My first cycle, please review

  1. My first cycle, please review

    I posted some initial info about myself in the general discussion form a couple weeks ago. I'm about 2 weeks into my first prohormone cycle, a pheraplex clone, 20-20-20-20.

    I'm 32 years old, 6' tall. My "natural body weight" if I don't exercise and just eat when I get hungry is 145lb. Before I started the cycle I was at 165, which I got up to by working out in a haphazard manner and casually trying to eat more over time (3 or 4 years).

    About a week before I started the PP cycle I got a lot more organized about my diet (yes, I've read you shouldn't mess with any kind of hormonal stuff until after you've been a serious about your diet and workout program for a number of years). Right now I'm getting 2800-3600 calories and about 170-240 grams of protein depending on if it's a "good" day or not.

    I've got some tamoxifen on hand for PCT. I've gained about 7 pounds over the last two weeks. There is a noticeable difference in my muscle volume, now vs. 2 weeks ago, but I think the bulk of the weight is from having a much larger volume of food in my digestive tract at any point in time.

    I'm also taking a multi-vitamin with high amounts of B vitamins and "liver armor" that has milk thistle and some other stuff in it.

    So far I've seen a moderate increase in skin oil production and definite mood changes. I am a lot more emotionally independent from my gf (which is nice b/c we are in the process of breaking up right now). Libido may have dropped off a little. No noticeable hair loss yet.

    I'm working out at home, 4 days a week, alternating between upper body (rows, bench, incline bench, shrugs, etc. all with dumbells) and lower body (mostly squats, deadlifts thrown in every now and then).

    Am I missing anything, or is there anything in this picture that is out of whack?

    Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated!



  2. so what kinds of lifts do you do? I doubt someone with your stats needs steroids... 6'0 165 lifting an upper/lower split with only dumbells?

    Get a gym membership and a more specialized weightlifting split, get a diet that doesn't fluctuate by 800 cals a day. You should push your limits before resorting to this... not after haphazard lifting.

    There's nothing wrong with the cycle, at those doses I think liver support becomes less essential, and you have Nolvadex.

    Your starting stats are the only thing that's out of place
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  3. this is a typical upper body night -

    all are sets of 8-10, weights are per dumbell, i usually do a warmup set of everything at half weight and then 3 real sets.

    bench - 60lb
    incline - 50lb
    rows - 55lb
    shrugs - 50-55lb
    batwings - 15lb (or whatever they're called)

    i had a traditional olympic bench set but it didnt incline and it seemed like i got better volume and overall strength from dumbbells. plus the bar gave me wrist pain after a while, so i sold that and most of my plates and got an incline/decline utility bench instead.

    lower body nights are mostly just squats. i'm doing 6-8 rep sets of about 160 right now, not a lot of weight but my form is good and i go really deep w/o rounding out (been working on my hamstring flexibility for a while).

  4. You'd benefit more from an overhaul with your diet and routine than from steroids... I mean of course they help and your +10 lbs is nice but wait and see how much you keep.

    To benefit in the long run, you need to have diet and routine more figured out in order to take advantage of steroids...
    batwings man? you mean dumbell flys?

    anyway, if you're doing bench w/ 60lb dumbell and squats with 160, you got a ways to go. I think after this cycle you should read more and get more natural training in.

    And I've got nothing against dumbells but I'll take good old fashioned heavy barbell lifting over dumbells anyday, IMO they're just better for strength and size.
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