wait....
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  10. Day 26

    Officially out of Levi!!

    Played some pick up basketball games for about 2 hours. Felt annihilated at the end but in a good way haha.....My endurance and performance is definitely increased since when I first played basketball a few weeks ago. Im looking and feeling very lean.

    Had a cheat tonight though, needed one with the cravings and 2 hours of hard basketball makes you crave carbs becuase i was overly light headed.

    It didnt make me feel bloated like normally htough so my body must have been craving it. My fave cheat meal of all...izza:
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  11. DAY 27 - Final

    I went to the track and did some plyometrics. Ran a fast as hell 3/4 mile (for me) that my ipod didnt record becuase it went out of battery. I need a new one. Then flipped an about 800lb tire 3x and a 400lber fro a set of 10 ( would have done more but it was tied up to a light post so no one would steal it lol)

    Will update with a final weight in the morning tomrrow.

    Endurance: 11/10 lol The athleticism it provided was amazing
    Strength: Stayed the same or better in a definite 9/10
    Fat loss: 9/10
    Energy: 5/10 Stim wise and 8/10 just in feeling
    Joints/Ligament: 10/10 sometimes ahve nagging injuries and that patellar ligament inflamation I had was minor and lasted no tiem at all WITHOUT stopping activity.
    Vascularity: 10/10, due in part to lower bodyfat but not hte only reason.
    Test boost: N/A Definitely elevated and there but I have high testosterone and have used other non supps that make it hard to compare. It definitly does a little somehtign though.

    Overall: 8-9/10 The stack is amazing but its also ~$75 a month so can be a cut in the wallet.

    However, if I was any type of athlete a stack like this (MAYBE even minus the Levi) would be something I would be on all the time! I am sure the benefits accumulate and get better and better. Also i think the pictures show that it has some good body transformation effects as well. I was thoroughly in pressed with the whole stack and will def comeback and use the products again.
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  12. After Pics

    Here we go guys...Commments are welcome.
    Attached Images Attached Images        
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  13. nice dude i can def see a noticeable difference.

    i got my stuff yesterday cant wait to start 2morro.

  14. Thanks...good luck with your log. Heres my new one, 1-T SOLO

    1-T and Me, Solo run
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  15. Final Weight: 186lbs So really I may have been heavier than I started out on the log than I had thought. I would guess around 188-189 so definitely some recomp going on here.
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