FNG to site wanting to comment on HD50 and other non PH supps

  1. FNG to site wanting to comment on HD50 and other non PH supps

    Hi all,

    well for starters I 6' 195lbs pretty lean oh yeah and 25yrs of age. currently using only a lean protien and noxplode. was on R&R for a month and lost 10lbs of muscle. lots of partying. I work out about 5 times a week, eat 4 times a day, but i dont take it too serious i have good gains and am strong. i can incline bench 315 for 4 reps DL 410 for reps, etc.. just to give an idea that i have some strength to me lol...

    I have used hd 50 and clones for a while and always had good results. not looking to get huge just bigger than the average guy etc... for looks and for work too. well too the point um I have never really used and PCT for HD 50 (foolish from what i am reading) but never had an issue. I also didnt up the dose from 50 mg a day, and only used for 30 days so maybe its mild enough for me to have no issues. If i havent had any issues with it what do you guys think. start using a pct next time or what. only side affect i ever had was getting angry quickly but hd50 isnt very androgenic so that may be just me being a jerk lol...

    I have read many books on steroid use like anabolic 2007 so i am read up on it at least a little.
    Illegal steroids arent for me as I get tested and i can show HD50 box and I am ok for work....

    I am thinking of doing a 50/50/100/100/100/100 cycle so i may need a pct for that as its more and longer.. so i need to find a secure way to get nolvadex and any other pct regimen you guys think i should take, over to an apo..

    As for non PH supps: I have never heard of some of these supps i have found on your site.. like rpm/drive stacks and pslin and anobolic pump. do you guys really take it and like it or is it more of a advertisement thing, like members own the company putting it out and so they push it very hard here. cause i cant find this stuff any where else but here.

    well thanks again guys site seems great and good info listed.
    if you have any suggestions you dont wont or cant post on here PM or email me its in my profile.

  2. yea for a cycle longer than 4 weeks at 50mg i would suggest some form of PCT. see pct is new, i used to cycle without it and never had a problem, but now i have more gains kept to show for each cycle, and you would be surprised the difference between pct and no pct, with it u feel much better

  3. anyone have opinion on this stuff, other than nephilim?

    thanks BTW nephilim

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