I've finally made my homebrew topical spiro solution.Whatcha think?

  1. I've finally made my homebrew topical spiro solution.Whatcha think?

    I bought aldactone 100mg capsules.
    I have a hairloss product consisting in nicotinic acid+saw palmetto + panthenol + propilene glycol + alcohol. This hairloss product is what I use in order to dissolve the spiro caps.
    I put some spiro caps in a recipe and then add the "solving" hairloss product. When I have the solution ready I mix it all with emu-oil.
    do you think this is a good mix? Any problem?

    I hope your feedback.

    Thank you!

  2. I hope it doesn't make your hair fall out...let us know how it works

  3. I second B12's statement.

  4. how much did it cost to make and how long will your supply last .....?

  5. about 6$ for a month supply not taking into account the cost of the emu-oil, which I was gonna use anyway.

  6. I wonder what Dio would think of your concoction.

  7. Update!

    Due to the fact that I found that the dissolved spiro was having a hard time to emulsify with the emu-oil. I just decided to mix the hairloss product with the spiro at a 2% and use it. I doesn't smell bad!
    So I think this is a great product which I've "created".
    A solution with alcohol, aqua, propilen glycol with:
    -nicotinic acid 1%
    -Saw palmetto 1,5%
    -Spironolactone 2%

    Besides, once a day, after the aplication of the product I'll apply emu-oil, ensuring so a more than good absortion of the product.


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