propionate question

  1. propionate question

    Hey guys, I have these old amps of 50mg tectoctepoha farmadon propionate, ive hade them for like 5 years, they are the weird looking ampules. anyway there is no exp on the bottles, they smudjed off. For all i know they coudve expired in 2003 or 2010? do i take these big boys??? can it be dangerous???

  2. tectoctepoha farmadon!! damm! russian stuff, real long amp tops?? i used to get those back in the day, loved the stuff. as to the expiration, i would say if it has been stored in a good place i think its gtg. ive used gear 2 years past exp and had no issues. WATCH opening those!! i had to get stitches once because i ****in smashed that **** into my hand because the top is so Fcking weird.

  3. yea, i have no clue when they expired, i wish i knew, lets just say they expired in 2004 would i be f*cked?????

    I have used them before they were really good, and i have had these ones lying around, i wanna use them to jump start a sustanon/havoc cycle.

  4. yea thats true it could be expired 4+ years.. i would just chuck em because you dont want to pin gear thats 4 years expired

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