Ok this is my first cycle so feel free to comment/suggest anything. Overkill or not enough? Personally I'm pretty happy with it.

Age 21 (22 in sept)
Been training 2 years seriously
5'9 170lbs 16% body fat( started off at 125lbs)
Diet has been decent. Not perfect but not crap either. Lots of sleep and protein.
Routine is good mostly free weights and high sets.

Add muscle and strength maybe shed 2% BF.

Stuff I always take:
BSN syntha 6
Fish oils

The cycle:
Epistane 20/30/30/30 possibly 40
Life support

Novla 40/40/20/20 (liquid and caps)
Post Cycle Support
Sustain Alpha
Life support

I have two questions:

1. I realize I don't have a cortisol blocker but anything with DHEA isn't allowed in Canada so what else can I use? Is it 100% required?

2. Should I start the 6oxo the last week of pct and go 300/200/100 OR taper up then taper down (ie. 100/200/300/200/100).

Thanks guys. Gimme some feedback.