BiO's Phenadrine Run (Sponsored)

  1. Cool BiO's Phenadrine Run (Sponsored)

    Well, not run per se, but I have been biking lately for my cardio.

    I'm going to log my impressions of Phenadrine's performance in a variety of situations rather than a strict "log" per se because I am less focused on a particular physique goal at the moment and more focused on pure maintenance due to a busy schedule.

    [U]General Impression of Phenadrine at 1 Capsule Dose.[/U]

    Like the kid in the candy store I am with new supplements, I had to try a cap in the morning before work. Took one cap with a cup of coffee. Didn't notice much of anything for about 1.5 hours and then BANG!!! a huge increase in alertness, energy and focus.

    The energy boost was borderline frenetic. If I wasn't doing anything I felt close to having the jitters similar to how Clen feels.

    This boost lasted well over 9 hours and by that evening I kinda felt the need to take some lemon balm and holy basil to start preparing for bed.

    All subsequent doses for work/mental boosting were slightly milder in terms of the jitters but equally effective for energy and focus.

    Cardio on Phenadrine

    Thus far, I have only gotten one cardio session in but it was intense. I dosed one Phenadrine cap about 2 hours prior to some road biking and then an additional cap right before the ride.

    I did a 20 mile road ride on my mountain bike with slicks. Wind was pretty stiff and I had to push more than I wanted to. Under these conditions Phenadrine really excells. I had excellent focus and drive. Physically, I was able to push a little harder than I normally could but the real benefit came in the form of physical and mental endurance. I felt like I could pedal forever and even at the 20 mile mark I had lots of fuel in the tank.

    After the ride, I was not worn down at all and proceeded home to write some reports and then spend the evening playing with my 2 year old daughter.

    Soooo, impressions thus far are great. Phenadrine is weeener in my book. I will update this log as I put Phenadrine to the test in varied situations as they arise. Looks like I will be doing some field work next week so that is a great gauge of a stimulant's effectiveness for me..hiking at high altitude and working all day.

  2. In for the ride, so to speak :P

    I'm LOVING Phenadrine, and can't wait to see how you do with it. I also like the idea you have with this log (to apply Phenadrine to a variety of situations).

    How have you chosen to cycle your usage over the past few weeks? I've been choosing 2-3 days per week depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I make sure I have an 'on' day for heavy work or workouts, and sometimes I like to see how I do on those days without it (to measure potential dependancy).

    Have you tried dosing 2x preworkout, or have you been doing a 1x AM and 1x afternoon? I like both, and some days I'll stagger two separate doses preworkout. For example, I'll take a dose about 2-3 hours preworkout, then if I feel I might need an additional boost I go ahead and take the second about an hour before the workout for a graduated lift.

    In my experience, Phenadrine has been extremely versatile regarding dosing possibilities.

  3. Whats going on in here?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JOakman View Post
    Whats going on in here?
    It appears not much How did this turn out Bioman?

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