Havoc/Decavol cycle

  1. Havoc/Decavol cycle

    I was thinking about running a second havoc cycle, ran one about 3 months ago, starting to plan one out for september. My last cycle my joints were very dry even with taking fish oil and glucosamine. I was wondering if it would be worth it to take decavol, seeing how deca is suppose to help lubricate joints and decavol is suppose to convert or if it wouldnt even be worth the money with the high doses I would probably have to take, and if 4 caps a day would even have any benefit. If anyone has taken it and has any feedback as far as joint lubrication goes I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

  2. The DecaVol has a two step conversion: 19-Norandrosterone, then to 19-Norandrostenedione, then to 19-Nortestosterone. It would have to be dosed high and even then the results would not be worth the money. It also has ATD in it which will further dry out your joints.

    I would recommend running the Havoc @30mg per day for 30 days alone. If you are an experienced user of hormonal products the addition of Bold @1-1.2g per day for 8-10 weeks would be a good compliment.

    As far as joint health, cissus has worked well for me.

  3. Decavol sucks from what i've heard...

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