HelloEvo's too many acronyms for one stack log!

  1. HelloEvo's too many acronyms for one stack log!

    Today I'm starting what I like to call the acronym cutting stack
    & EGCG

    I've had very little sleep but I'm about to go to 7-11 and buy one of those 7 hour energy drinks so I can hit the gym up hard.

    Today, this is how my dosing will go:
    AP = 2 caps (first three days, then I'll bump up to 3 doses)
    Ephedrine = 2 doses of 25 mg (using generic primatene)
    Caffeine = 3 doses of 200 mg
    Yohimbine HCL = 2 caps of 2.5 mg
    DCP = 6 caps (through 3 doses)
    Lean Green = 2 doses of 500 mg
    and of course, XTEND during and after each workout.

    I wasn't initially going to take AP while with this, I was debating it but figured it would be too expensive for one stack. Yesterday was my birthday though, and my friend decided to take me to vitamin shoppe to get me whatever I wanted. Lo and behold, they had AP, which I didn't even know they carried. So I figured it was meant to be and got it. I told him he was a genius because that was seriously like the cherry on top of this stack (damn thing works wonders for me).

    I'm gonna have a little more caffeine than I would like today, as I'm gonna need that 7 hour energy drink to get me through the day so I can fix my sleeping schedule (only had four hours of sleep). I'll let you guys know how the workout goes when I get back.

  2. Workout was good, I was a little tired, but it wasn't too bad. Started off with some abs, then did 25 minutes on the elliptical, did chest, then another 25 minutes of cardio. I may go back to the gym later tonight to do some triceps and maybe a little more cardio. We'll see how I feel.

    One thing I did notice though, I was using my older batch of DCP from like three or four months ago, and those were in gel caps (I had about three days of full doses left), but my new DCP bottle came in today and they're not in gel caps, they look more like multivitamins. It's obviously DCP, but I just thought that was strange, they must've changed it up.

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