Re-starting T3, Adrenals and HPTA!! Massive log W. REAL Sarms!

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  1. Re-starting T3, Adrenals and HPTA!! Massive log W. REAL Sarms!

    PHASE 2 with IGF, MGF, Endo Amp, White Flood and some Prime has begun!


    This log will be different from anything else I have seen on here. It will include REAL sarms and someone completely trying to restart many major systems of their body at once. Interested yet? Below are just some of the supplements to be logged!

    • Cre-02 by MST
    • Cordygen5 by MST (possibly VO2 as well)
    • REAL Sarms!! - (s-4)
    • EndoAmp and Toco-8 and Sustain Alpha by Primordial
    • Adaptogen Blend
    • 20% Colosoric Acid Banaba!
    • High dose Yellow Gold
    • Receptor grade IGF
    • Reset AD
    • Thyroid Energy by Now and Lugols Iodine


    I have been on this board for a few years but started on other boards years before that. I discovered super supplements early on, too early. I tried many combos of supplements and super supplements and was always a hard gainer. I am not the ecto type, more like endo - skinny fat. I am very insulin resistant, think I may acutally be diabetic and have problems with t3 (probably from being diet conscious since age 15.)

    I have been as large as 240 with some blubber to as ripped as 200lb at sub 6% (more like 5ish). I've done more stacks of supps and super supps than I would care to admit. Overall nothing worked amazingly well.


    I got myself rahter out of shape and started a major rebuilding project around April. things went great. With the help of Lyle McDonalds Ultimate diet 2.0 which I altered to a more ketogenic diet I was able to get ripped. Unfortunetly somethign was awry with my water and it only really showed on PGCL (Force of Green saw it ha - no pics from then unfortunetly). Unfortunetly though none of this is maintainable. My genetics just don't allow it. I don't discuss what I take exactly but I have used far to many super sups over this time, MASSIVE amounts of stimulants and t3.

    Right now I am just fed up. my adrenals simply cant take this anymore. No stims effect me, NOTHING. with enough stims my heart will get pounding but no mental high. I use to nearly breakdown from geranium now I can take it and sleep, and thats just one example. Also I am super stressed all day and can't ever sleep.

    I have begun adding carbs back in at 150-200 grams a day and have begun tapering off super supps while i save money for a proper pct. Also have begun tapering down my t3 doses.

    The Outline

    All carb meals will be taken with 900mg Yellow Gold and 100mg 20% Banaba

    Phase 1 - Weeks 1-6 - Adrenal and thyroid Recover

    Week 1-4
    • Now Rhodiola - 500mg x 3
    • Bacopa - Dosing TBD - 2/3 x day
    • Holy Basil - 450mg x 3
    • 1-Carboxy - Dosing TBD Before bed (2g?)
    • NOW Thyroid Energy - Label dosing
    • Lugols Iodine - 4 drops ED
    • Colleus - 40-60mg actives 2-3 x day
    • Reset AD - 3 x day
    • Cordygen5 - 2 caps pre-wo / 1 in AM
    • CRE-02 - 3 caps pre-wo
    • Personal blended pre-WO mix (GMS, ALCAR tyrosine, Chocamine and AAKG)
    • Tyrosine and ALCAR ro energy as needed
    • Toco-8(starting week 2 or 3)

    I will begin HCG during this time towards week 2-3 and use Toco-8 to increase sensativity to LH.

    Phase 2 - Weeks 5/6-11/12 - PCT for HPTA

    HERE come the SARMS and IGF/MGF!

    • Toremifen Citrate - 90mg to 60mg - 6 weeks
    • Clomid 50 mg ED - 6 weeks
    • SARM S-4 - TBD - 150-180mg ED - 6 weeks
    • Endo amp - 2400mg (1.5 Label) - 6 weeks
    • Adaptogen blend from above + Relora
    • CONTINUE FROM ABOVE - Lugols, tyrosine, alcar, pre-wo blend, hopefully cre-02 - any other I may have forgotten ha!

    Peptide protocol

    Note PegMGF is over a year old - may be denatured some but is still lypholized so should be decent

    Week 7,9,11,13 - 40-60mcg Receptor grade IGF Post WO - 4 times a week

    Week 6,8,10,12 - 500mcg PegMgf Post WO - 4 times a week

    Phase 3 - Weeks13-20 - Moving More Towards the light

    Obviousoly this is FAR in the future BUUUUT My general plan is

    • Sutain Alpha / Demacrine
    • Lean X-treme
    • Some IGF in the last 3 weeks

    Final Words from Outline

    PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR SOURCES OF ANY OF THE PRODUCTS! - If you can't get it at NP it doesn't exist!

    I hope to follow this log as a way to stay motivated over a 5 month period.

    I will reserve the posts below for updates and pictures.

    Sarms Research

    Pharmacodynamics of selective androgen receptor modulators.
    Yin D, Gao W, Kearbey JD, Xu H, Chung K, He Y, Marhefka CA, Veverka KA, Miller DD, Dalton JT.

    Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

    The present study aimed to identify selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) with in vivo pharmacological activity. We examined the in vitro and in vivo pharmacological activity of four chiral, nonsteroidal SARMs synthesized in our laboratories. In the in vitro assays, these compounds demonstrated moderate to high androgen receptor (AR) binding affinity, with K(i) values ranging from 4 to 37 nM, and three of the compounds efficaciously stimulated AR-mediated reporter gene expression. The compounds were then administered subcutaneously to castrated rats to appraise their in vivo pharmacological activity. Androgenic activity was evaluated by the ability of these compounds to maintain the weights of prostate and seminal vesicle, whereas levator ani muscle weight was used as a measure of anabolic activity. The maximal response (E(max)) and dose for half-maximal effect (ED(50)) were determined for each compound and compared with that observed for testosterone propionate (TP). Compounds S-1 and S-4 demonstrated in vivo androgenic and anabolic activity, whereas compounds S-2 and S-3 did not. The activities of S-1 and S-4 were tissue-selective in that both compounds stimulated the anabolic organs more than the androgenic organs. These two compounds were less potent and efficacious than TP in androgenic activity, but their anabolic activity was similar to or greater than that of TP. Neither S-1 nor S-4 caused significant luteinizing hormone or follicle stimulating hormone suppression at doses near the ED(50) value. Thus, compounds S-1 and S-4 were identified as SARMs with potent and tissue-selective in vivo pharmacological activity, and represent the first members of a new class of SARMs with selective anabolic effects.

    PMID: 12604714 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  2. Reserved for first set of pics from before cycle to now

    Holy crap my own progress blew me away.... Apparently I started my my cycle Mid-May

    The first set are pics are from May 5 - the second are from Sept 9

    I feel fat in the second set but oh well...


  3. Phase 1 product feedback


    Overall a reasonable success. Bodyweight stayed around the same, probably lost a small amount of muscle and gained a small amount of fat which is ok for all the things I had going on coming off super supps and synthetic t3.

    Weights definetly went up which was very unexpected.

    Shoulder dumbell press
    1st week - 70 x 12
    Strongest - 80 x 17

    Incline dumbell press
    1st time - 80 x 13
    Strongest - 80 x 20
    **Then got hurt... Almost better not...

    Those are just two examples, I fought a couple injuries like always so my lifts had to change to fit it in but there was a feeling of "the weights just moved."


    Week 1-4
    Now Rhodiola - 500mg x 3
    **Did not feel much... I like it in a tea better

    Bacopa - Dosing TBD - 2/3 x day
    **Felt nothing but it may have helped t3

    Holy Basil - 450mg x 3
    **some calming possibly... Would try again

    1-Carboxy - Dosing TBD Before bed (2g?)
    **Slept pretty good, some prolactin help... Not really worth it though. Might have helped with recovery though so will look to see if recover gets worse

    NOW Thyroid Energy - Label dosing
    **Thyroid recovered

    Lugols Iodine - 4 drops ED
    **Thyroid seems to be ok, amazing value. This stuff last forever

    Colleus - 40-60mg actives 2-3 x day
    **DID NOT USE - Saved for phase 2

    Reset AD - 3 x day
    **Can't say I noticed much

    Cordygen5 - 2 caps pre-wo / 1 in AM
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best performance enhancer I have used !!!!!!

    CRE-02 - 3 caps pre-wo

    Personal blended pre-WO mix (GMS, ALCAR tyrosine, Chocamine and AAKG)
    **Used sometimes...Not crazy about it but performance did go up from alcar for sure. Will use alcar in the future

    Tyrosine and ALCAR ro energy as needed
    **I like tyrosine at a good dose

    Toco-8(starting week 2 or 3)
    **Just started

    Phase 2 plan

    PCT - The tricky part

    Week 1-4 -
    Estrogen -60mg toremifen + 50mg Clomid ED
    Cortisol - 1000mg Relora + 2400mg PS (EndoAmp 1.5 dosage)
    Pre-Wo - Recreate Hopefully if I can get it
    Sleep - Ketotifen (strong anti-catabolic as well)
    Fat and cAmp - 500mg GTE + 200mg 20% Colleus (3 times/day)
    Performance - BUYING MORE CORDY!, Creatine Mono (save $$)

    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday - 500mcg PegMgf
    Mon, Wens, Thurs - 60-80mcg IGF PWO

  4. Reserved for Phase 2 update / conculsion and hopefully pics

  5. Reserved for Phase 3 update / conculsion and hopefully pics

  6. First in!! Helluva stack you got planned! Lookn forward to this one! GL man!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    First in!! Helluva stack you got planned! Lookn forward to this one! GL man!
    Thanks man... Will start around Monday next week. as you can tell i did some research and am more worried about end result than seeing exaclty what works. I got too many things I need to achieve to break out the kiddy gloves.

  8. In! I love these experiments!

  9. Pre-Log Day 1

    Still on HRT+ doses right now and HAD to take stims cause I didnt sleep at all last night due to stress and adrenals (so bad guys!)

    Took 25mg Ephedrine, 6g aakg and 60mg geranium with a liptons energy burst drink.

    I am currently doing everything twice a week, once heavy once lighter for tension. today was arms and shoulders heavy 5x5.

    Front barbell press- 155 - 5x5 - definetly too light will go up

    Body drag curls - 90 - 5x5 - Good but got all reps so will go up

    Skull crushers - 125 - 5x5 - Heavy - got all reps but will stay here next week

    My bicep tendon is acting up gain from bent over rows yesterday and is very bad now... looks like they need to be stopped.

  10. So you have only been ON since April? (supa supps that is)
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    So you have only been ON since April? (supa supps that is)
    I dont advise ANYONE to do the things I do - Point blank I have **** genetics and wont take no for an answer and throw caution to the wind... For me that is a short time on...

    Again I want to make this about this log - I know my choices have not been wise and i am slowly trying to fix them.

  12. I'm in. Word up JR.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  13. I dont think thats even long, lol. Best of luck though. Any recent basic health bloodwork? Curious what the TSH looks like...
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  14. First set of Progress pics uploaded....

  15. lookin good ! ur lats are sick bro

  16. Really interested to see what you think of "S-4".. It has peaked my interest for a while now.

    Good luck man.. I am in a pretty similar boat.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by THEGEEZ View Post
    lookin good ! ur lats are sick bro
    I never had lats then I used DC principles of frequency and extreme stretching the "door knob" overhead stretch hurts sooooo bad but I spent one summer doing it and went from flats to lats

  18. i def gotta look up the door knob ! lookin good man

  19. I am always using the DC chest stretch. Works wonders for it.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  20. did you take picture down? or is my computer being retarded?
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    did you take picture down? or is my computer being retarded?
    YOur comp... I added them in the second post.

    I want to make it easy for someone to get an idea of everything at the end since this could go on for half a year ha

  22. Subscribed. All the best!
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  23. JR... rec center warrior, moffett would be proud.

  24. Lookin forward to this for sure... SARMs are the future. What is the full name of S-4?

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  25. S4 log. Whoa. Cool.

    From another board:

    S-4 (3, 10 mg/kg) and DHT (3 mg/kg) restored castration-induced loss in lean body mass. Furthermore, S-4 treatment caused a significantly larger increase in total body bone mineral density (BMD) than DHT. S-4 (3 and 10 mg/kg) also demonstrated agonist activity in the pituitary, and significantly decreased plasma LH and FSH levels in castrated animals in a dose ***endent manner. In summary, the strong anabolic effects of S-4 in skeletal muscle, bone, and pituitary were achieved with minimal pharmacologic effect in the prostate. The tissue selective pharmacologic activity of SARMs provides obvious advantages over steroidal androgen therapy and demonstrates the promising therapeutic utility that this new class of drugs may hold.


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